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I'm female, live in the US, and am an adult probably older than you who are reading this. I started posting fanfiction in early 2002. Although I've written a little Quantum Leap fanfic, for the foreseeable future Discworld is the only universe in which I'm interested in writing.

Because most of what I've written is Vimes/Vetinari slash, I had quite a bit more fanfic here on before the 'No NC-17 Stories' rule took effect on October 12, 2002. Although 'Aftermath - Part 1' was only rated 'R', I've elected to remove it. The rest of the 'Aftermath' trilogy was taken down because I was responsible enough to rate it 'NC-17', and it didn't feel right to have a fragment of the story posted here.

I have made a lot of friends here. I have read a lot of non-slash fiction that is outstanding. But the notorious policy changes of 10/12/2002 have left me with an incredible sense of loss for the new writers I won't meet and for the stories I won't ever see.

I'm old enough to know what it's like to worry about what your children are reading on the 'net. It's my job to monitor and enforce that as I see fit. The decision to remove stories which have been rated NC-17, rated by writers who are responsible enough to specify the high rating, is deeply disturbing. It will take me a long time to get over the betrayal of having my work treated as though it were pornography.

There were many beautiful and captivating stories taken off this site due to this ill-conceived rule. The real concern isn't whether teens would somehow be 'warped' by these stories. The *real* loss is that, having been so 'protected', they will be a little less likely to ever develop a true love for reading and writing.

Okay, end of soapbox.

All of my Discworld fanfic stories, regardless of rating, can be found at the Discworld FanFiction Archive, It contains what I feel is some of the best writing in this category, covering all genres and ratings. The site is still being built, but is coming along. All seven chapters of 'Aftermath' are there, along with 'In This Room', another V/V piece that loosely follows 'Aftermath'.

Projects I have underway at this time include:
'Last Rights', a Vimes/Angua story which very loosely follows 'My Brother's Keeper'; this one has been tabled, probably permanently
A retelling of _The Truth_ from a different perspective (This one is barely more than a plot bunny so far)
A new sequel in the Vimes/Vetinari series, which I'm hoping won't *quite* be a PWP
A rather lengthy and complex suspense mystery for which I've lost my esteemed collaborator.

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