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Author has written 3 stories for Inuyasha, Fruits Basket, and Ranma.

Basic Profile Info:
Name: Kathryn J. Blair
Gender: Female
Age: 27
General Location: California, United States
Birthday: November 10th (a Scorpio)
Proper shortening of screen name: kuramas
Current Fanfiction Spree: Bleach fics (12/31)

And I truly do mean occasional. The words that are considered not be appropriate for people under 7 are few and far between- I am not dependant on them for conversation, I just use them now and then for emphasis.
I GAVE A NOTICE SO, great and powerful staff of fanfiction.net, PLEASE DO NOT DELETE MY ACCOUNT!
And personally, I just don't see any point. When I was 9 (or some age around there, hard to keep track in minor memories) half the class watched South Park.

I am almost always online (yes, I am indeed a shut-in) with my cat, Lila, next to me.

My favorite topics for conversation are anime, manga, and things that are related to those two, like abridges and fan fictions. I enjoy philosophy if in the mood, and smart-ass comments are always fun. Arguments too, if the only bite they have is in the wit. Those are my favorite ones, but I also enjoy others.

My pet peeves include boredom, stupidity, lies (especially useless ones), manipulation, being ignored, being excluded, hard work, bright lights, cigarette smoke and subsequently smokers, blackouts, waiting (though not as much as I used to), being rushed, deadlines, writer's block, a certain five days I have to put up with every month, chauvinistic males, Dr. Phil/lauded judgmental pricks in general, lewd rap, whiny lapdogs, fleas (my poor kitty), leg hair, being interrupted when reading, steam being let out of the bathroom during a shower (seriously, I slack off on showering as much as I can, so why does my mom feel the need to open the damn door every single time I do get in! Does she not want me to shower at all or something?), doors that rattle, 'What-If' Adventure stories, Shinn Asuka of GSDestiny, when my cat pees on my stuff - especially kinds that can't be washed (she even got my books a few times!), applied intolerance (you can't help how you feel, but acting on those feelings is a choice), christians and catholics that think their religion is the only one that can ever be right and that makes it okay to be a bunch of anal hypocrites- including mormons in general, but that's one of my very few personal grudges. I hate spiders too, but that's really more of a fear than something that pushes my buttons- hence the name arachnophobia.

Another annoyance is when people refer to me as 'Rose', or worse, 'Kurama' because of my screen name. Kurama is the name of bishounen stud I'm obsessed with, not mine. Ew, just ew. The s is a is possessive pronoun, annoucing who enthralled my heart in his to die for emerald eyes. Kurama may be a common Japanese name, but seeing the word 'foxy' after that should almost always ensure who I'm refering to- the anime is old, but Lanipator revived a lot of the fanbase... except me, I never stopped worshipping the best anime ever made. So by then most internet/anime fans should know why I chose the word 'rose', as Kurama's trademark weapon is his rose whip. And while I do like roses, but my favorite flowers are lilies, thank you. My main issue with that one is it sounds like they're calling me Rose while writing off the previous two words as superfluous adjectives, and my name is not Rose. I repeat, my name is NOT Rose.

My full name is Kathryn J. Blair- and I don't care if you think it's foolish to give out my name on the internet. It'd be GREAT if the whole world knew my name - it's called fame. And it's always Kathryn J. Blair when as a full name, at all times. I can't stand being called by my full name if you leave out my middle initial. I was even very careful to make extra sure it was included on my graduation certificate. Besides, there is already a published author called Kathryn Blair.

My favorite bands (not singers, there's no way I could mention all of those) are http://www.fanfiction.net/s/5398503/1/Embers
Theft Absolute (Prequel)

Airbender's Child: Water by SCWLC
Airbender's Child: Earth
Airbender's Child: Fire
Airbender's Child: Other Perspectives

Another Brother by AvocadoLove

Dragon at Heart by Identical Gemini

The Undying Fire by Boogum

Reluctant Hero by P.A.W.07

The Herbalist by wolf's lament

Let's Be Sensible, Let's Be Friends by Speed of Darkness

Life Is Peachy by Pesky Rabbit

Once more, into th' Iceberg by Cynic the Supercritic

Dragons in the Sun by donahermurphy

Hell's Rain by Kaline Reine

Avatar One-Shots:

Don't Drop the Soap by Distant-Moon
The Boiling Rock IS a prison.

Only A Man by libraflyter
You don't need to be a bender to be dangerous.

Time Traveling Monk by AvocadoLove

Avengers Fanfictions:

Unspoken by Von

Avengers One-Shots:

Avenger's city by Litra

Batman Fanfictions:

Batman Beyond Fanfictions:

Improving Man by katfairy (Batman Beyond)

Beyond Knightfall by katfairy (Batman Beyond)

Partners by litra (Batman Beyond)
Stolen Files

Batman One-Shots:

The Woodsman's Axe by Rorschach's Blot (general Batman)

Like A Kid In A Candy Store by P.J. Lowry (animated Batman)

Batman Beyond One-Shots:

Welcome to My World by Bumpkin

Nelson's Wake Up Call by Bumpkin

greed by litra

You Give Batman a Bad Name by Death101- Fox Version (post-Batman Beyond)

Bleach Fanfictions:

Uninvited Guests by Moczo
Make sure you have a bucket nearby, because this story will make you laugh til you burst some type of liquid. And the quality of the jokes don't fizzle out. Oh, no, not at all... every chapter is more brilliant than the last!

Not Quite as Planned by cerokun
NQaP Season II: Still Not Going as Planned
NQaP Season II Trailer
NQaP The Movie: White and Black Duet

The World in Black and White by Kyrial Halcoryn

The Society of Souls by Kuchiki-koo
(genderbender!dimension/time travel)

Swinging Pendulum by cywscross
(time travel!)

Hogyoku ex Machina by Mac Ceallach
Further Machinations
(time travel!)


Getting It Right by D U A L I T Y x2
(multiverse travel!)
Getting it Wrong: Omakes and Mistakes from GiR

Hollow Feelings by Daricio
Feeling Hollow

And Now For Something Completely Different by Kyrial Halcoryn

On Life, On Death, On Everything In-Between by cywscross
(time travel!)

Sight by cywscross

The First Guardian by Flameal Ashcrow

The Silver Gambit by cywscross

The Importance of the Name by Writing bunny

To Find a Purpose in Death by Bruuz

Return of the Moonfang by CeriaHalcyon
(time travel!)

(time travel!)

Divided by Zero by Daricio

The Humane Hollow by Nate Grey

A Hollowed Existence by BloodFreedom13

Life Within Death by King of Everything

Our Hollow Brother by TealEyedBeing

Bleach: Logical edition by Lord22
Chapter 1: Fake Karakura town (Winter War Arc)
Chapter 2: Excuses and Tea (Zanpakuto Arc and Arrancar Recap)
Chapter 3: How to deal with villains (Fullbring Arc)
Chapter 4: oh no, not this arc (Bount Arc)
Chapter 5: Salvation must be asked (Hell Verse movie)
Chapter 6: Check your facts (Fullbring Arc)
Chapter 7: Arc
Chapter 8: Arc
Chapter 9: Don't Split the Party (Hueco Mundo Arc)
Chapter 10: Godfall (Winter War Arc: Final Fight)
Chapter 11: The art of gloating (Winter War Arc: Final Fight)
Chapter 12: And this is what we call Plan B (Winter War Arc: Final Fight)
Chapter 13: Pride is overrated (Kaien's Death Flashback)
Chapter 14:
Chapter 15:

Divergence by Purloined Letter
(multiverse travel!)

The Butterfly Effect by Starrie Wolf
(time travel!)

Twisted Time and the Shinigami Academy by Hollow Mashiro
(time travel!)

This is an Ikkaku/Yumichika story. No, not Ikakku x Yumichika! It focuses on the beginnings of their close friendship. Though emotional, the level of accuracy in the characters' original personality is almost unbelievable. It has several brilliant follow-ups too:
Safety's sequel: What's In A Name? (Naturally, it's also by DelMarch)
Plus a hope-filled plot bunny, http://www.fanfiction.net/s/4644882/1/The_Best_Birthday_Present_Everhttp://www.fanfiction.net/s/5553691/1/Sweet_Sweet_Child
Admiration by Yemi Hikari
Understanding by Yemi Hikari
Understanding: A Self Journey (one-shot of 'Understanding' Chapter 2's aftermath)
Understanding II: School Daze

Bring It On by cerokun

Haven by cywscross
(time travel!)

Figuring You Out by mahappydance

Back to the Roots by volvagia09
(time travel!)

Sword That Pierces The Heavens by Prince Mikhail

Calm After the Storm by isphira
Contagion by isphira

It Takes Insanity (To Topple a God) by cywscross

Death Is Only The Beginning by Captain Hair

Help You by CelestialxXxAngel
(Aizen time travel!)

Second Chance by CelestialxXxAngel
(Aizen time travel!)

Ichigo and the Beanstalk by Nate Grey

Pack Mentality by alicat54
(time travel!)

A Second Chance by Cecilius
(time travel!)

Moonless Sky's Touch by Datenshii
(time travel!)

Sorrowful Tears of the Moon by Tango Dancer
Holds solid references to post and pre-story yaoi, but none is actually in the story.
(time travel!)

Written Notes by Impervious Marr
These Melodies
Collision Course

Blood, Illusions, and Claws by Skalidra

White by Millie M. Banshee

Realm of the Great King Yamamoto by Frostgem

How Coyote Starrk became a member of the Gotei 13 (On Accident) by darkling59

Shelter from the Storm by saintsally

Lost Heart by IchigMoonCutter

I Didn't Expect To See You Again by cywscross

The Red Sun Sets, the Black Sun Rises by Sedor

Soulborn by nyet khan

The wonders crack can produce...

Angels & Demons by smylealong

Husband to None and Father of One by Sedor

When the Heavens Fail by Sedor

Reciprocity by Fate'sSkirt

Courting Darkness by Child of the Ashes
You know those generic paperback romance novels you buy at thrift stores or garage sales? Yeah, it's kinda like that. Good thing I like those!

Shattered by StreakingHerculobus

Aizen's Reality by Yemi Hikari

Aizen's Kingdom by Yemi Hikari
Aizen's Kingdom: Mother Cat

I'm Hunting A Ghost by mspauly
(time travel!)

Fridge Notes by LoLoGreeneVines


Inverse Universe by JerichosPhantom
(genderbender!dimension/time travel)

Temporal Displacement (Really Sucks) by darkling59
(Ichigo and Ishida time-travel!)

Fortuna Secundus by Doctor Doc
(Hitsugaya!time travel)

Familiar Faces by Daricio

Dead as a Doornail by StrictlySomething

Moonfang Rising V2 by CeriaHalcyon
(time travel!)

Psych by Kyrial Halcoryn

Hear me Sing! Or I'll cry songs of tragedy by 372259

In Kindergarten its called SHARING by Gloria Stone

Dry Heat by altersuperego
Cold Rain
Green Blade

Chaos Rising by Sedor

Dark Little Secret by Innocent Freak

Bleach One-Shots:

Grass Hammer by warai kitsune

Time Jump by cywscross
(time travel!)

Karakura Thugs by The Quiller

Candy by Writing bunny

Phoenix Burning by Jaina

Resolve by Lady Salazar
(time travel!)

Straw Man by Lady Azar de Tameran
(time travel!)

To The Limit by LifeWriter

The Best Birthday Present Ever by DelMarch

The Wall Of Silence by DelMarch
Decided to put down the others in the series too:

Sulking Stories by NightmareSpaz23

The World in White and Black by Kyrial Halcoryn

Cue The Heroic Rescue by incandescens

Being The Perfect Uke Is Harder Than It Seems by DelMarch

Old Soldiers by Moczo

Hair of the Dog by Jaina

Undertow by Jaina


Chatter by Yemi Hikari

Cherrypicked by Jaina

Get What You Asked For by TealEyedBeing

Two minutes without you, an eternity by your side by Aleia15

Epilogue To A War Story by Lala to the power of 2

The Undiscovered Betrayer by Nathan J Xaxson

better together by ohwhatsherface

pastimes by ohwhatsherface

Written Notes by Impervious Marr

Friendly Ghost by Divaesque

Blood Roses by Jaina

A Secret Between Them And All Who Would Behold It by Jaina

With All My Heart by xShirochanx

by Kyrial Halcoryn

First Impressions by Jaina

The Depths of Our Hatred by Sedor

A Piece of His Mind by xBrokenSin

All We Know of Heaven by Jaina

Ten Ways In Which To Abuse You[r] Power by Lala to the power of 2

Circles by Jaina

Hush Little Baby by Jaina

SWA Strikes Again by Blue Letters

Magic Tricks by Lala to the power of 2

Puppies! by Greenzaku

Sake Anybody? by VioTanequil

Only Human by BBQkitten

Playing By Heart by Jaina

Five Ways Kurosaki Ichigo Didn't Become a Hollow by digigirl132

5 lifetimes over by Tinxies

On the Anatomy of Hollows by Lady Yami

Heart of a Heartless Man by Shirahoshi

Of Bunnies and Men by Jaina

Blue Exorcist/Ao no Exorcist Fanfictions:

To Be Good by Kizmet
Sequel in True Cross: Walk me through the Valley
Sequel with Yukio: Stare into the Abyss
Following story that comes full circle: A New Normal

Beautiful Fool by Witka

The Niro Case by Beauty in decay

Lost and Found by metalelricbros

Code Geass Fanfictions:

Dauntless by Allora Gale
Dauntless: Sidestories by Allora Gale
Dauntless: Side Stories by Francis D. Saber
Dauntless - Memoirs of a Middleman by Knightmare Frame Razgriz
Dauntless: Reaking Havoc by ArchAng3l

Weapons of Mass Destruction by Allora Gale

Turning Points: REvelation by elarielf

Shattered Chain by Penglaive
Fall To Dust by Penglaive
Incredibly well-thought out.

Your Past, My Future by Slavok
Risks and Sacrifices
(time travel!)

償還のルルーシュ Code Geass - Lelouch of the Redemption by Tahkaullus01
I've always thought that doing the Great Geass Revelation on the train was an action of sheer stupidity. Lelouch actually tells his minions at an appropriate time in this fic.
(time travel!)

Succession Games by Allora Gale
Succession Games by handroid (continuation of Allora Gale's one-shot)

Turning Points: Chess Match by elarielf

Code Geass : Light in the Darkness by Sdebeli

R4 by Eternal Payne
(time travel!)

Code Geass: Tertio Bello by BlindDestiny
Translation: Code Geass: Third War (the latin version that the author intended anyways)

Catharsis & Apotheosis by AlSmash

Meikyuu by elarielf
Translation: Labyrinth
(time travel!)

Undying Loyalty by astateofmind

Code Geass R3: A Noble Act by elle6778

Code Geass: Lelouch of the Second Chance by kyugan
(time travel!)

LivingCondradictory by erickmenk

Code Geass R2: Wrath of the Betrayed by Lord22

Code Geass: Cornelia of the Defection by draconichero21

When the Glass Breaks by tikinottyki

Code Geass Return Trips by phantom daniel
(time travel!)

Code Geass Yaoi:

Primary Gain by bluetuesday
Pairing: SuzakuxLelouch

Practice to Deceive by spirithorse
A Vow

The Road to Stockholm by Irene Sharda

Code Geass One-Shots:

Final Command by Bard Linn

Exorcisms by AlSmash

How Code Geass should have Ended by Lord22

Danny Phantom Fanfictions:

The Return by inukagome15
The Cake Ghost

Outside Looking in by Ellen Brand

Vlad's Son by kuroneko52

What if by Hummingbird101

Danny Phantom One-Shots:

if you wanted it that badly by sapphireswimming

The Gift by Burenda

Death Note Fanfictions:

Redivivus by Silver Pard

Death Note One-Shots:

Why Light should never ask by lord of the land of fire

Doomed To Repeat It by kleptographer of alternates

The Naked Man by Keism
What would YOU do?

D.N.Angel One-Shots:

A Slight Hiccup by Sarah1281

Dragon Ball (Z/GT) Fanfictions:
As a whole, I find stories with Dragonball Z-level powered characters distasteful. When someone can blow up a planet by sneezing, anything that's at all worthwhile can rarely be produced. However, there are humorous some short shots that are worth the time, and it seems a brilliant writer like Kizmet can make anything worth brain space.

by Kizmet

The Point of No Return by niteryde

Messiah by Arzosah


Faded Future by Talentless Muse

Anata by Kizmet *
Passion and Loneliness

Saiyan Hair by Nindy Kyoko Shinretzu

Trunks gets 'The Talk' by arch-duke trip

by Spirrow

by Dbz VD rox

THE Talk by h.psane

Hypothetical by Nameless Boast

by Thursday's Dove

Rise and Fall by DBZer16

Dragon Ball (Z/GT) One-Shots:




Lipstick by Lucillia

100 Most Evil by Lucillia *


That's My Boy by D4cHilliN


Appreciating the View by Kizmet


Always a Let Down by Nindy Kyoko Shinretzu

Selfless Sacrifice by Nindy Kyoko Shinretzu

by Nindy Kyoko Shinretzu

by Nindy Kyoko Shinretzu

Filler by Professor Snaglefoompus

by NikNakAttack

Dear Hormones by omnipotent Porunga

The Past by Sneetche

Time Chamber by Zaney HacknSlash
Last Night

Paradigm by ShiningMoon
Definition: example, model, or pattern

King's Legacy by Talentless Muse

And So It Goes by Talentless Muse

Super Dad by h.psane

Parody, DBZ style by arch-duke trip

by Ryomi

A Father's Pride by w nymph

It Takes A Tragedy by YaoiSlashLover

My Son by YaoiSlashLover

Tough Luck by LuminiaAravis

Winter Winds by Oora

Fatherhood by Filthy Filthy Youth

Fruits Basket Fanfictions:

Fruits Basket One-Shots:

Very potent writing - I cried so much I got a headache. I don't think that's happened since I watched AIR.

Fullmetal Alchemist One-Shots:

this is no way by sapphireswimming

It Just Isn't Fair by LiLiKun18

Ghost Hunt Fanfictions:
I read more Ghost Hunt than anything else- or, at least I did when I first started out here- so I'll be sure to put the comedies and the real stories- divided by NaruxMai and LinxMai - in different "halves".

Pairings: NaruxMai


Incarcerated Friendship by Ardelle *

Phase Shift Armour Down by Precognition74 *


Kira's Freedom by Rhapsidiast
First chapter is a "Table of Contents" aka an index, I'm giving the second chapter's link. Decide whether you want to go back on your own.

Cucumber & Cantaloupe by Kkornelia

A World of Darkness by STech

The Bliss of Oblivion by SilverEchoes

Gundam Seed (Destiny) One-Shots:

I'd Rather Be Fighting The War by ohwhatsherface

First Date by ohwhatsherface

by steshin

An Evening Out Clubbing by ElviraLeen

Athrun's Whole New World by Kashamuffin

Blood for Song by Annwyd

Reflecting Sky by Era of Rain

What Really Happened to Mu and Nicol by CoffeeHouse101

The True Story of Kira and Lacus by CoffeeHouse101

Hip Knives by LittleBlueNayru

Reflections by Hosh

Just My Luck by steshin

The Heat of the Momentby Melicross

Blue Glass by Melicross

Choose by Votre Accueil

Where Wishes Come True by thousandbirds

The Outsider by Roxie Zephyr Jocelyn

To Forgive and Forget by Darkmoon Fleur

First Lesson by dragon agility

OneWay Mirror by ValykirieRevolution



Choices by Kurama no Miko2003

Burden by STech

Photographs by Zemill

Cooties by Nandemoii

by mumyou nanashi

by iBroken

Diary of a Mad Asian Man by La Salle De Bain

Athrun Zala's Miserable Life On Paper by Attharun

Willpower by Heero De Fanel

Broken in Three Places by drinktea

Piloting the Justice by Rhapsidiast

What Were They Fighting For? by LaZ Chaos

Only the Beginning by dream.love.live

C'est La Vie ny cywscross (Goblet of Fire)
(time travel!)

Oh God Not Again! by Sarah1281
(time travel!)

Harry Potter and the Nightmares of Futures Past by S'TarKan
(time travel!)

Lily and the Art of Being Sisyphus by The Carnivorous Muffin
P.S. I'm the Beta! (or I was)
Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte
A Considerable Speck
Lily Riddle and the Narcotics Emporium
Helter Skelter
Ellie Potter Day (a request of mine that The Carnivorous Muffin wrote for being the 1000th reviewer)
A Weasley Family Dinner
A Discussion on Origins
Ellie Potter: A Character Study
All the Wrong Conclusions
Dust of Snow
The Pettigrew Incident

Poison Pen by GenkaiFan

To Shape and Change by Blueowl
(Snape!time travel)

A Marauder's Plan by CatsAreCool

Storybook Hero by dogbertcarroll

When Darkness Sings by Spirit of the Shrine

Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? by The Carnivorous Muffin
The Joys of Pad Thai
It's Like Light

Insane Asylum Escapees by Lucillia

The-Boy-Who-Lived-To-Mess-Up-The-Plot by my-patronus-is-a-computer

My Grandfather Was A WHAT?! by Lucillia (summer after Order of The Phoenix)

Prison Break by Lucillia

Agent O by Rorschach's Blot

Lets do the Time Warp Again by Rorschach's Blot
(time travel!)

The Real Heir of Slytherin by Lucillia (Chamber of Secrets)

October by The Carnivorous Muffin
Persistence of Memory
Stray Thoughts
The Star Splitter
A Dream Pang
(time travel!)

If I Die Young by bookreader911

DID You Hear The Rabbit Cry? by demon lilith

My Nephew Harry by Lucillia
My Nephew Harry 2: The Hogwarts Years

Fire by Lucillia
(time travel!)

Harry Basilisk by Lucillia (Chamber of Secrets and Prisoner of Azkaban)

Harry Potter One-Shots:

Calculation by fringeperson (Sorcerer's Stone)

How to Say Open by Lucillia (Chamber of Secrets)

This Year's Entertainment by Lucillia (Sorcerer's Stone)

Of Lists and Letters by Lucillia

Self Insert by Lucillia

Knockers by Lucillia (Goblet of Fire)

The Price by Lucillia (Deathly Hollows)

Draco's Mate by Lucillia (Order of the Phoenix)

Clothes Make the Wizard by Lucillia (Goblet of Fire)

Three Word Reply by Lucillia

Five Finger Discounts by Lucillia

Class Pairings by Lucillia

A Very Different Dursley Family by Lucillia

Escape Artist by Lucillia (Pre-Series)

Hikari no Go Fanfiction:

An Early Meeting by Lucillia

Inuyasha One-Shots:


Crack Open the World by Hiasobi

Merlin Fanfictions:

Monster Under the Bed by Kizmet

Arthur's Silent Guardian by Sydelle Rein

Master of Time: Slave of Destiny by jaqtkd
Master of Time: Advisor of Kings by jaqtkd

Merlin One-Shots:

The Question by Kizmet

Matter of Sovereignty by Kizmet

Why Didn't You Just Say That Before? by Saber Wing
A one-shot that sums up what I was thinking all throughout the last episode.

Neon Genesis Evangelion Fanfictions:

Rei:incarnated by dogbertcarroll

Neon Genesis Evangelion One-Shots:

EVA Loops by dogbertcarroll

Chicks Dig Giant Robots' by Rorschach's Blot

Naruto (Shippuden) Fanfictions:
I tend to prefer time-travel and alternate realities when it comes to Naruto fanfictions.
WARNING: the order has become pretty much random by now instead of best, working it's way down. Still, most are in the general area.

Transformation Technique - one-shot behind the reference to the truth about the invention of the Sexy no Jutsu in Time MixUp's Chapter 14
And the Aftermath
Time travel - Super-Crack style!
Pairings: InoxChoji, HinataxNaruto, a determined and insane Anko (well, no more than usual I suppose) x an extremely unwilling Kakashi, with hints of later (but still in the past) TemarixShikamaru
(time travel!)

First Try: Tetsuo
First Try: Tetsuo (First Desire) - one-shot behind "Why was he associating the boy with an early childhood memory of long red hair that he'd repeatedly tried to grab?" in First Try's Chapter 2
First Try: Zabuza

(time travel!)



(time travel!)

The REAL Sound Nin- The Movie!
A super poignant drama that comes as a side-story to it's original fic, 'Team Tensai'- and the definition of poignant is eloquently-conveyed sadness, which fits perfectly. The way the Mangekyo is gained is different, leading to tragedy for a time-traveled "child" Sasuke. Sasuke blurs the truth about the reality of his trauma on his path to gaining his Mangekyo Sharingan and what his cover story is. A story told by the best liar of all ninjas in Konoha, one of the most powerful hidden shinobi villages. So now the Uchiha coup is prevented in a completely new way- by Fuguku, no less!
How the civilian-born Sakura got the attention needed to be labeled a Shinobi prodigy at age five.
Tensai 'Verse Outtakes


The Daddy Thing by Obsessive Child

The Nine Broken Mirrors by Ayien *


Play it again, Naruto! by dogbertcarroll *

Moving On by trulywicked *

Training the Avenger by Dragon6 *

A Few Angry Words by lord of the land of fire

The Benefits of Amnesia by Bullwinkle's Lady

Chunin Exam Day by Perfect Lionheart
(time travel!)

Loop by Frozen Shattered Roses
(time travel!)


Angelic Nature by TokehGecko *

The Soul of the Sword by Bleedndreamz *

Shodaime Madara by Lucillia *

A New Cause by MystikD109




Lost Duties by MystikD109

In the Breaking by nyet khan

Alternaverse: Naruto and Sakura by Perfect.PairFan2278

The Importance of Being Family by laurelangel

Orochimaru no Deshii by Meiou Mateus
Translation: Disciple of Orochimaru (disciple not student, the word for student is gakusei)



Accomplice in the Woodchipper by Arzosah



One Small Change by Juura99 *



For Whom My Heart Tolls by Daydreamer79


Necessary Items by Lucillia *

Narrator by NineHundredThirteen *

Yondaime by Lucillia *
Translation: Fourth Lord

Controlled Simulations by Juura99

Amnesia by Bullwinkle's Lady
ReiSenzai: Possession

MAXEDOUT by Infinite Vibrance (formerly FallenxGuardian)
Pairings: SasukexNaruto

Pure, shameless smut.
Pairing: NarutoxSasuke


Pairings: ItachixNaruto

Demonkin by TanuKyle
Pairings: SasukexNaruto

A deal of sperm? by bellebambina248
Pairings: SasukexNaruto

Pairings: SasukexNaruto

Forgiveness by Daydreamer79

Dear Sensei! by Lilbakasaru

Naruto Yaoi One-Shots:

Pairing: KabutoxNaruto

Itachi's Trouble with Blonds by Misato'sPenPen

Changing the ship by Felnore

Like No One Ever Was by FinalArc
I had to get a box of tissues.

Tales Of Flame by Buwaro

Pokémon One-Shot:

Reality? by Blighted Angel

The pressure finally cracks Ranma, and he ends up breaking down in the presence of Tatewaki Kuno. After letting loose an over-due rant of his problems to a sympathetic ear of someone so deluded no one would him believe anyways, Ranma decides to take a page from the Kunos' book- maybe reality doesn't need to be there ALL the time.
Pairings: Ranma(-chan) x (Tatewaki) Kuno, AkanexDaisuke, and RyogaxAkari

Exact Change by Ozzallos

Not a Clue by Ozzallos


Finding a home by weebee

The Jacket by weebee

All Purpose Uncultured Cat Person Ranma Saotome by weebee

A Very Short Trip by Ozzallos

Subject To Change: Fiore Arc by JadeEye
Subject To Change Season 2 by JadeEye
Subject To Change: Season 3 by JadeEye


A Little Older, A Little Wiser by Denial

Worship by Final Saturn

Eternally Yours by DarklitFaery86

Everlasting by B.Novus

The Wanderings of Chaos by Anon Fishy-chan

Smallville One-Shots:

Lex's Creepy Stalker Room by Sarah1281

Normal by Sarah1281

Must Be Love by Sarah1281

X-Men: Evolution Fanfictions:

A well-done one-shot, it's a fascinating read, though a bit morbid. Then again, the macabre carries it's own type of beauty. It reminds me of a creative writing poem more than a true story. Basically, the reason it's under this section is this was a story that Giggles didn't know what series to use it for, but picked Kitty from X-Men: Evolution for lack of a better choice- not that it was a bad fit, mind you- then added a detail or two to imply her character.

xxxHolic Fanfictions:
Let's face it, there are countless crossover one-shots for xxxHolic. Even someone who has never yet seen single fan fiction belonging to that series would expect that to be the case. So while I'll try to keep to only the very best, I'm not going to put any of those fics in the Crossovers section- though I will seperate it from the purely xxxHolic stories, few as those are.

(time travel!)
P.S. I'm the Beta!


The Darker Tournament by LivelyNightshade

Yusuke, the Spirit Detective by Copper Steampunk

Start All Over by ss10009

by Blossomwitch
Define Mercy
Rescue Yukina
Roses are Red

Half Life by Blossomwitch

Bitter Enemies by sycoandcrazy.inc

A Lesson in Rebellion by TheBeingOfEverything

Hiei Vs The Squirrels! by WolfRunner326
Hiei's Pet Shop

Normal by WolfRunner326 *

Imaginary Friend by WolfRunner326 *

Yu Yu Hakusho One-Shots:

Out of the loop by FinalArc
Beautiful, deep, and well-thought through.

Jail Break by nightwalker3


Towels by Blossomwitch

Precision by Blossomwitch

Shaking of the Sheets by sycoandcrazy.inc

Death by sycoandcrazy.inc

She Is And Isn't by sycoandcrazy.inc

Vow by sycoandcrazy.inc

The Truth by sycoandcrazy.inc

Before now, all of the order the fanfictions were placed in showed the very best of stories first then worked its way down (except Ghost Hunt, which was explained). Things are done a little differently in this section. At first, the placement of each fanfiction is started off by which SERIES the crossover is based on, alphabetically. How I decide which series the crossover is of comes first... well, it's whatever sounds better in my head at the time. From there, all of those types are grouped together, after that the system reverts to the original best to next best and so on.

Hulk Vs Titans by sonicking2004 (Attack on Titan and The Incredible Hulk Crossover)

A Resolve of Breaking Waves by Vathara (Avatar: The Last Airbender and Bleach Crossover)

Aincrad's Flame by FoxBlitz (Avatar: The Last Airbender and Sword Art Online Crossover)

A Hero Always by GrayHeart (Batman and Bleach Crossover)

Geass Begins by MadHat889 (Batman and Code Geass Crossover)

Wayne's Boys: Black and Red by KatHarkness-Katara (Batman (comic) and Dark Knight Trilogy Crossover)
Red Robin crashes into the Dark Knight's universe and decides to give their Batman a kick in the cape.

http://www.fanfiction.net/s/4813587/1/Beyond_Fullmetal (Batman Beyond SEQUEL)


Gotham Nights by The Darkest Soul (Batman and Naruto Crossover) *

Catwoman's New Interest by Kyuubi16 (Batman and Naruto Crossover) *

Labor Day
Superhero in Training
Study Group

Hello Darkness, My Old Friend by GenkaiFan (Batman and Yu Yu Hakusho Crossover)
Kung Fu and Roses

Crossing Over is Never Easy by Dark Ice Dragon (Bleach and Danny Phantom Crossover)

Torn by imafuckingusername.dealwithit (Bleach and Fullmetal Alchemist Crossover)

Harry Potter and the Order of the Bleached Phoenix by Eradona (Bleach and Harry Potter Crossover)
Tales of Bleachy the Bard
Bleach and the Half Blood Prince

Strawberry In Disguise by roundround (Bleach and Harry Potter Crossover)

Harry Potter and the God of Death by Nesarna (Bleach and Harry Potter Crossover)

Brothers In Another World by HolyHappiness1230 (Bleach and Harry Potter Crossover)

Forgotten Soul by Zorlia (Bleach and Harry Potter Crossover)

The Reaper by fokker333 (Bleach and Harry Potter Crossover)

Bleach at Youkai Academy by Romez (Bleach and Rosario Crossover)
Karakura Adventures

The One Who Protects by Kain Everguard (Bleach and Sword Art Online Crossover)

A Place in Society, Second: The Continuation by mr. 96

New World, Same Problems by Reidluver (Bleach and xxxHolic Crossover) *

Halved and Whole by Argentcoeur (Bleach and Yu-Gi-Oh! Crossover)

Book of Shadows by JoIsBishMyoga (Card Captor Sakura and Yu Yu Hakusho Crossover) *

Soul Chess by draconichero21 (Code Geass and Bleach Crossover)

Code Geass: Lelouch of the Digidestined by Demon of Zero (Code Geass and Digimon Crossover)

Zero Tango by Deviate's Fish (Code Geass and Familiar of Zero Crossover)

Zero X Zero by Dick Rash (Code Geass and Familiar of Zero Crossover)

Gundam SEED Lelouch of Britannia by Obsessive Child (Code Geass and Gundam Seed Crossover)

Kira Yamato: Seed of the Rebellion by FriedIce (Code Geass and Gundam Seed Crossover)

Code Gundam: Seed by RaiZero (Code Geass and Gundam Seed Crossover)

Code Geass: A New Beginning, A New Battlefield by TGxSTep (Code Geass and Gundam Seed Crossover)

Code Geass: Knightmare of the Shinigami by Rellik Eht Deraj (Code Geass and Gundam Wing Crossover)

The Misantrophe, the Cake and the Squirrel by Lady Nogitsune (Code Geass and Harry Potter Crossover)

The Department of Mysteries Chess Game by aznprincessali (Code Geass and Harry Potter Crossover)

Who Knew Cats Could Fly? by The Fox Tamer (Danny Phantom and Fairy Tail Crossover)

Mystic Travels by KateT101 (Danny Phantom and Disney's Lion King Crossover)

What I always Wanted by Soului (Danny Phantom and Star Trek: The Next Generation Crossover)
Careful What You Wish For

Lost Obsession by angelwings2400 (Danny Phantom and Teen Titans Crossover)

Obsession by The Struggling Warrior (Danny Phantom and Young Justice Crossover)

Ghost of the Shadow Realm by Kris Phantom (Danny Phantom and Yu-Gi-Oh! Crossover)

Ulquiorra by Kyrial Halcoryn (Death Note and Bleach Crossover)

In the Wrong Hands by Bow to me Fools BOW I SAY (Death Note and Fullmetal Alchemist Crossover)

Attack on Zero by Boshwa (Familiar of Zero and Attack on Titan Crossover)

The shinigami familiar by XiaoWing (Familiar of Zero and Bleach Crossover)

Stigma of the Void by Leo Septem (Familiar of Zero and Kaze no Stigma Crossover)


Harnessing the Elements by Baron de Pencier (Fullmetal Alchemist and Avatar: The Last Airbender Crossover)

Before Destruction is by Nuadha (Fullmetal Alchemist and Avatar: The Last Airbender Crossover) *

Encounter by FireflySummer (Fullmetal Alchemist/Avengers Crossover)

Crosscut by Starburstia (Fullmetal Alchemist and Code Geass Crossover)

Fullmetal Geass by miki-chan13 (Fullmetal Alchemist and Code Geass Crossover)

Code Geass: The Alchemists of the EU by CalamitasWrath (Fullmetal Alchemist and Code Geass Crossover)

Amaranthine by Gift of the Dragons (Fullmetal Alchemist and Harry Potter Crossover)

The Truth Behind The Truth by Saia-chan (Fullmetal Alchemist and Harry Potter Crossover)

Rue by Maya Sushi (Fullmetal Alchemist and Harry Potter Crossover)

Shadows' Shadows by Ambiguity in D Major (Fullmetal Alchemist and Harry Potter Crossover)

Alchemic Wizard by g33kg1rl (Fullmetal Alchemist and Harry Potter Crossover)

Penance by Laora (Fullmetal Alchemist and Harry Potter Crossover)

Bodyguards Never Sleep by Assassinating (Fullmetal Alchemist and Harry Potter Crossover)

An Otherworldly Weapon by HotCrossPigeon (Fullmetal Alchemist and Harry Potter Crossover)

Harry Potter and the Fullmetal Professor by Paragon of Awesomeness (Fullmetal Alchemist and Harry Potter Crossover)

Professor Shorty by Oceanesta (Fullmetal Alchemist and Harry Potter Crossover)

Fullmetal With the Order by LuckyNumbers (Fullmetal Alchemist and Harry Potter Crossover)

Fullmetal Marauder by Hikari-Urufu-no-Yami (Fullmetal Alchemist and Harry Potter Crossover)

Escape by junodog (Fullmetal Alchemist and (Disney's) Lion King Crossover) *

Times Are Changing by Baird Crevan (Gargoyles and X-Men: Evolution Crossover)
But Some Remain The Same

Earth 12: Pilots of the Caribbean by Tobi Tortue (Gundam Seed and Pirates of the Caribbean: Davy Jones' Locker Crossover)

Go, Preventers, Go! by InjuredPelican (Gundam multi-Saga Crossover - mainly SEED, G, and Wing, with some UC and SEED Destiny)
Falling Skies (SEQUEL)

I See The Moon by hctiB-notsoB (Harry Potter and Avengers Crossover)

My Name Is Yasha Romanov by ShunKickShunKers (Harry Potter and Avengers Crossover)

Birds of a Feather by Von (Harry Potter and Avengers Crossover)

Crestfallen by Lionna (Harry Potter and Avengers Crossover)

Runaway Witch by StrictlySomething (Harry Potter and Avengers/Spiderman Crossover)

Teeth by hathanhate (Harry Potter and Avengers/X-Men Crossover)

The Fall of the House of User by The Carnivorous Muffin (Harry Potter and Black Butler Crossover)

Spirited Away by Coronalgnis (Harry Potter and Danny Phantom Crossover)

From Dust by ConstructiveWriter (Harry Potter and Danny Phantom Crossover)

The Phantom Behind the Bins by angelwings2400 (Harry Potter and Danny Phantom Crossover)

Potter, Phantom, and the Philosopher's Stone by Reid Phantom (Harry Potter and Danny Phantom Crossover)
The Serpent's Heir

Spellbound by Iymea (Harry Potter and Danny Phantom Crossover)

Phoenix Phantom by R.tistiC (Harry Potter and Danny Phantom Crossover)

From Lost to Losing it by NoxVero (Harry Potter and Danny Phantom Crossover)

Harry's Big Brother by Lucillia (Harry Potter and Star Trek: Wrath of Khan Crossover)

Egypt by Obsessive Child (Harry Potter and Yu-Gi-Oh! Crossover)
(time travel!)

Time Travel by sirensbane (Harry Potter and Yu-Gi-Oh! Crossover)
(time travel!)

History of a Teacher by Famous Fault (Harry Potter and Yu-Gi-Oh! Crossover)

Shinko Majutsu by Katreal (Harry Potter and Yu-Gi-Oh! Crossover)
Translation: Real Black Magic

The Fox Who Lived by xXSirinXx (Harry Potter and Yu Yu Hakusho Crossover)

Picking Petals off Roses by Grey-Rain-Cloud (Harry Potter and Yu Yu Hakusho Crossover)

Balancing Acts by (Harry Potter and Yu Yu Hakusho Crossover)
Formerly known as 'Spirits and Wands'

Harry Potter and the Deathless Crowd by Nekogami Bastet (Harry Potter and Yu Yu Hakusho Crossover)

Overlapping Thorns by Grey-Rain-Cloud (Harry Potter and Yu Yu Hakusho Crossover)

Family Doesn't End In Blood, It Starts by Isabella of the Night (Harry Potter and Yu Yu Hakusho Crossover)

A Grim's Promise by NightSeer (Harry Potter and Yu Yu Hakusho Crossover)

Flawed by Kurome Shiretsu (Harry Potter and Yu Yu Hakusho Crossover)

Saviors by D.K. Dracona (Harry Potter and Yu Yu Hakusho Crossover)
Saviors: Reflection
Saviors: Black Tales

Realities Conundrum by Dark Sympathy (Harry Potter and Yu Yu Hakusho Crossover)

Dying Twice by TacoReaper (Harry Potter and Yu Yu Hakusho Crossover)

A New Kind of Tournament by AKA PsychicGirl (Harry Potter and Yu Yu Hakusho Crossover)

The Bird of Hermes by Sedor (Hellsing and Bleach Crossover)
The Bird of Hermes is my name; eat my wings to make me tame.

Pairing: ByakuyaxKagome

The Ribbon of Destiny by CherryNekoChan (Inuyasha and Bleach Crossover)

Pairing: KagomexMori

Kagome's Scarred Heart by ShadowFoxMoon (Inuyasha and Rurouni Kenshin Crossover)

Leaving his spastic adolescence behind, a more mature and somewhat enigmatic Kimihiro Watanuki now runs the wish-granting shop in Yuko's stead. After a certain modern-day miko runs out of his shop and down a well, fate decides to pull Watanuki through time after her... What does the inevitable hold in store?

A New York Yankey in King Uther's Court by Byakugan789 (Merlin and Avengers Crossover)

Lost One by Hyperguy (Naruto and Attack on Titan Crossover)

The Four Nations by DeathGodSlayer (Naruto and Avatar: The Last Airbender Crossover)


Konoha's Silver Shinobi by Konerok Hadorok (Naruto and Bleach Crossover)

Breaking the Boundaries by calatrava (Naruto and Bleach Crossover)
Mostly Naruto and little Bleach so far though.

Technically a One-Shot but it's so freaking long that it would be more appropriate to call it a completed story.


Quincy among Shinobi by dude932 (Naruto and Bleach Crossover)

Sit Upon the Frozen Heavens by James D. Fawkes (Naruto and Bleach Crossover)



Shards by Psudocode Samurai (Naruto and Bleach Crossover) *

The Elemental Nation's Reaper by alpine992 (Naruto and Bleach Crossover) *
I've beta'ed a few of the later chapters.

Sealed Deal by LigerJager (Naruto and Bleach Crossover) *


Drop of Blood by TenchiSaWaDa (Naruto and Code Geass Crossover)


Law of Equivalent Exchange by PureWaterLily (Naruto and Fullmetal Alchemist Crossover) *

The Catalyst by Kisuke17Night (Naruto and Fullmetal Alchemist Crossover) *
Most Gaara stories are when either he's bat-shit insane or when he is wise and diplomatic - but sanity is not a switch to be flicked at whim and reformation takes enormous effort to genuinely work. This story drops Gaara into the Harry Potter-verse while he's still changing. Silent Humanity is an engaging read where Gaara's limits are redefined in a new place, in an entirely different way.

Naruto and the Goblet of Fire by Reidluver (Naruto and Harry Potter Crossover)

Izuna and Madara Hogwarts Professors by Lucillia (Naruto and Harry Potter Crossover)

Find Me a White Knight Cloaked in Black by cywscross

Sabaku no Harry (Harry of the Sand Waterfall) by Meer-Heika (Naruto and Harry Potter Crossover)

Of Prophecies and Ramen by FriedIce (Naruto and Harry Potter Crossover)

Pairing: ItachixKagome

Of Feigning Angels by The Phantom ' A k i r a (Naruto and Inuyasha Crossover)
Hilarious drabbles splattered with non-stop lime and barely written lemon- although, given the length of the drabbles, not much more is possible.
Pairings: Kagomexevery male Akatsuki member (aka not Konan) other than Kisame and Kazuku (or Orochimaru, if he even counts) plus Naruto, Sasuke, Gaara, Zabuza, maleHaku and Sesshomaru; AnkoxKonan
Koukyuu: Movie Nights



The Number 1 Hyperactive, Knucklehead Master by Kenchi618 (Naruto and Pokémon Crossover)
Naruto, I choose YOU!
Pink is the Color of Pain
I Choose You, With a Side of Slaw

Ninja of Kanto by Bonesboy15 (Naruto and Pokémon Crossover)



For Our Blue and Pure World by Hibiki54 (Ranma 1/2 and Gundam Seed Crossover)

This fanfic focuses mainly on Ryoga, but leans more to the Inuyasha side otherwise.



Ozzallos writes some good stuff.


No Chance for Fate by Tribun (Ranma 1/2 and Sailor Moon Crossover)

Millennial Panic by Shadou Fireborn (Ranma 1/2 and Sailor Moon Crossover)

Help Wanted by JonaBee (Ranma 1/2 and Sailor Moon Crossover)

Ranma: Senshi of the Moon by Mykon1 (Ranma 1/2 and Sailor Moon Crossover)

Mamochan by MeowzieChan (Ranma 1/2 and Sailor Moon Crossover)

Borg Ranma by Magnus DeWinter (Ranma 1/2 and Star Trek: Voyager Crossover)
(time travel!)

Youtou Shinnoken by Abdiel (Rurouni Kenshin and Yu Yu Hakusho Crossover)

Family Matters by Katreal (Rurouni Kenshin and Yu Yu Hakusho Crossover)

The Chosen by El3v3n (Sailor Moon and Hellsing Crossover)

Aphelion by El3v3n (Sailor Moon and Vampire Knight Crossover)

The New Guy by TwinEnigma (Sailor Moon and Young Justice Crossover)

The Ostiary by El3v3n (Sailor Moon and Yu-Gi-Oh! Crossover)
Pairings: Serenity x Yami, Mina x Bakura, Jounouchi x Mai, Rei x Seto Kaiba

Wish by Yami Nocturna (Sailor Moon and Yu-Gi-Oh! Crossover)
Pairings: Usagi/Serena (Eternal Sailor Moon) x Yami

Sailor Duelists by (Sailor Moon and Yu-Gi-Oh! Crossover)
Pairings: Usagi/Serena (Sailor Moon)xYami, Makoto/Lita (Sailor Jupiter)xJounouchi/Joey, Rei (Sailor Mars)xMalik, Ami (Sailor Mercury)xRyou, Dark MercuryxBakura, Mamoru/Darien (Tuxedo Mask)xAnzu/Tea, possible Mina (Sailor Venus)xSeto Kaiba

Fatalism by Evangeline11 (Sailor Moon and Yu-Gi-Oh! Crossover)

Electrum by El3v3n (Sailor Moon and Yu-Gi-Oh! Crossover)
Pairings: Serenity x Atem

Another Night, and I Bleed by Yami Nocturna (Sailor Moon and Yu-Gi-Oh! Crossover)
Pairings: Princess Serenity x Atem

Fate by HoshinoKaabii13 (Sailor Moon and Yu-Gi-Oh! Crossover)

Delicately by nebulousMaddy (Soul Eater and Fullmetal Alchemist Crossover)

Ageless by VivaNewVegas (Soul Eater and Fullmetal Alchemist Crossover)

An Unsound Soul by AngelG93 (Soul Eater and Fullmetal Alchemist Crossover)

Burning Brightly by Obsessive Child (Teen Titans and Danny Phantom Crossover)

Three Years by Leylia Wolfe (Teen Titans and Danny Phantom Crossover)
The current ending is bullshit though. Instead of listening to Vlad's passionate and logically sound speech, Danny goes off with a bunch of near-strangers.

Not All Heroes Say They Are Heroes by theholycheese (Teen Titans and Danny Phantom Crossover)


Oh, and apparently the Yamis have their own bodies.


I love how accurately Roadkill2580 portrayed everyone's character. (s)he didn't make Inuyasha seem more like a bastard than an ass with his heart in the right place, and even managed to keep the Yomis of both eras in character and contrasted them perfectly. The OCs also fit in perfectly and don't drag the storyline down at all, even though one of them was given a somewhat large role. The eerie part is how Roadkill kept Youko Kurama so in character, given that his was never officially set up outside the preconceptions of others. I found the " space problem highly irratating though.
WARNING: There is blatant yaoi in this fic. There is also a yaoi lemon in chapter 13, though not a highly descriptive one. It's at the end of the chapter though, so it's easy to ignore. The gist of the conversation they have in it is: Kuronue tells Yoko that Kagome is partial to youkai, and knows important figures in demon society; Kuronue repeats a conversation he had with Kagome about desirable traits in a mate and the importance of love; Kuronue scoffs at the notion of love in the first place; Yoko tells Kuronue he loves him and Kuronue reluctantly agrees that he might love Yoko as well.
Pairings: KagomexYoukoxKuronue (threesome)

This story used to be called Forget Me Not Is A Rose, but was renamed. Though technically a sequel to http://www.fanfiction.net/s/5785013/1/Tell_Me_a_Story
Pairings: KagomexKurama, with hidden affections between Yusuke and Yukina

Pairings: KuramaxKagome

Pairings: KuramaxKagome

Do You Remember, Love? by Kage Hasu (Yu Yu Hakusho and Inuyasha Crossover)

Forever and a Day by peppymint (Yu Yu Hakusho and Inuyasha Crossover) *

Fighting Evil by Moonlight by Death101- Fox Version (Yu Yu Hakusho and Sailor Moon Crossover)
Winning Love by Daylight by Death101- Fox Version
Essentially the second chapter of Fighting Evil by Moonlight


This is the best of any X-Men: Evolution crossover.

Crossover One-Shots:

Alphonse Gets Stepped on by a Titan by SolongStarbird (Attack on Titan and Fullmetal Alchemist Crossover)

Replacement by Martinet Atom (Avatar and Bleach Crossover)

We Survive: Ichimaru by Virgins-and-Surgeons (Batman and Bleach Crossover)

The Voiceless Suspect by Monica Moss (Batman and Danny Phantom Crossover)

For DireSquirrel by Lucillia (Batman and Naruto Crossover)

How Not to Woo Matsumoto by angelaumbrello (Bleach and Avengers Crossover)

An Interrogation? by imafuckingusername.dealwithit (Bleach and Fullmetal Alchemist Crossover)

Amanita Citrina by DragonWolfStar (Bleach and Harry Potter Crossover)

Plans by HopelesslyRomanticPisces (Bleach and Pirates of the Caribbean Crossover)

Clean and White by Vathara (Bleach and Rurouni Kenshin Crossover)
Mending Songs

The Meister by Who really cares about my name (Bleach and Soul Eater Crossover)

Bleach: Logical Edition chapter 11: How To Gloat Evilly, By Lelouch Vi Britannia by Lord22 (Code Geass and Bleach Crossover)

Knightmare of the Shinigami by Rellik Eht Deraj (Code Geass and Gundam Wing Crossover)

Cats Really Don't Like Him by TheLastShiningStar (Code Geass and Inuyasha Crossover)

Epiphany by Ranchoth (Daria and Batman Crossover)

The Gauntlet by JonaBee (Daria and Ranma 1/2 Crossover)

We Survive: Aizen, Ulquiorra by Virgins-and-Surgeons (Death Note and Bleach Crossover)

Your Hair by AkaSpada97 (Death Note and Bleach Crossover)
Ichigo meets someone even more eccentric than Kisuke Urahara.

Consequences by shanejayell (Death Note and Bleach Crossover)

Please, Hold the Hollows by Shadow Coyote (Death Note and Bleach Crossover)

Vice Versa by Xangelic-demonicX (Death Note and Code Geass Crossover)

by Lucillia (Death Note and Star Wars Crossover)

What Dreams Are Made Of by When Darkness Rises (Fullmetal Alchemist and Avatar: The Last Airbender Crossover)

Tapestry by Sokkasm (Fullmetal Alchemist and Avatar: The Last Airbender Crossover)
To Be a Soldier

Arms by UltimateParadox (Fullmetal Alchemist and Code Geass Crossover)

The Problem with Crossovers by MoonClaimed (Fullmetal Alchemist and Harry Potter Crossover)

Edward Elric's Generic Journey to the Wizarding World by DoomOverlord (Fullmetal Alchemist and Harry Potter Crossover)

No Sense in Bothering the Other Protagonists by pleonastic (Fullmetal Alchemist and Harry Potter Crossover)

The price of Magic by layania (Fullmetal Alchemist and Harry Potter Crossover)

Renaissance by Laora (Fullmetal Alchemist and Harry Potter Crossover)

Swish and Flick by Debusya (Fullmetal Alchemist and Harry Potter Crossover)

Unusual by Amelie Nockturne (Fullmetal Alchemist and Harry Potter Crossover)

The Sorting Hat by chronikuru (Fullmetal Alchemist and Harry Potter Crossover)

Brand by Scarpaw (Fullmetal Alchemist and Harry Potter Crossover)

Byzantine by Laora (Fullmetal Alchemist and Harry Potter Crossover)
Definition: excessively complicated

Far From Magic by Samsung Super Aladdin Boy II (Fullmetal Alchemist and Harry Potter Crossover)

Stray Hayate by Famous Fault (Fullmetal Alchemist and Harry Potter Crossover)

Who are you calling by layania (Fullmetal Alchemist and Harry Potter Crossover)

The Weasley Maneuver by The Rose Blue Prince (Fullmetal Alchemist and Harry Potter Crossover)

Detention by SongoftheDarquePhoenix (Fullmetal Alchemist and Harry Potter Crossover)

Rainy Day by Caffeinated Star (Fullmetal Alchemist and Harry Potter Crossover)

Relative Strength by George P (Fullmetal Alchemist and Teen Titans Crossover)

Rain Wash Over Me by NightWalking Angel (GetBackers and Fullmetal Alchemist Crossover) *

Seeds of a Destiny by Titan of Saturn (Gundam Seed and Gundam Wing Crossover)

A Specifically Odd DADA Class by DanielTheWaterTankAndTheFoetus (Harry Potter and Yu-Gi-Oh! Crossover)

Yusuke Potter by fringeperson (Harry Potter and Yu Yu Hakusho Crossover)

Of Demons and Dementors by Ms. Zeal (Harry Potter and Yu Yu Hakusho Crossover)

Theme 13: Misfortune by Inumaru12 (Harry Potter and Yu Yu Hakusho Crossover)

Observations by Ms. Zeal (Harry Potter and Yu Yu Hakusho Crossover)

Four Teachers, Four Thoughts by Caffeinated Star (Harry Potter and Yu Yu Hakusho Crossover)

Debts To Be Paid by bulletproof trucker hats (Harry Potter and Yu Yu Hakusho Crossover)

Houses by 0.o person (Harry Potter and Yu Yu Hakusho Crossover)

Hobby by Ms Arano (Harry Potter and Yu Yu Hakusho Crossover)

Pirate Talk by CherryNekoChan (Inuyasha and Bleach Crossover)

A New York Yankey in King Uther's Court by Byakugan189 (Merlin and Avengers Crossover)

Typical by Piratefish (Naruto and Avatar: The Last Airbender Crossover)

House of Uzumaki by Obsessive Child (Naruto and Bleach Crossover)
Technically a One-Shot but it's so freaking long that it would be more appropriate to call it a completed story.


The Assassin by Lucillia (Naruto and Harry Potter Crossover)


A Match Made in Hell by Lucillia (Naruto and SMA - aka Megami33's Sailor Moon Abridged- Crossover) *

SideKick! by Arthur Hanson (Ranma 1/2 and Batman Crossover)

Reincarnation for the lazy by weebee (Ranma 1/2 and Inuyasha Crossover)

The Coin: Tails by weebee (Ranma 1/2 and Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Crossover)

Arabian Nights by VeniceGroove (Sailor Moon and Yu-Gi-Oh! Crossover)

Wants and Needs by Azurite (Sailor Moon and Yu-Gi-Oh! Crossover)

Luck by Rowan Cousland (Sailor Moon and Yu-Gi-Oh! Crossover)

The Next Grand Adventure by lalchan (Star Trek: Next Generation and Yu Yu Hakusho Crossover)


Understanding by Dreams2Paper11 (Teen Titans and Danny Phantom Crossover)


Metaphor by Doubleplusgoodduckspeaker (Yu-Gi-Oh! and Code Geass Crossover)


Foolishness by Just 2 Dream of You (Yu-Gi-Oh! and Yu Yu Hakusho Crossover)

Pairings: KuramaxKagome

Roses Are Great by Hope-ItsyBitsySpider (Yu Yu Hakusho and Inuyasha Crossover) *
Pairings: KuramaxKagome

Rose by staryu (Yu Yu Hakusho and Sailor Moon Crossover with a Powerpuff Girls reference)

by Vaeru (Yu Yu Hakusho and X-Men: Evolution Crossover)


Alchemist vs Benders by Lord Rebecca-sama (Fullmetal Alchemist and Avatar: The Last Airbender Crossover)

Reconciliation by The Faceless Marionette (Gundam Seed and Bleach Crossover)

A Simple Game of Chess by KiraKun08 (Gundam Seed and Gundam Wing Crossover)
Also fits section: Secondarily ,

Corruption by Stalker of Stories

Angsty Tragic DEATHs AND SUICIDEs:

Also fits section: Secondarily ,

For Whom My Heart Tolls by Daydreamer79 (Naruto fic)
Also fits section: Secondarily Inside The Mind of A Psycho,



Random Acts of Silliness by warai kitsune


Well, He's Always Saying It by Lucillia (James Bond 007)
In a hundred words.

More later... this is a courtesy that shouldn't detract from my reading! (pout) Well, that and being an incredibly convenient way to look up whatever story I want to read.

Sort: Category . Published . Updated . Title . Words . Chapters . Reviews . Status .

Ashes of the Past by Saphroneth reviews
Time travel, based on the Anime. So, the world ended. That's bad news. Who best to get to fix it? Well, there is this guy with a track record in world saving... Not entirely serious. T rating may be overdoing it.
Pokémon - Rated: T - English - Humor/Adventure - Chapters: 101 - Words: 493,674 - Reviews: 3277 - Favs: 2,424 - Follows: 2,264 - Updated: 8h ago - Published: 8/7/2011 - Ash K./Satoshi, Pikachu
Faith in my Innocence by tinabug reviews
It took Kagome a long time to accept that the death and destruction caused by the shikon was not her fault. So what does she do when some Prince of Spirit World is claiming she's guilty? She gives them hell, that's what.
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