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I Am a Quizzical Quest Seeker with a Mind of My Own

Enough Said

I have never found the human language to be adequate enough in its descriptive abilities. From the texture of applesauce (its not necessarily furry, but neither is it gritty…) to the true color of the night sky (which is purluack, by the way –purple, blue and black with a pearl sheen), it is to my dismay that one can rarely put into words the all encompassing presence of an object. It is in this sense that I have difficulty describing who I am. Granted, I can label myself in certain ways –Bipolar, ADD, musically gifted, quizzical, curious, a wordsmith –but adjectives such as these can only scratch the surface of a person. Much like James Joyce or William Shakespeare, I find a sincere fascination with words; a true curiosity at the expression that they invoke, and the feelings they awaken.

(From a college application)

What are your favorite types of music?
- Big Band Era Swing, Afro-Cuban Jazz, Traditional Celtic, Classic Rock, Southern Rock, Christian Rock, Piano melodies, Broadway Show tunes,

What are your favorite books or movies?
-Books: The Princess Bride, Count of Monte Cristo, Their Eyes are Watching God, Ethan Frome, Twelfth Night,
-Movies: The Music Man, 7 Brides for 7 Brothers, Moulin Rouge, Phantom of the Opera, Count of Monte Cristo, The Princess Bride

What are your favorite sports?
-Football, Snowboarding, Skiing, Ultimate Frisbee, Sailing, archery, riflery

What is your favorite source of inspiration?
-Having the opportunity to be somewhere quiet by myself. Whether that be inside in a candlelit room, our outside sitting in my favorite tree, the solitude simply moves me.

How do you spend a typical weekend?
- My typical weekend is spontaneous; each one different from the next. I could be studying, at a sleepover, cleaning, playing Frisbee, or swing dancing with my friends

What things make you happiest?
- In any single given moment, a hug would be the epitome of happiness. There is absolutely nothing negative about a hug

What is the compliment that you have been paid that you are most proud of? Who gave you the compliment?
- “Laura, you aspire to Ezra Pound and William Carlos Williams in your autobiography” Dr, Kinnison, my AP English 11 professor, on my Prose poem “Autobiography of myself as a writer”

How do you rejuvenate yourself?

- Sung Prayer. Music is such a part of my life, that the song rejuvenates my body, while my faith is so important that the prayer rejuvenates my soul

What do you consider to be your most significant achievement?
- Having the opportunity and honor to sing with Tom Booth, one of my favorite musicians, in front of 22,000 people at the National Catholic Youth Conference

If you could change one thing about your high school, what would it be and why?
- To have a real theater, instead a gymatorium, so that the drama department could practice without volleyballs and basketballs being thrown into the curtain.

What historical event do you wish you could have participated in and why?
- A traveler on the Oregon Trail. I love the old west, and the idea of living off the land, and trusting only in God, your gun, and yourself is an awesome one.

How do you handle obstacles that stand between you and your goals?
- I call my obstacles Challenges, so I handle them as I handle any challenge. One step at a time.

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