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Author has written 77 stories for Naruto, Danny Phantom, Teen Titans, Code Lyoko, Yu-Gi-Oh, Ben 10, Glee, Avatar: Last Airbender, and Winx Club.

The name is Olivia and i'm 24 years old. I'm a certified veterinary assistant: class of 2014.

*as of 2014, most, if not all, of my incomplete fics will be abandoned. I'm sorry to all of my watchers, but I promise I will not desert you. The only fics I will probably finish are my Naruto and maybe my TT fics.*

Just a few things that will NEVER appear in my fanfics

1. BeastboyxTerra

2. DannyxPaulina or DannyxValerie

3. TuckerxSam

4. NejixHinata

5. KataraxZuko

Music is an obsession of mine so i try to incorporate it into almost everything i write.

Im 1/3 of a joint account known as 3OfAKind. The other two writers are dear friends of mine, Emma and Jac. Our most popular fics are the 'Mr. Right' series based around Teen Titans' Raven and Beast Boy.

I might consiter bringing Terra back to life in my Teen Titans fanfics, but don't get your hopes up TerraxB.B fans cause it aint happening. I was thinking of bringing her back with her memory of the Titans completely wiped, but is aware of her powers as a geomancer. But Raven and Beastboy are ment to be, like Robin and Starfire, so Terra can just find a rock to hide under! No pun indended!

3OfAKind has a total of 93 OCs. I know that's alot, but they're divided up between 6 different areas. And believe me when I say they're anything BUT mary sues. Anyways, me and Emma have gone to the trouble of compiling a bio on our more prominent ones. Starting with our Naruto girls first. The bios on them are based on Narutopeida standards.

Luna Nichollete Avalon

Birthday- November 18 (scorpio)

Gender- Female

Height- preShippuden (160cm or 5.2ft) Shippuden (180cm or 5.9ft)

Weight- PreShippuden (42 kg or 92 lbs) Shippuden (50 kg or 110lbs)

Blood Type- A Negative

Affiliation- Kohonagature

Team- SLS (Sand, Leaf, Star) Teammates- Melody Ditto, Angel DeMarco (Shippuden Only)

Ninja Rank-Jounin

Ninja Registration- 07020

Acadamy Grad age- 10 Chunin promotion age- 12

Jutsu- Medical, water style; rising twin water dragon, water style; containment sphere, seal removal, 8 trigrams 64 palms, 16 trigrams 84 palms, fire style; fire ball jutsu, fire style; phoenix blaze jutsu

Keki-genki- Byankugan, Sharingan

Family- Kurok Avalon (Father)

Livanna Avalon (mother- deceased)

Hinata Hyuga, Neji Hyuga, Hanabi Hyuga, Sasuke Uchiha, Itachi Uchiha (distant cousins)

Hiashi Hyuga, Hizashi Hyuga, Mikoto Uchiha (distant Uncles and Aunt)

Appearence- Waist lenght onyx black hair, ivory skin, sapphire eyes.

Other- Luna's clan is composed of both Uchiha and Hyuga. Although, Luna is a rare child, possessing both Sharingan and Byankugan. Her Sharingan is weaker of the two, so she can't cast many genjutsus. She develops an infatuation with Kiba Inuzuka and later starts a relationship with him, resulting in two children (Selena and Syrus Inuzuka) who are later featured in our joint fics. Luna's personality is laied back and optimistic, but her temper can some times get the best of her. Emma's OC, Melody becomes her best friend and sister figure.

Melody Brooke Dujo

Birthday-April 8 (Aries)

Gender- Female

Height- 156cm or 5.1ft

Weight-40 kg or 88 lbs

Blood Type- O Negative

Affiliation- Sunagature

Team- SLS (Sand, Leaf, Star) Teammates- Luna Avalon, Angel DeMarco (Shippuden only)

Ninja Rank- Jounin

Ninja Registration- 06811

Acadamy Grad age- 12 Chunin promotion age- 14

Jutsu- Manipulated tools; Heavenly Chain of Destruction, Summoning; Iron Protection Wall, Katana Whirl Wind Sythe, Sand Clone

Appearence- short onyx hair, fair skin, navy eyes

Other- Melody's clan was killed off when she was 3. Luna's mother saved Melody from the bandits who raided her village, putting her in the care of Suna's elders. When the elders learned of her clan's slaughter, Melody was then disguised as a boy to protect her, becoming a body gaurd to Gaara when she graduated the Acadamy. Melody kept up the charade until she was 16, when Naruto 'accidentally' learned her secret. Melody's personality is bubbly and relaxed. She's a weaponress like Tenten, choosing to weild only a katana and a few weapons scrolls, but her nack for wind jutsu aids her in battle. Luna becomes her best friend and sister figure. She later persues a relationship with Gaara.

Angel Maruko

Birthday- July 2 (Cancer)

Gender- Female

Height- 170 cm or 5.5. ft

Weight- 45 kg or 99lbs

Blood Type- AB positive

Afilliation- Hoshigature

Team- SLS (Sand, Leaf, Star) Teammates, Luna Avalon, Melody Ditto (Shippuden Only)

Ninja Rank- Chunin

Ninja Registration- 070212

Acadamy Grad age- 12 Chunin promotion age-14

Jutsu- Peacock Chakra Wings

Chakra fists

Peacock Method; Beasts

Peacock Method; Distroy

Peacock Method; Healing

Appearence- Long ruby red hair, fair skin, indigo eyes

Other- Angel's parents were killed in a bio accident while searching for a way to negate the ill effects of the peacock chakra. Angel was then exposed to the radiation of the chemicals and developed a unique chakra that can take the shape and form of anything she wishes. Angel is shy and reclusive, choosing to stay to herself most of the time. She grows infatuated with Shino Aburame and starts to slowly come out of her shell. Luna and Melody are her only 'family' so she's always around them.

Our Teen Titan OCs

Vanessa Lynn Roth or Falcon is my OC character for Teen Titans. Falcon is Raven's twin sister, younger by 2 minutes. Falcon's powers are the same as Raven's except they thrive in light, not darkness. They're identical except for Falcon's hair length and eye color. Falcon's hair falls to her hips and her eyes are deep sapphire. She wears an ice blue long sleeve midriff top with a matching mini skirt. A red and yellow belt, white knee length boots and a white cloak fastened with the same pendant as Raven. She wears a special choker with an opal sun. Raven has a similar necklace with an amethyst moon; these chokers represent the twin's relationship and powers. They're total opposites but need eachother to live in harmony. Her personality is the opposite of Ravens, very happy go lucky and optimistic but also vicious and malevolent when made angry. She falls in love with Bohusk, Another Dead Hero's OC character. Before Bohusk came about, she held feelings for Aqualad, but never persued a relationship with him. Falcon is my more popular OC. Vanessa forms a close bond with WingsxOfxCao's (Emma) OCs Argyle and Joy Jaisons. Falcon and AJ are the mischief makers within the Titans. These two girls can make almost any 'diabolical' plan happen with a little magic. Falcon is a natural born performer and is a gifted singer, but that's all part of her charm.

Rebecca Arella Roth (Swift)- Created by me, Emma (WingsxOfxCaos) and Jac (Another Dead Hero) Swift is the clone of Raven, Falcon and Bohusk. She's about 5' 4'', blackish purple hair, tanned skin, indigo eyes and wears an onyx shooting star choker. Along with a indigo dress with mesh sides, a silver cloak and gray boots. But in our 'Mr. Right' series, she's often seen in jeans and band tshirts. She's a mix of all three of her 'siblings' so she has Raven's intellegence, Falcon's love of music and Bohusk's smartas* attitude. Her powers are very similar to those of Falcon and Raven. She falls in love with Speedy from Titans East.

Arygle Joanna Jaisons (AJ)- Created by Emma. AJ is a bad luck mage, similar to Jinx, but also has sorceress qualities. Her personality is often bubbly, optimistic and somewhat random. Often mistaken for a pixie because of her short stature and speaks with a clipped british accent. Falcon is her best friend and confidant, the two love to cause mischeif and mayhem, they're rarely seen without eachother. AJ has short cropped onyx hair and red eyes with a brown accent, giving them a burgundy appearence, tanned skin with a star birthmark under her left eye. Her apparel changes from story to story, but she keeps her signature goth chic style, using various shades of black, red and violet.

Amanda Joy Jaisons (Joy)- Created by Emma. Joy is AJ's twin sister and the older of the two. She's the complete opposite of AJ in every way, being a good luck mage and having an icy exterior. She claims to harbor no emotions, dispite her good luck aura, but she's often seen showing affection for her sister and Aqualad. Another way she and AJ are opposites is thier appearence. Joy being light skinned, long onyx hair, ice blue eyes with a moon birthmark under her right eye. She loves dark colors such as navy, sapphire, black and various shades of violet.

Jhonen Darryl Moore (Bohusk)- Created by Jac. Jhonen has an interesting past (see 6 Days To Hell) that colors his personality. He loves to make sarcastic and smart as* comments to almost anything. Horror movies and heavy metal are his two first loves. He's never seen without his iPod, large baseball bat with nails, and trusty camo jacket. Along with most of the male Titans, Bohusk is very attractive, having shaggy blackish brown hair, hazel eyes and tanned skin. He falls in love with my OC, Falcon and his primary stories are 6 Days to Hell and Undercover. He's unhumanly strong, can shoot lightning and can regenerate any part of his body. Often seen in band hoodies, trip pants and his trusty camo coat.

Aaron Martin Castillos (Aaron)- Created by Emma. Aaron is a aura elementalist and negate mage. He can see and pull aura out of the air and negate another's powers. His primary language is spanish, but he's also fluent in english. He's Bumble Bee's cousin and honorary Titan. He's quite the charmer, having captured AJ's heart on thier first meeting. (Odd Beginnings) He has dark mocha skin, brunette and dark emerald eyes. He likes casual looks so he's normally seen in popular male fashion such as jeans, converse and tshirts.

Jessica Leanne Weathers (Demitra)- Jessi, as she's normally called, is a native of Gotham. She's a geomancer (like Terra but way better!) but can also control other earth made materials such as gems, foliage and wood. She's quite hard headed and tempermental, but also easily liked. Jessi has tanned skin, waist lenght chestnut hair and light emerald eyes. Her apparel consists of forest green cargo pants, black mid drif baring tanktop, fingerless battle gloves and combat boots.

Archer Achillies Heart (Apollo)- Created by Emma. Nephew of the mighty Cupid, Apollo is a skilled archer, hence his name. He can hit any target with deadly accuracy. Very wise for his young age and charming personality. He has blonde hair, red eyes and dark skin with a heart birthmark on his right hip. Archer's fashion consists of various shades of red, white and black along with his array of love arrows and bow.

Amylee Aphrodite Heart (Arrow)- Created by Emma. Neice of Cupid and Aphrodite and younger sister to Apollo. She's very small for her age, rivaling AJ's height. Very loving and affectionate, hating conflict and violence. Her talent, like her brother, is archery. Using the same array of arrows to intrance any target with the first thing they see after injection. Her main story is Arrows Hit and Miss. Arrow's appearence is like that of her brothers, except she has long ruby red hair tied back in a braid. She has a birthmark to match Apollos on her left shoulder.

Crowley and Disaster- Created by Jac. These two criminals turned somewhat good are Bohusk's sidekicks. Often staying behind the scenes and offering the hazel eyed young man assistance whenever he's in a tight spot.

Our Avatar; The Last Airbender/Legend Of Korra OCs

Eria; The Legendary Water Charmer- Eria hails from the North Pole's Northern water tribe. She's a master water bender, but what makes her legendary and a 'charmer' is her ability to blood bend without the use of a full moon. She can also resist other blood benders easily. Her disposition is icy and cold, rarely kind or affectionate. Eria is 116 years old, her body stays young by drinking the water from the Spirit Oasis. She had a little brother, Shia, but he was killed by the first Fire Nation raid on the north 100 years ago. Eria promises revenge on the Fire nation for his murder. She has long chocolate hair tied in a ponytail, ocean blue eyes and fair skin. She dresses in the traditional water tribe apparel, being blues, white and browns.

Whynn; The Legendary Air Charmer- Whynn hails from the western air temple and is an air bending prodigy. She developed the power to bend sound in air when she was very young. She, like Eria, is 116 years old, staying young by drinking the water from the spirit oasis. Whynn, like any other air bender, is detatched from the world, giving her optimism most people cant comprehend. She has long silver hair tied in a ponytail, silver eyes and fair skin, preferring to wear various shades of yellow, gold, white and brown.

Hiita; The Legendary Fire Charmer- Hiita is from the Fire Nation colonies, having been brought up in a noble family. She soon grew tired of the royal life and ventured out on her own to find the exciting life she wanted. Like the other charmers, Hiita drinks the water at the spirit oasis to stay young and active. Hiita is very hot headed and stubborn, often voicing her opinion on things before thinking it over. Hiita is a charmer for her ability to change the internal temperature of any living creature. She has long brunette hair, hazel eyes and tanned skin, often wearing various shades of red, gold, black and brown.

Aussa; The Legendary Earth Charmer- Aussa is originally from Ba Sing Se, but spends the majority of her life as a nomad, wandering the earth to find peace and enlightenment. She's a hippie in a sense, always trying to see the good in everything. She has the ability to control more than earth, like foliage, natural gem stones and wood. She has short brunette hair, peridot eyes and tan skin.

Yorianna; The Legendary Hybrid- Yori, as she's normally called, is Whynn's sister and the product of an international marriage. Her mother was an air nomad while her father was a fire bender. Yori inherited traits of both, but her appearence is rather fire nation. Long ruby hair, later cut short, ever changing eyes and fair skin. Her eyes change colors until she masters her hybrid ability to see the future through brief and often painful visions. Then, her eyes stay light purple. She grows an attachment to Prince Zuko, as seen in The Fire Lord and the Air Hybrid.

Our Naruto OCs

Luna Nichollete Avalon-Created by Olivia Child prodigy of the Avalon clan, being the only heir to ever weild both Sharingan and Byankugan. The Avalons are a clan composed of both Uchiha and Hyuga, giving Luna traits of both. Waist lenght raven hair, fair skin and somewhat stotic demeanor. The only thing other than her unusual keki genki would be her eyes. Sapphire eyes arent normally seen in the Avalon clan. She thrives in both water and fire jutsu and being a talented medic. She becomes infatuated with Kiba Inuzuka.

Melody Brooke Ditto- Created by Emma. Melody's family was slaughtered in a bandit raid when she was 3. She was cared for by the Sunagature elders until she graduated from the Acadamy, she then served as a body gaurd to Gaara for whom she later falls in love with. But when the elders discovered her clan had been eradicated by bandits, they disguised Melody as a boy, Masha Minoto. Her key story is Hidden From You. She has short onyx hair, fair skin and navy eyes. She's a gifted weaponress and medic. Her clan's specialty was wind jutsu combined with thier impeccable weaponary skills.

Angel Shizuka DeMarco- Created by Emma. Angel hails from Hoshigature, the village hidden in the stars. Her parents were biochemists, looking for a way to negate the ill effects of the Peacock chakra for which all Hoshi nin are known for. But they died in a chemical explosion, exposing Angel to it's radiation and giving her unusal peacock chakra. She can use it to form wings or any other solid object. She's usually quite shy but seems to vocalize in the company of Shino, whom she grows attached to.

Kurok Avalon- Luna's father and Avalon clan head. Of Uchiha descent. Fair skin, raven coloured hair and onyx eyes.

Livanna Avalon- Luna's mother, killed in the Kyuubi attack while being a midwife to Kushina in the birth of Naruto. Of Hyuga descent. Raveness hair, fair skin and lavender eyes.

Our Danny Phantom OCs

Jaden Le Gauge (Blane Lovecraft)- Created by Olivia and Jac. Jaden is a fire hybrid and Ember McClain's brother. Their mother was a ghost while thier father was a human, Jaden having inherited traits of both thus giving him a dual identity. He's a music man in almost any sence, being the lead singer of his band, Rebel Spirits. A multi genre band. He falls for Danielle ( as seen in Danielle Fenton) and later joins the Phantom team. As a human he preferrs a casual style of jeans, tshirts and vans while being brunette, light green eyes and fair skin. But as a ghost, he preferrs leather and various shades of black, blue and white while having blue flame like hair, pale blue skin and emerald eyes.

Melissa Raven Wheeler (Aurora)- She goes by Melissa, Raven or Aurora, depending on the story. She's a sorceress with control over all elements, earth, water, fire, wind, light, dark and sound. She's an eco goth and music major. Proficient in guitar and piano. Her appearence as a human- Long black hair with a blue streak, pale skin and navy eyes wearing a navy tshirt, black jeans with a navy pinstripe and black and blue vans. As Aurora- Long black hair, light blue eyes, medium skin tone. Wearing a white tube top and skirt with multi colored swirls of purple, blue, black, brown, yellow and red with black ribbons going up her arms and legs. An opal pendant with the same multicolored swirls on a silver chain sits around her neck at all times, it's a symbol of her powers.

Violet Ariana Song (Violet Storm)- Created by Emma. Violet is a hybrid like Danny and Danielle and she's also Aurora's cousin. She wears a silver cloud as a symbol of her powers. She's a goth, like Aurora and Sam with a personality to match. She has long black hair, fair skin and almond shapped emerald eyes.

Sabrina Emily Truesdale- Created by Olivia. Sabrina is used in one of my Code Lyoko fics. She comes from wealthy London inventors. Due to her parents job, many others are after their inventions and one company tried to invade her home when she as 8, resulting in the death of her older brother, Xander. Sabrina is a potential genius like Jeremy and Aelita, aiding in thier many adventures to and from Lyoko. Other facts about her are still being produced. Appearence- Brunette, tanned skin, emerald eyes.

Ben 10 OC

Veridian Amber Lakota (Vera)- Nicknamed Vera by Ben after he finds her first name hard to pronounce and remember. Vera is 1/2 Wakha Kiya (meaning Thunderbird) and 1/2 human (sioux) Her homeworld is Ventus Avias, meaning 'Wind Birds' in latin. As her alien form, she has long feathery obsidian hair, gold eyes, ivory complexion, stands at 5' 5'', clawed hands and feet that are just as hard as diamonds. As a human, she stands about 5' 5'' with shoulder lenght black hair, gold eyes and tanned skin. Vera is very intellegent, wrathfull and tempermental. One would avoid making her angry. Goth in many ways, but still remains quite feminine. She likes loud, hard music, but can also appreciate the more mellow stuff. Laid back unless made angry. Clings to her human and alien heritage. Her powers are capable of creating storms and thunder while she flies. Clouds pull together by her wing beats. Can shoot lightning from her eyes and generate it to throw as weapons. She falls for Ben in 'Holding Out For A Hero', her debut fic.

Glee OCs

Avery Raine Trescott- Shoulder lenght blonde hair with hot pink highlights, fair skin, light brown eyes and heavy southern accent. After Avery's mother died at fourteen, Avery became a reclusive person. Never striking up any bonds with anyone fearing they'd hurt her by leaving like her mom did. At school, she'd stay by herself. Her only companion being her guitar she named hipster. When she was 16, her father remarried. Giving her a new step mother and step sister, DJ. After witnessing DJ almost die from cutting, Avery developed a protective nature towards the younger girl. Eventually learning to love eachother like true sisters. They eventually move from Nashville to Lima, transferring to McKinnley where she meets Finn Hudson. Her love interest. (Sorry, I hate Rachel Berry with a passion!)

Delilah Jade Delapaz (DJ) - Short brown hair with purple highlights, stormy navy silver eyes, medium skin tone and lip ring. Step sister to Avery. DJ had an abusive father, who'd physically and emotionally abuse her and her mother. After a nasty divorce, her mother remarried to Avery's dad. Furthering DJ's depression and anxiety. Turning to cutting as a release. Avery eventually found out about the cutting and swore to protect DJ. Her love interest is Puck.

Fredrick James Reinwood- His family used to own a small bistro in Sicily. He grew up middle class with not alot of money, so he's thankful for what he has. Fred meets Avery and DJ soon after they move to Lima at there first school, Hillcrest High. He struck up a friendship with the girls, taking on the role of an older brother. Italian decent, heavy accent, short wavy black hair, hazel eyes, stands 6' 2''. Love interest is Mercades.

ADH and myself have co-written a few stories. His OC character, Bohusk, appears in my 'Undercover' story, along with a few others. He also co-created my OC character in my Danielle Fenton story, Jaden Gauge.

Currently in progress, is a story featuring both of our OC characters. It's called '6 Days to Hell' and it's being written by me and jc013. Falcon is cursed by a mysterious woman that commits suicide. She has to face 6 demons, one for each day for the next 6 days. Bohusk seems to know alot about this curse and will do anything to protect Falcon (Mostly because he's in love with her). Maybe he has a connection to this curse. And what does this curse have to do with Trigon? And does Falcon survive? You'll just have to read and see. ;)

So far, 'Undercover' and '6 Days to Hell' have been the first few stories of a 5 story saga. I've decided to continue the FalconxBohusk fics beyond 'Undercover' and '6 Days' This is the order of the fics. () mean nonpublished fics

1. Like The Sun and Moon

2. Undercover (Finished!)

3. 6 Days To Hell

4. Two Halves Equal A Whole (Finished!)

5. Forevermore

6. How Bad Could It Be? (discontinued)

7. Meet The Parents

8. My Big Fat Titan Wedding ()

9. Somethin's Gotta Give ()

10. Mr. Mom ()

My stories will usually range from T for Teen and M for Mature audiances. I love romance, family, humor and friendship genres, so that's what most of my fics will be about. If anyone has any requests for any of the above anime, I'd love to hear from you!

Fav quotes-

"They supposed to be puttin' medicine in America to help mother fckers feel better and help you live better, but these mother fckers don't give a shit about the medicine, they out makin thier mother Fckin money. They give you one medication, supposed to fix some shit, and the side effect, fck up your leg and shit. Then they give you another one to fix that and it fck up your arm. Now you on two medications looking like a flamingo in front of your mother fcking children and shit." Katt Williams

"Make your dick little!? That aint no mother fckin side effect! That's from Satan! What the fck is you talkin' bout a side effect!?"- Katt Williams

"This is ridiculous! We look like amatures! We out number him 6 to 1, we have to win! But she's in the way, and they're shooting at us! And this old man is pissing me off!" Mas Y Menos episode- Titans East

"Is he alive? I don't know? Poke him with a stick" Mas Y Menos

"Fathers are kind! Fathers protect you! Fathers raise you! I was protected by the monks of Azarath, I was raised by my friends. They are my family and this is my home, and you are not welcome here!" Raven- Teen Titans The End part 4

"Fly! Fly! Fly! The hell outta here!" Fran Fine-The Nanny

If you're a senior, class of 2010, copy and paste this into your profile;

Party hard, rock and roll.

We're the Class you can't control.

Sexy ladies, pimped out men.

We're the class of 2010!!

Peace out!

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Sakura was badly injured on a mission with her boyfriend Sauske. When the two return to Kohona, Sakura only has 24 hours to live and uses the time left to say goodbye to her friends. SasuSaku
Naruto - Rated: T - English - Romance/Friendship - Chapters: 1 - Words: 2,606 - Reviews: 3 - Favs: 4 - Follows: 1 - Published: 3/14/2009 - Sakura H., Sasuke U. - Complete
I Love You reviews
This is just a short romance story between Naruto and Hinata, Kiba and my personal character, Luna and Sauske and Sakura. Lots of fluff! Mainly NaruHina
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No Reins reviews
Sequel to A Patient Love Blossoms. Hinata has moved in with Naruto and Hiashi isn't happy about it. He orders Neji to bring her home, but he refuses. Hiashi then takes things to the extreme and tries to distroy Naruto. NaruHina KibaxOC
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The Mysterious Girl From The Land of Water reviews
Naruto, Sakura and Lee have been asigned a mission to bring a famous heir back to Kohona. They find her in a small town in the land of water. This girl seems to be more than meets the eye when she challenges Naruto to a fight.
Naruto - Rated: K+ - English - Friendship - Chapters: 1 - Words: 3,027 - Reviews: 3 - Favs: 1 - Follows: 1 - Published: 2/21/2009 - Naruto U. - Complete
A Patient Love Blossoms reviews
After Naruto looses Sakura to his best friend, Sasuke, he starts to dought that he will ever find a woman to share his life with. But thanks to a kind word from Luna, Naruto finally realizes his feelings for a certain shy kunoichi. UPDATED!
Naruto - Rated: M - English - Romance - Chapters: 1 - Words: 3,379 - Reviews: 3 - Favs: 40 - Follows: 11 - Published: 2/21/2009 - Hinata H., Naruto U. - Complete
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