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Author has written 8 stories for Pirates of the Caribbean, Twilight, Beetlejuice, and Lord of the Rings.

Update as of 1/2/2012.

So I've gotten into The Lord of the Rings again. Except this time, I'm not keeping my fanfiction to myself. Yes, yes. I admit it. My thirteen-year-old self, five years ago wrote horrible, horrible Mary Sue filled fanfictions based around her favourite hobbits. These fanfictions are, hilariously, still saved on my hard drive never to see the light of day... So now that I'm writing LotR fanfiction again, this time it's canon, and I'm trying to stick within either the book or movie-verse. Right now, you can expect many Pippin and Diamond fanfictions, because I've written a few and posted them to Tumblr. I figured I'd post them here to keep them organised, and I thought maybe a few other crazy Pippin/Diamond fans such as myself would want to read them.

Who is Diamond? Yes, I'm sure you'll ask this, especially because alot of people think Merry and Pippin are canon. ;) (They AREN'T??! Wait a minute... :P) Anywho, I used to hate Diamond to be honest. I was like, who is this random chick from the northern Shire, and WHY is she stealing Pippin from ME (and Merry xD). But as I began to read a series of beautifully written, canon fanfictions involving Pippin and Diamond's relationship, she grew on me. So much so that I think they must be my OTP. Because Tolkein wrote nothing about her, she is mysterious. She is a blank canvas ready to be written about, I think this may be the reason why alot of people love to write about her and Pippin. Diamond is from Long Cleeve, a village in the North Farthing of the Shire. Because this is the home of the clan of North Tooks, we can only assume she is of the North Tooks. She is so fun to write about, because... well let's face it- did we EVER think the fun-loving, fool hardy, playful Peregrin Took would ever marry? The idea of it is so preposterous, I am drawn to the only lass who seemed to tame him- or perhaps join in on his crop stealing adventures. She's really up for interpretation. I love her. :)

I hope you enjoy. I know I love writing about them. I know the Pippin/Diamond fanbase is pretty small, but there is an obscene lack of fanfiction for them. I'm attempting to remedy this by writing some of my own (not too great may I add) fanfiction.

But Rachel? What about your Beetlejuice stories... and your Pirates of the Carribbean stories? I began writing those nearly four years ago now I think. I mean, perhaps someday I'll work on them, but more likely I will leave them unfinished. I will leave them up there, mostly for myself, but I doubt I will finish them. Though I'm planning some more PotC fanfiction in the future. :)

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