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My name is Ritsu. I have been a fanfic reader for years now but have always wanted to try writing one. The problem is, its really hard for me to get whats in my head onto paper. But when I did finally write one, learned that the hardest part of a fanfiction is coming up with a title and summary.

"Return" is my first story ever. After so many years of having my own ideas for fanfictions I finally got up the courage to try and write one. The first chapter is a little rushed because I really wanted to get it posted before Total Drama All Stars episode 6 aired. I had decided to make the story longer but since I really wasnt expecting to do more than one chapter the story isn't really planned so I'm just making it up as I go.

Update for "Return" 11/18/15:

Oh jeeze...I feel horrible, how long has it been since I've updated? I have a half written rough draft but...I'm REALLY struggling with it thanks to writers block. I will literally pull up the page to try and write and stare at it forever before giving up. I mean I know where I want the story to go, I'm just having trouble getting there. I really didn't think about the details when I started the story, so...help? Any ideas? suggestions that might help me get back in the game? Message me if you have any questions or ideas that could help me out.

Total drama Talk:

Im sure you can tell just from my story that my favorite Total Drama character is Mike. Before Mike was introduced to the series I never really had a favorite character, but if i had to pick I'd say it was Noah, Geoff or Chris. Noah because I thought he was hilarious, Geoff is just awesome and I love Chris's devious side.

I was actually really upset when TD season four came out because I didn't want there to be new characters since I still loved the old ones and there was still so much to with them. But I gave the season a chance and actually really enjoyed it and loved Mike instantly. He's probably the most developed character and he's so much fun...plus he's really cute.

When I heard about TD season five, I was thrilled that the new and old characters would be competing and was even happier when I learned Mike would be in it. There was a hint in season four that Mike had an evil personality and I was dying to see if it was true. Turns out, it was. I have a thing for super awesome villians. ;D

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