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Author has written 3 stories for Kingdom Hearts, Naruto, and Katekyo Hitman Reborn!.

Hi, Cloud-Mercury07 here!

My favourite:

Food: Cookies/Chocolate.

Drink: Dr Pepper/Fanta Fruit Twist (Unhealthy, I know).

Anime series: Katekyo Hitman Reborn.

Manga series: Death Note & Naruto.

Music: Most sorts, though I dislike most rap and R 'n' B.

Pairings: Sasuke/Naruto (Naruto), Riku/Sora (KH), Axel/Roxas (KH2), Reborn/Lambo (KHR), 5927 aka Gokudera/Tsuna (KHR), Kakashi/Sakura (Naruto), Spock/Kirk (Star Trek: TOS), Axel/Demyx (KH2), Fred/Lizzie (Drop dead Fred), Edgeworth/Gumshoe (Phoenix Wright), Edgeworth/Phoenix (Phoenix Wright), Phoenix/Maya (Phoenix Wright),

Other Pairings I support (these are ones I like, just not my favourites): Diego/Mia (Phoenix Wright), Colonello/Lal Mirch (KHR)

Along with reasonings ;): (p.s, these aren't trying to say why the pairing is canon, in most cases they certainly aren't canon, its just telling you why I think they are viable pairings and why I love them!)

Spirk is logical:
Three words: THE BACKRUB SCENE!!
- Spock:"You are my friend, I have been and always shall be yours." (can be taken in the more obvious friendly way but note the YOURS!!)
- Kirk says, concerning Spock: "You need me to run this ship and I need him"
- The only time in the whole of TOS that Spock smiles voluntarily (without being under spore influence or being mind controlled) is when he sees that Kirk is not dead, after previously thinking so. He also yells out "JIM!!" in an excited manner, when he almost always calls him "Captain". Plus that scene is just too adorable not to be slashy.
-The looks they share just say it all. (especially during the backrub scene)
-Spock: "Has it occured to you that there's a certain inefficiency in constantly questioning me on things you've already made up your mind about?"
Kirk: "It gives me emotional security."
-Bones (to Kirk): "I understand your concern... your affection for Spock."
-Eva (to Spock about Kirk): "You, at his side, as though you've always been there and always will."
-Kirk (to Bones): "I owe him my life a dozen times over, isn't that worth a career?" (he is saying this because he has been told he will lose his job if they divert their ship to Vulcan, but if they do not, Spock will die.)
-Spock steps in front of a plant to save Kirk:
Kirk: "Just what do you think you were trying to do?"
Spock: "I surmised you were unaware of that plant so I--"
Kirk: "Stepped in front and took the thorns yourself?"(HE DID!!)
-Spock: "Computers make excellent and efficient servants, but I have no wish to serve under them...Captain. A starship also runs on loyalty, to one man and nothing can replace it... or him. (Kirk's face in this scene says even more than Spock's words, believe me.)
-Spock makes Kirk forget a love who hurt him because he can see Kirk is in emotional turmoil from the experience. He does this through a mind meld trick. (Or maybe because Spock wants the good Captain to love someone else... kekeke)
-Girl (to Spock): "You are closer to the Captain than anyone in the universe" (the great thing is that Kirk's mind is trapped in the girl's body at this point!! So really, it is Kirk telling Spock that he is the closest to him.)
-Then later on Spock and the girl are holding hands while the same is true! (Yay fluff :D)
-Kirk: "Only two people can go. I want you Mr. Spock." - An actual line in the Star Trek comic series. Anyone that does not see this as at least an innuendo is plainly crazy ;)
-On Uncyclopedia: "Spock, also sometimes known as 'Mister Spock' was Captain Kirk's wife." XD
-Spock: "Jim, when I feel friendship for you, I am ashamed." friendship, Mister Spock? Surely only friendship wouldn't be seen as embarassing for a Vulcan. Are you sure you're not hinting something?
- Please look here for more:

- Naruto always whining on about bringing Sasuke back.
-Naruto: "So I have the correct affinity for Sasuke, right?"
Yamato: "Right, wind is the one element that can defeat lighting..."
Naruto: " No, I mean... The only thing that can save a fire from dying and give it more power, is wind."
- Sasuke was one of the first people to accept Naruto and visa versa.
- The scene where Sasuke leans over Naruto at the valley of the end is soooo tension-ish ;)
- Masashi Kishimoto himself has stated that he does like the SasuNaru pairing and if he could, he would give the manga a shounen-ai ish ending.
-Both want to prove themselves to the other.
-They have saved each other's lives on several occasions.
-When Tazuna assumes Sasuke left because of a love triangle. Kishimoto described the trio's real relationship as not a triangle but a circle, where Naruto loves Sakura, Sakura loves Sasuke and Sasuke has his own special feelings for Naruto. However, that may mean that the triangle referred to by Tazuna means that two parties are in love with one. Naruto quickly denies this fact. Too quickly... shifty eyes

Sora never gave up hope on Riku.
-They fight Xemnas together at the end of KH2.
-Sora's name means sky, Riku's means land.
-You are supposed to share a paopu with the one you love. Riku throws one at Sora.
-Riku went above and beyond to keep Sora's memories intact. While Kairi lived it up at home haha! (Thanks Chii)
-When Sora is reunited with Riku, he cries and goes beserk.
-The whole of the KH2 game is based on Sora's search for Riku, despite the fact that when he last saw him, he tried to kill him.
-Sora is constantly wondering if Riku is looking out for him secretly.

-Despite the fact its not really very canon, it is darned hot.
-Lambo always had a level of respect for Reborn as a child, even if he did always try to kill him.
-Despite being sent to assasinate Reborn, Lambo ends up living in the same household as him as a child.
-Reborn always dismisses or ignores Lambo in a hilarious way- great for using in fanfics.
-Reborn somehow approves of the fact that Lambo was chosen as the Vongola's thunder guardian, even when everyone else is in despair over it.
-Reborn uses the Dying Will Bullet so that Tsuna can save Lambo's life, even though he knows that doing so will forfeit their Vongola rings- see he does care for Lambo a little!!
-In their Adult forms, both of them are very cool (well, Reborn is...)
-Even in the Adult forms, their personality is the same. Reborn is cool-headed and very skilled throughout. Lambo is whiny and cries a lot. They say opposites attract... ;)

-Roxas: "No one would miss me."
Axel: "That's not true... I would..."
-Axel views Roxas as his only real friend in the organisation.
-Roxas brings out 'emotion' in Axel, such as anger, where they should have no hearts and so be unable to have emotion.
-Axel is almost hell bent in getting Roxas to stay with him in the organisation.
-When Roxas does remember Axel, he remembers that they are friends.
-Axel believes that Roxas will have another life because he is a good person.

Gokudera always always always saying: "Juudaime, Juudaime". It almost becomes as annoying as Sakura's constant repition of "Sasuke-kun" but its much cuter in this case.
- Gokudera is constantly competing with Yamamoto to be Tsuna's 'right hand man' although Yamamoto doesn't really seem to be aware that he is involved in such a 'competition'.
- Gokudera often beats himself up or apologises vigorously if he is unable to protect Tsuna.
- Tsuna always seems to worry about Gokudera's safety the most out of the guardians.
- Tsuna views Gokudera as being the ultimate cool guy- very, very smart, without giving a crap. He seems to be in awe of him.
- Gokudera views Tsuna as being unbeatable in fights, even though without the dying will bullet he was called 'no-good tsuna'.
- Gokudera originally met Tsuna to test if he would be worthy enough to become Vongola's 10th boss. It was quickly discovered that he was and ever since, Gokudera has been extremely loyal, always seeing Tsuna as the 10th.

- Its cute (with an older Sakura, of course!!)
- Kakashi was always a stable source of comfort for Sakura, whereas Sasuke left and Naruto has the Kyuubi within him and would go off on missions.
- The fanfictions rule.

-Two words and two words only: DEMYX TIME!!

- They KISS at the end!
- Fred was Lizzies friend all throughout childhood and still stuck with her throughout part of her adulthood to help her sort out her problems.
- Lizzie wrote a really sweet letter to Fred as a child and Fred had kept it for all those years in his breast pocket.
- The most affectionate name Fred has ever called someone is given to Lizzie: "Snotface" XD
- When Fred doesn't think Lizzie wants him around anymore, he walks in front of a truck.
- Lizzie wants Fred to come back home with her at the end, but he can't. Awww. :(
- Fred asks Lizzie why she loves Charles. He says something along the lines of "Can he make ya puke?" and she says "Not like you can..." and he says "No" proudly and then asks why again. It can be inferred from his face that he really means: "Why don't you love me?" That is, if you want it to be inferred ;)
- Fred seems to mainly take a disliking to Mickey and Charles- the two men that Lizzie seems most interested in (well the unimaginary ones, at least). This is even though Mickey treats Lizzie in a very nice way.
- Fred pulls a "ha ha" face when he gets out of Mickey's car as Lizzie's date.
- Although Lizzie does end up with Mickey at the end of the film (damn you film makers) when she realises that Mickey's child Natalie has inherited Fred as an imaginary friend, she seems really happy to know he's still around.

My least favourite:

Food: Any icecream with chocolate wrapped around it.

Drink: Coffee

Anime series: Death Note (Don't kill me! I just didn't think the anime was as good as the manga!)

Manga series: Hmm... I didn't find Hetalia very interesting. runs from the masses


I read books: Lord Of the Rings, Harry Potter, Sabriel, Roald Dahl, Lord Of the Flies etc.

I listen to music: Queen, The Beatles, Abba, Aerosmith etc.

I watch TV: The Simpsons, Futurama, F.r.i.e.n.d.s, Malcolm in the Middle, My name is Earl, Scrubs, Star Trek (TOS) etc.

I watch films too: The Matrix Trilogy, Austin Powers, Drop Dead Fred, Howl's moving castle etc.

I watch anime: Fruits Basket, Naruto, Katekyo Hitman Reborn, Bleach etc.

I read manga: Death Note, Naruto, 07-Ghost etc

I cosplay: Uchiha Sasuke (chuunin) so far, but I hope to do more in the future!

I obsess easily over things, so please don't give me anything else to obsess over!! Haha, just kidding.

My obsessions are:

Spirk, Spock, Cosplay, Queen, Freddie Mercury, Hitman Reborn, Reborn x Lambo

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