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hi there. wow, you must be interested in lame old me if you're looking here. well, sorry to disappoint but...

I'm an average fifteen year old girl; my hair never goes the way I want it to, I get crushes on guys, and I get yelled at for texting to much-- even though I have unlimited messaging?? Lol. i can only write what i know. i can't write about what it feels like to play hockey, because i have never played, and i cannot stand not knowing what it feels like. so, i live every second and try everything i possibly can in order to be able to write as much as i can.

i'm a very spontaneous and random person and i get bored easily. this is why i love writing; there's something different in every character, in every plot, in every conflict. this is also why i have had my FF account for a while now and switeched my penname like 4982304988 times xD so sorry if i confuse you by doing that, but i kinda like what i have it set as now so hopefully i'll keep it this way for a little while.

now that we're better acquainted, i have bad news. I HAVE BASICALLY GIVEN UP ON ALL THE STORIES POSTED ON HERE. right now, my life revolves around my first actually almost finished story "Memories" that @lionwhizk is helping me beta. it's a TH fanfic, so if you like that then yayyyyyyyyyy. brief summary:

We all know Germany's Playboy- Tom Kaulitz. But, only his closest friends know WHY he is such a womanizer. Was he simply born that way? Or, did Tom Kaulitz actually love at one point in his life? Meet Mikayla- the girl that changed everything.

o.O interested yet? :D however, it isn't actually close to being done :3 i'm working my a$$ off on it though, so hopefully soon it shall be.

after that, i may consider going back and re-writing all the already posted chapters to make them less horrendous (if you have already read them, i am so deeply sorry for the terribleness and hope you wait for "Memories" to actually judge my writing because i think it's the best i've ever writter). buuuuut, i may end up just deleting them. so sorry :3

in the mean time, i update these fairly regularly. my twitter even has sneak peak quotes from "Memories"!! :D

i'm a twittering twit xD

tumblr it up :D

ask awayyyy :)

follow meeeee :D

So since I entered high school, I have begun to roughly write my stories in spiral notebooks versus my original process of just typing them. Which means, I have to one; actually think and write the stories, then two; type post them..i think this process will take longer but I also think that my writing is better when I free write.

Forums: Randomly Twihigh ! I am a co-moderator with LilyPadADV and Akako Akain and we would all love if you checked it out and posted! We luv newbies! we dont bite, I promise!! Lol


-Germany. More than i like America, actually. xD

-music. far too much to name. a few favorites are Tokio Hotel, Paramore, David Bowie, Nickelback, Aerosmith, Nena, 100 Monkeys, and Hey Monday. if you ever want music suggestions, i am more than willing to help :)

-COFFEE. and you should like it too, otherwise all of my stories would sound like they were written by someone half asleep xD

-true love/soulmates/cheesy romance stuff :)

-my spiral notebook that i write freehand in. i lost it once, and kinda freaked out. so without it, i have no idea :3

-not eating meat :) haven't eaten any since 03.05.10 and counting :)

-animals. not just cute and cuddly ones, either :P i volunteer at my local animal shelter and play with all the cats and dogs and wish i could help in a bigger way.

-photography/learning my guitar/writing songs ]


-liars/untrustworthy people

-p30pl3 d@t tlk lik3 thi$ !

-pessimists :P


- "we need to talk." "let's stay friends" "it's not you, it's me." "if it were another time..." come up with something less cliche, please :P

- dramaaaaaa. can't we all just hug and make-up? :3


We waited for infinity
We screamed 'til we felt it
We were ready when it was time to run
We ran through the monsoon
We got closer to the edge
We didn't jump
We broke away
We're the forgotten children
We're gonna live on if it is our final day
We're gonna die when love is dead
You came to rescue us
You're always forever sacred to us
And even if you're a thousand oceans's far
We'll raise our hands for you

1. B: estest Sexiiest Talented Singer!
2. I: ncredibley Amazing
3. L: ovable!
4. L: ove of my life

1. G : reat
2. U : unforgettabley Hilarious
3. S : hy _
4. T : otally the best drummer ever
5. A : wesome guy
6. V : ery Friendly!

I Pledge Allegiance,
To Tokio Hotel,
of Germany,
And To The Music,
of Which They Play,
one Nation,
under Tokio Hotel,
With Hott German's For All!

You say pink
I say black
You say Zac Efron
I say Bill Kaulitz
You say Holister
I say Hot Topic
You say pop
I say Emo and Punk Rock.
You say I'm Punk
I say It's better than being a prep
You say I'm a weird
if u agree put this on your channel

~write like no one is reading!! xoxo, cass kaulitz~

PS: Bill Kaulitz is mine. HA.

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