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'Ello, 'ello, 'ello! What lucky creatures are you to have stumbled most purposely upon my page!! To reward you for you perilous journey of perilous peril, I shall give you a few, pointless details about myself.

Although I shan't give my name, you may call me Cool Cat, Cat, Catty or Supreme Overlord of Awesome Coolness! ;)

My fanfictions are most likely going to be very random. Characters may become OOC...Sorry, and I do strive to make my fanfictions more original than the norm for the genre. (Ie, with Highschool ones, maybe the to-be characters don't fall in love at first...or whatever.) However, I will fail at this at some point. So don't eat my head off, please.

My favourite colour is yellow. (IT ROCKS!) However, I do like many colours as many colours take my fancy.

I can be a little bit wierd at times. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED! (Crazed laughter)

I'm a girl! (Hard to believe, I knooooooow...)

I'm British! (England FTW!) However, I have a slight obsession with accents from Scotland, Ireland, Liverpool, Birmingham and other countries and places of awesomeness.


The Fanfiction Side of me!

Fandoms I may read and may write!

Pokemon (I loved this cartoon as a kid...I adored it; completely and utterly.)

Teen Titans (Same as Pokemon, but at an older age.)

Harry Potter (The books are AWESOME!! So are the films!)

Frasier (It's funny. Though my obsession and love of it is quite recent.)

The Hunger Games (Read the books. They're really good. Can't say I liked the ending though.)

Septimus Heap (LOVE IT!! These books are just amazing!)

Favourite Pairings:


Pokeshipping (AshxMisty)

Contestshipping (MayxDrew)

Ikarishipping (DawnxPaul)

Oldrivalshipping (LeafxGary)

Teen Titans:

RobStar (RobinxStarfire)

BBRae (Beast BoyxRaven)

CyBee (CyborgxBumblebee)

Flinx (Kid FlashxJinx)

JeriKole (JerichoxKole)

HotGent (Hot SpotxArgent)

Harry Potter:








MartyxEddy FRIENDSHIP! (Seriously, there's not enough of this!)

The Hunger Games:


Katniss' mumxKatniss' dad

Septimus Heap:




SeptimusxAnyone (I care not whether it's Syrah or an OC)



This is where I put information about fanfictions I have written, writing or are planning to write.

Stories in Progress:

Just to Complicate the Matter - Pokemon

Main Characters: Ash, Misty, May, Drew, Dawn, Paul, Gary, Leaf, Max, Katrina (OC) and Liam (OC)

Genre: Humous/Romance

Misty loves Ash. Simple, right? Well, no, not really because May also loves Ash. But Ash has a crush on Dawn and Drew is fawning over May. Leaf is smitten with Drew...and Liam and Paul and pretty much every boy apart from Gary, who has a crush on her! And Dawn is helplessly in love with Paul who doesn't seem to notice her. Meanwhile Liam likes Katrina but he's too terrified to tell her! So when a school trip comes up, can this love tangle sort itself out?

It's basically a knotty twist of love triangles and such. Highschool setting. There are going to be plenty more characters in it, some real, some made up, who just play small parts for added humour or for plot twists and such.

Other info: Please tell me if you feel I'm using a character too much or too little. If Katrina or Liam, or any other of the random added characters, are annoying you, please say and say WHY! I can't help if I don't know why they're being annoying!

Stories I'm planning to write

How to Capture a Warlock - Pokemon (I could do with a better name, though)

Main Characters: Ash, Misty, May, Drew, Dawn, Paul, Max, Gary and Leaf.

Genre: Humour/Romance

Ash, Misty, May and Dawn want to graduate from the elusive F.A.W.W.C (the Fairy Academy of Witch and Warlock Capture.) To do this they need to capture a witch or warlock. When the opportunity finally arises, they go undercover inside a human boarding school to find and capture their targets. But how were they meant to know that they had to take on a stowaway? Not to mention the blood feud going on between their new friends. Will they be able to complete their mission, even when their own hearts get in the way?

Supernatural sort of...thing. Starts off all High-School-ey but goes more action-ey and dramatic around Chapter 9 or 10.

Other info: Yeah, fairies are in it. And yeah, they have wings...but they're cool! They have powers...Information about fairies and stuff is distrubuted slowly throughout the story. And, OMGosh!! It's not all the girls/all the boys going to school as a group! *Gapes and faints from shock*

Night at Bitterne Hall - Pokemon (last minute title, could be better)

Main Characters: Ash, Misty, May, Drew, Dawn, Paul, Max, Gary, Leaf, Harley, Brock, Conway and Tracey.

Genre: Humour/Romance

Can Ash’s hair be tamed? Where is the Caretaker? And…who the heck gave Brock that camera? Thirteen, adventurous teenagers spend the night in a creepy manor house…with no teachers! What could possibly go wrong?

Basically, thirteen characters have to spend the night in an old manor house, on their own, without any proper adult supervision. It's meant to be funny and perhaps a little silly. Most likely a very long oneshot than a series. I'm too lazy to do another long story plan at the moment.

Other info: The characters listed above are the only characters in it. However, I do have an idea for another story that could link in with'll see.

The Tragic Stories of Tournebulle Manor - Pokemon (last minute title, could be better)

Main Characters: Ash, Misty, May, Drew, Dawn, Paul, Max, Gary, Leaf, Kenny, Barry, Zoey and Brendan.

Genre: Romance/Tragedy/Supernatural

A group of friends decide to stay the night at Tournebulle Manor; an old, crumbling house thought to be the home of a many spirits and ghosts. However, they soon find out that the rumours are true, and learn of the tragic stories that took place at Tournebulle Manor.

Other info: The characters listed above are the only characters in it. It's a chaptered story, but probably won't be that long...the chapters should be quite short. There'll probably be between 6 and 10 chapters.

That which is lacking a title - Pokemon (Heh, it has no naaaaaame)

Main Characters: Misty, May, Dawn, Ash, Drew, Paul and MAX!

Genre: Romance/Friendship/(Humour)

Whilst...somewhere, our heroes find themselves victim to one of Team Rocket's slightly more successful schemes and find themselves seperated and trapped in a maze of caverns and caves and without their pokemon...apart from Max's rebelious Starter Pokemon. What are they to do?

Other: Nothing much to say, really. However, the groupings are perhaps not going to be as unorginal as I was going to do...(evil grin)

The Orbs of Power - Pokemon (I need a new name)

Main Characters: Ash, Misty, May, Drew, Dawn, Paul, Katrina(OC) and Mew. (Not finalised. I may add Max and Brock.)

Genre: Adventure/Humour/Romance

It's a little bit wierd. Will probably have Pokeshipping, Contestshipping and Ikarishipping. Ash, Misty, May, Dawn, Drew and Paul are on a mission to save the world from a Dark Force! With their new friend Katrina and help from Mew, will they succeed?

Other info: Firstly, can I say that yes, Katrina is an OC, but I don't feel that she is a Mary-Sue. There is a profile below for her, so judge for yourself. I am taking extra care to make her not the focus of the story. To be honest, she's only there as a transport thing for Mew, as I don't want it to be one of the Main Characters.

The perfect Highschool Life - Pokemon(I need a new title for this too!)

Main Characters: May, Misty, Dawn, Katrina, Drew, Ash, Paul and Liam. (Again, possibly some others)

Genre: I haven't decided yet! Probably Romace/humous/maybe Supernatural or Mystery?

May, Dawn, Misty, Ash, Drew, Paul, Katrina(My OC), and Liam (My OC) are all in highschool. However, strange things are happening.
This maybe be the first of a series of about five. Main pairings are: Contestshipping (MayxDrew), Pokeshipping (MistyxAsh), Ikarishipping (DawnxPaul). Some OCxOC (Dragonshipping (KatrinaxLiam)) and I might put in OldRival shipping (GreenxBlue/GaryxLeaf)

Percy's initiation Ceremony - Harry Potter

Main Characters: Percy and Ministry officials.

Genre: Humour

First of a series of Harry Potter songs which are parodies of well known songs from things like the Simpsons, the Sound of music etc...
This one is based on the Stone Cutters song from The Simpsons.

Stories which have been written/are completed

Magnets - Pokemon

Main Characters: Brock, Ash, Dawn and Paul

Genre: Romance/comfort

"We're nothing alike! We're complete opposites!" "Let me introduce you to a friend of mine called Mr. Magnet..." Brock uses the power of pyshics to convince Dawn that she and Paul stand a chance of being together...and he just might be right...

Idiot! - Septimus Heap

Main Characters: Beetle, Jenna and Septimus

Genre: Romance/hurt/comfort

Beetle thinks he's an idiot. Why? Because, thanks to a miss-aimed
confidence charm, he told Jenna his feelings, and she ran away. But is it
possible it was all a misunderstanding?


Original Characters.

This is just some information about my two characters who crop up every now and again. If I'm honest, they don't do much in the current stories.

My OCs:

Name: Katrina Willow

Birthday: December fifth (5th)

Appearance: Light orange. Just past her shoulders. The front lock on her left is a bit shorter than the rest and dyed yellow. Her eyes are bright yellow. She has a splattering of freckles on her cheeks. She's quite tall and slender. Her usual outfit is a yellow t-shirt, a pair of dark orange trousers, white and pale yellow shoes and a red hairband. She has a canvas backpack with her stuff. (And an orange belt for her pokeballs if applicable to setting)

Other information: She trys to be nice to people but has an anger problem. She hates being embarrassed or ignored. She's one to threaten people...a lot. She's very logical, but incredibly argumentative, and can get annoyed with pretty much everyone.

Pokemon: Flareon, Dragonair, Espeon, Claefable.

Name: Liam Wate

Birthday: October thirtieth (30th)

Appearance: His hair is red, falls into his eyes ad is somewhat shaggy. His eyes are reddish orange in colour. He wears a pair of rimless glasses. His normal outfit consists of a pale yellow shirt underneath a grey jacket. He also wears black trousers. He's quite tall but very skinny.

Other information: He is an incredibly shy character. He's pretty quiet most of the time, and gets flustered easily. Though some girls think that he's 'strong and mysterious' he's really just very shy.

Pokemon: Magby, Salamence, Kadabra, Golem and Tentacruel

¡Hasta luego mis amigos!

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