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Grimmjow ᵡ Ichigo

Shunsui ᵡ Ukitake

Gin ᵡ Izuru

Renji ᵡ Ichigo

Renji ᵡ Shuuhei / Shuuhei ᵡ Ichigo

Ikkaku ᵡ Yumichika

Aizen ᵡ Gin

Aizen ᵡ Grimmjow

Aizen ᵡ Ichigo

Kenpachi ᵡ Ichigo

Akon ᵡ Shuuhei (SEVERLY LACKING. :c)

Kisuke ᵡ Student!Mayuri

Kisuke ᵡ Ichigo

Renji ᵡ Toshiro

Nnoitra ᵡ Ichigo

Starrk ᵡ Ichigo

Shinji ᵡ Ichigo

Axis Powers Hetalia!;

America x England / England x America

America x Canada / Canada x America

France x England

France x Spain

France x Prussia

France x Canada

France x America

Russia x America

Russia x Lithuania

Russia x Estonia

England x Japan

England x Canada

Germany x N.Italy

Germany x Prussia / Prussia x Germany

Prussia x Spain

Rome x Germania

Spain x S.Italy

Greece x Japan

Turkey x Greece

Turkey x Egypt

Sweden x Denmark / Denmark x Sweden

Sweden x Finland


Lavi ᵡ Allen

Bak ᵡ Komui

Tyki ᵡ Allen

Tyki ᵡ David

Tyki ᵡ Lavi

Cross ᵡ Allen

Komui ᵡ Bak

Ouran High School Host Club;

Hikaru ᵡ Kaoru

Kyouya ᵡ Tamaki

Death Note;

Light ᵡ L / L ᵡ Light

Mikami ᵡ Light

Matt ᵡ Near

Rurouni Kenshin;

Sanosuke ᵡ Kenshin

Fruits Basket;

Hatsuharu ᵡ Yuki

Kyo ᵡ Yuki

Manabe ᵡ Yuki

Shigure ᵡ Kyo

Hatsuharu ᵡ Kyo

Final Fantasy VII;

Cid ᵡ Vincent

South Park;

Stan ᵡ Kyle

Kenny ᵡ Butters

Craig ᵡ Tweek

Stan ᵡ Craig

Clyde ᵡ Craig

Kenny ᵡ Kyle

Stan ᵡ Kenny / Kenny ᵡ Stan

Wolf's Rain;

Kiba ᵡ Hige

Tsume ᵡ Kiba

Things Will Progress, Right? reviews
Gaara has found someone that has sparked his interest, and that certain someone is Neji Hyuuga. Not being able to get Neji off his mind, he takes a walk and accidently stumbles upon him! Will things progress? Gaara X Neji
Naruto - Rated: T - English - Romance - Chapters: 2 - Words: 1,458 - Reviews: 6 - Favs: 4 - Follows: 9 - Updated: 10/10/2009 - Published: 6/10/2009 - Gaara, Neji H.