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Author has written 7 stories for Inuyasha, Alvin and the chipmunks, Naruto, and Total Drama series.

okay lets just run through the lists!!!!!

fav shows: deathe not; inuyasha; naruto; avatar the last air bender; true blood; WWE!!!!

death note pairing: L x Light, Mello x Near, Mello x Matt, Matt x Near, Near x L, Mello x Matt x Near

i swear in that scene wear L and Light got inside off the roof after getting soaked by rain should've kissed when they were drying eachother off...could've led to some hot yaoi smex too. i have no care for misa shes and annoying prep so she's Xed out and should just be put off the show with matsuda who's slow but funny. mello says he hates near but i think he wants him..and matt. matt is the nutral party i think him and near would get along great and near is seriously a creepy albinobut awesome and i would so bang L is he was real >:)

inuyasha parings: inu x Kikyo, Sessh X Kag, Inu x miroku, Inu x kouga, Shippo x rin, Shippo x Kanna, Kohaku x souta (im gonna make the first fic for this pairing!!!)

okay inuyasha and kagome SHOULD NOT BE TOGETHER!!!! im strongly agaist their coupling because it doesnt seem rite. kagome is sweet and nice so there fore she should be with the cold, handsome, and stoic sesshoamru!! they even eachothere out ok. miroku came off as Bi to me so i think he's be able to talk inuyasha in exploring some yaoi. inuaysha and kouga i think they have a bromance going on, they dislike eachother and i swear one of these fights ones gonna kiss the other. i think they really dont know that 'hate' is actually atraction. shippo and rin are an excellent couple they're cute and innocent!! idk why io like shippo x kanna. i think kanna just wants to be ree she isnt evil she just has to do what narku says or her kagura and kohaku dies. kohaku x souta i have yet to find a fic on them so im gonna rite one!!!! it'll be their first!!!!!

ATLAB paring: Aang x Toph, Zuko X katara, Sokka x Toph, Sokka x tai lee

aang and katara dont seem like a likely couple aang seems like he's too weak of a man for her. he's not weak but katar seems like she'd like one of those sensitive guys with a dark side. someone tough and strong like zuko who's the hottest one on the show. sokka would be hot too if he kept his hair down instead of in that damn ponytail. someone has to be the tough one in the relationship so aang and toph is a good pairing because tough is tough and takes action where as aang is peaceful and likes to talk things out. Sokka and toph is a funny paring they seem like they'd argue alot and it'd be funny ass hell. sokka and tai lee...idk

true blood paring: Sooky x Eric, Eric X godrick

when it come to true blood i really have no care for sooky and no care that im spelling her name wrong. eric is hot and i swear she'd be happier with him than with biill who i think is super week. i'd hav chose eric cause that one episode where sookie is lookin for bill and goes into the basement at fangtasia (like the throne lol) and eric is naked (nice ass!!!). i swear i had a nose bleed when he said he's been fucking that stripper for 6 hours!!!! 6 FUCKING HOURS OF PLEASURE!!!! she getting the short end of the straw if bill isnt givin it to her good like eric could. also the new seiries with the were wolfs i think he isnt too bad looking...he hott ok!! and if i could i'd punch bill for tryin to bury eric in cement!!!!! the ugly fucker!! Laffayette is so awesome i wish i had a gay friend like him he's funny as hell and tara i felt bad for her being captured and all. pam and her lesbian weird ness is funny.

i have a deviant art account!!! deviant art is a website where fans draw picture and post them im sure you can find a pic of your favorite character off any show even wrestling i'll upload some pic (i didnt drw them) for you to see on here and put some links up!!! the pictures are awesome for you guys need to see them!! got to and just type in your favorite thing or whatever!!!!

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