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Welcome, Visitor, to the forest of Warriors

You may be passing through or may choose to dwell among the Clans, either way, your hunt for stories is incredible. This forest is vast. Among the leaf litter of many pages and stories you will come across unfinished tales, crowfood, as well as the perfect catch. In time your struggle from kit, to apprentice, to warrior will be fulfilled. May you write your own wonderful stories to be shared among the Clans. Don’t forget to visit the Gathering either (forums) to voice your finds and disasters. Please encourage your Clanmates to forage in the good parts of the forest (reviews and favorites) and please, be kind to others, even if they are rogues or from an enemy Clan.

General Knowledge

Hello I'm Stormikat. I'm a female who loves reading and cats. I've written some novels and look forward to publications. I am no longer on this site, but I thank you for reading my stories. I enjoy reviews!

Co-authored Darkclaw's Greed with Spottedstarshell and Sarafina Knowles. However, it will never be finished.

My community Finished stories of Warriors is full of finished (not abandoned) stories. No songs or questionnaires or random scenes. You will find stories from 2005-2010. It is a great place to find tales worth reading without shifting through all of the pages on the website. Not updating for current stories.

I have uploaded my stories on if you want to view things in a different format. I go by the same name there.


EnlightenShadow rewrote Hollyleaf's Challenge with my permission. Check out the new version here. He also finished a sequel Fallingsnow's Choice. Check that one out as well. Both are original and extremely interesting.

I have briefly returned to write Steps to the Stars. Updates planned once a week. (FF has deleted the first post I did. So I will try to upload it.)

Ever wonder what plushies are? Well, they are pretend prizes for reading, and good advertisement for other author's stories!

(Sadly this never caught on)

My Plushie Shelf:

Twinedheart (black and ginger swirled tabby)
from WarriorsAddicted's Night Cat

Blackpaw (Black tom with yellow eyes)
from Warriors-Owlfeather's New Beginnings: Book 1

Lark-kit (fluffy silver tom with light brown paws)
from Oo-Rainpath-oO's Hollyleaf's Paths

Rosepaw from Warriors-Owlfeather's New Beginnings: Book 1

Skypaw (silver tabby with ice blue eyes)
from Warriors-Skywing's The Weather clans: Book 1: Herbs that do not heal

Mosspaw from Warriors-Skywing's The Weather clans: Book 1: Herbs that do not heal

angry Hollypaw from FireontheWings's A Different Destiny

Shatteredkit from Jadestar the Amazing in a review from her story: Shattered and Broken


Favorite Books/Series:

1) Warriors by Erin Hunter
2) Silverwing by Kenneth Opel
3) Lackadaisy Cats by Tracy Butler
4) Chanur Saga by C. J. Cherryh
5) The High House by James Stoddard
6) Quiet: The Power of Introverts by Susan Cain*
7) Property of Hate by Sarah Jolley


Order of Stories:

It is not necessary to read them in sequence or even all of them; however, reading the first (Hollyleaf's Challenge) does provide background information for the rest. If you wish to read only one of them, I would suggest Falling into Shadow, as it has been rated my best story by many fans.

Disclaimer: Warriors by Erin Hunter

1) Hollyleaf's Challenge: (written before the Omen of the Stars series was published) Hollyleaf lives through the tunnel collapse and goes to a different forest. She raises two kits, Dark-kit and Dewkit, to take over the Clans. One is silent and powerful, the other is friendly and talkative. Despite different personalities they are best friends because they have been raised alone. Hollyleaf has convinced them to restore the code for her so that the Clans can be perfect again. They go to the Clans, but while they are away, Hollyleaf meets their father who abandoned them when her sons were just kits. He leads a groups of cats, determined to stop the kits he helped father. Inspired by Mordred's Lullaby and Erin Hunter's Power of Three Series. Completed!


"Suddenly Hollyleaf heard a distant noise. Her ears twitched and she sought to pinpoint it. It had sounded like a cat. Hollyleaf's fur prickled. No rogue would take her territory or her prey! she picked up her pace, ducking underneath bushes and jumping over rocks as she got closer to the noise. Suddenly she realized she was going back to her nest. The rogue had found her home! Hollyleaf felt anger. It was trespassing and breaking the code! Hollyleaf had to make the rogue leave. She ran around a tree close to the briar bush and then, sliding on the moss and ferns of the forest floor, stopped. More than one cat stood around the bush. Hollyleaf glanced over them, counting at least five in the dark. Two were scenting the air. Suddenly Hollyleaf knew they were searching for her. Her blood went cold and she turned tail, running away from her nest. She could never fight that many rogues. She didn't have that kind of power. Not like Lionblaze.

She heard a shout behind her, and knew she'd either been seen or scented. Paws pounded behind her. Hollyleaf ran faster, her heart beating rapidly. Why were they doing this? Hollyleaf didn't care if they heard her anymore. She knew they were following her by scent. Her only hope was to lose them."

2) Burning Darkly: The companion/sequel to Hollyleaf's Challenge. Silent, powerful, Darkfire, firstborn kit of Hollyleaf, enters ShadowClan, learning the secrets of the small Clan. He turns them against Needlefur who has recently become a warrior but has broken the code by seeing a cat from another Clan. Darkfire goes on a patrol to punish the tom, but hurts his brother Dewstep instead. This is what happens to Darkfire after his escape from the Clans. He meets strange cats in the Twolegplace and even finds a cat to love as well as a place in life. Completed! Thanks to Brackenfurlover for the idea to base a story off of Darkfire.


"Darkfire didn't even notice because he was staring at what his eyes met. A window was situated on the building top and it looked down to twolegs below. Out from this window came flashing lights and extremely loud noise that set Darkfire's heart beating in time. Cats of all ages and sizes seemed to be bobbing with the noise and Darkfire's heart beats. They bobbed with partners or alone, some leaping into the air. Darkfire could only stare. This was not usual cat behavior. Were they all sick?"

3) Falling Into Shadows: A falling star will bring the shadows into light. So goes the prophesy of ThunderClan apprentice Fallingpaw, daughter of Dewstep. Laughed at by her fellow Clan members, Fallingpaw is determined to prove herself and to overcome their ridicule. But the apprentice has a few flaws. She is head-strong and is in love with a cat from another Clan. She gains rivals as she fulfills the prophesy given to her father. Will she fail or triumph? Or will she destroy what she was destined to save? Darkfire lends his paws to the story as he journeys back from Summerheat Camp with Needlefur to confront some cats they've been dreading to be reunited with. How will it turn out for them and what is their connection to Fallingpaw? Complete!


"Would you kill your kit if the Clan leader ordered it?"

Brownpaw blinked at her. She wanted him to say no, but he was silent for a long time.

"It would have to depended what for," he finally meowed.

She stared at him.

"I-I mean," Brownpaw stuttered seeing her horrified look, "what if my kit was evil and killing cats and I was the only one that could stop him? Then maybe I would."

3.5) Forest and Shadows: Deepforest, a mysterious brown tabby, comes from over the mountain. After leaving his family behind he discovers the Clans and the lake. He is accepted by RiverClan and all seems to be going well. But then he meets two she-cats who change his life. One, it seems, might be for the better but the other takes him down dark paths he might have never followed if she hadn't led him astray. One day he disappears from RiverClan without a word. Shortly after, all of the Clans experience prey theft and a deputy dies. What made him choose to help Eveningbreeze, a she-cat with a deadly obsession? And why does everything seem to be his ideas instead of hers? This is his side of the story from his point of view in the events of Falling into Shadow. Inspired by Deepforest himself who wouldn't leave me alone until I wrote the first chapter and on occasion pops up to tell me more about himself and not necessarily the story. Previously known as Deep in the Forest. Complete!


"Sky took my place and held Forest down even though his back legs bucked to kick her off. We all ignored that. I approached his face. By now I'd known he'd paid. It was time to end it. I stared into his different colored eyes as I opened my jaws. My teeth sank into his throat. Warm blood filled my mouth as I bit hard. A blood-filled gurgle came from his open mouth. As I pulled away, he looked at me in shock. Slowly the light in his eyes faded. The ginger tom was no more. He didn't even breathe out his last. I had stolen his breath from him. I had stolen his life."

4) When Gifts Fail: A short story. The she-cat triplets, Sunstorm, Fawnfur, and Morningsong, daughters of Cinderheart and an unknown tom, were born with strange gifts. Sunstorm saw the Future, Fawnfur the Past, and Morningsong the Present. Sunstorm sees a future of the three of them leading ThunderClan to greatness. She is meant to be the leader named Sunstar. But an unfortunate occurrence happens. Sunstorm dies in a freak accident. Morningsong and Fawnfur are shocked because Sunstorm did not SEE that happening. She should have never died. Now the three siblings must come to terms with the accident. Who will move on and who will remain in darkness? Complete.


"She glared at the stars in anger. The new leaves on the trees did not hide the cold sky from her. She glared at StarClan in hatred. They'd let her sister die. Sunstorm had always know what would happen. She wouldn't have allowed herself to die. StarClan had been working against her.

"I hate you," she hissed, looking back at the stars. "I won't ever believe in you again! You did nothing to help! StarClan is a lie!"

But still . . . why hadn't Sunstorm seen it?

Why didn't I? Morningsong thought, her mind suddenly bleak. The rage left as she admitted to herself her real reason for her anger."

5) Unknown Skies (a series): A story told in thirds. Disclaimer: Any similarities to the Omen of the Stars arc was unintended. I never read them before I started Listen to the Stars. In fact, maybe only the second book was out when I started. Note that my story takes place years in the future compared to the Erin's Omen of the Stars.

Book 1 Listen to the Stars: Lakefrost, Honeybee, Bagerface, and Mallowstalk of ShadowClan have been chosen by StarClan to prevent a disaster. While one cat listens to StarClan, the others obstruct his good intentions, preventing him from reaching the ThunderClan medicine cat apprentice. Fawnfur has been sent a warning by StarClan: her Clan is in danger from some one close to her and she must search for four warriors to help her, but who could they be? While the earthly cats have their troubles, StarClan isn't so peaceful either. Sunstorm, the sister Fawnfur heavily relied on, decides to go on an adventure, unaware that the Clans are in danger. She convinces Feathertail to take her to the Tribe of Endless Hunting where she meets a challenge that gets her lost in Unknown Skies. Complete.

Book 2 Wandering Through: The Dark Forest is gaining power and influencing cats. The four and the medicine cat have met, but now they need to figure out how to solve the problem. Honeybee is convinced she isn't a proper warrior and runs away. Now it's up to Lakefrost to find her so the prophesy will not fail and let the evil dead cats destroy ThunderClan, but Mallowstalk is even less encouraging than ever and Badgerface has been hiding a deep secret from the rest of the Clan. Fawnfur meanwhile is under judgement from her Clan and the tom who once loved her, turns against her. Sunstorm wakes up and finds herself lost in the skies. She has to find her way back to StarClan territory or remain Clanless forever. She meets two lonely cats in a black forest and is caught up in their troubles. Unknown to her, a cat is tracking her down, getting ever closer. Complete.

Book 3 Night Divides the Sky: Fawnfur finally finds her ultimate enemy as the Clans turn against each other. Many cats are haunted by their dreams, uncertain what is truth or lies as old foes come back. Lakefrost and company are the only hope for the Clans but even they aren't sure how they are supposed to succeed. They only know they have to find and close the connection between the Dark Forest and the lake. Sunstorm, lost from StarClan and wandering in unknown skies, discovers a secret only given to dead leaders and medicine cats. She winds up in the Dark Forest where she meets some unexpected foes and is closer to the solution than any other cat. Complete.

6) Retaking Summerheat Camp: In the future, long after Raven and the other original Clan members have died, Petal, the current leader of Summerheat Camp, is chased off of her territory by a band of rogues led by yellow tom cat called Sullen. Only six others have escaped with her. Now they must reclaim their camp. Unfortunately, one of the six just happens to be a kit and another the leafcat. The odds are not good. Complete.


"Duststripe was tiring already. His neck was aching with the weight of his son and his legs unused to the vertical, constant climb, his claws unused to the constant grasping and pulling. The black tom was on his heels, snapping with his long teeth. Duststripe's heart raced and he pushed himself forward only the branches and trees in his gaze. And then he missed a step. He misjudged a leap. His chest slammed into the branch meant for his paws.

Frog's body was the next to hit the branch as Duststripe fell. Duststripe's jaws ached as Frog tried to separate from him. The kit squeaked in pain as his father's teeth pierced skin. Duststripe and Frog slipped down, no longer secure on anything. They fell through the tree branches to the bog below. One branch hit Duststripe in his belly, knocking the air from the tom. He toppled forward, overbalanced by the son in his mouth."

Note: "Retaking Summerheat Camp" can be read at any point. Does not directly follow anything (although "Hollyleaf's Challenge" and "Burning Darkly" will inform you how the Clan was created).

7) Steps to the Stars: After the events of Unknown Skies, cats who died in the battle are trapped in the Dark Forest unable to reach StarClan. StarClan is unable to find them in the vast territory and are afraid of using their powers and causing the Dark Pool to reform. The same Dark Pool that allowed the Dark Forest cats to terrorize the living. If that wasn't enough, not even Sunstorm can convince them to let her sister join the ranks of the starry warriors. While she is attempting to reason with the leaders, disturbing news spreads across the sky territory--StarClan cats are disappearing and feared dead. Can Sunstorm solve the mystery as to why these cats are suddenly gone and convince StarClan to let her sister leave the Dark Forest? And can the StarClan cats trapped in the Dark Forest band together and escape their prison?

I am not planning on doing any new fanfic stories. This is not out of boredom but because my life is so busy I need to concentrate on schoolwork and write stories that will one day actually become published. I must say this site has helped my hone stories so I realize more excitement is needed and more description. Thanks to all my reviewers!

(2018 edit: Well, I am writing one more which you are probably reading at the moment)

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When the code becomes hard to rely upon, Fallingsnow races against the clock to find an outcast warrior who can save the clans. When he gives her a choice, she finds herself falling further into dark flames as Starclan becomes more divided. Their world has started to affect the living. Will Fallingsnow fall prey to decision? (Complete)
Warriors - Rated: T - English - Adventure/Fantasy - Chapters: 37 - Words: 119,835 - Reviews: 45 - Favs: 7 - Follows: 2 - Updated: 1/2 - Published: 8/28/2017 - Bramblestar, Jayfeather, Lionblaze, Hollyleaf - Complete
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In a forest where Rusty never joined ThunderClan after deciding to remain a kittypet, the 'fire alone can save our Clan' prophecy has been lost. But even without the fire, there is still one cat that may hold the fate of the Clans in his paws... Ravenpaw. Covers the timeline of Into the Wild. Sequel is out!
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Skypaw, the clan's best fighter, is struck down in battle. Fighting her way to live, she goes against Starclan. With the help of a so called gaurdian, she sees the light of day once more. But it was a big price to pay, can she not regret what she's done?
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A mysterious tom crosses the mountains by the lakes to meet with the Clans. He learns about Clan life and all seems to be going well until he disappears. When a deputy is murdered and prey is stolen, the Clans grow suspicious of each other. Then a leader dies. Have the Clans reached their breaking point? Note: Companion to Falling into Shadows. Completed.
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After Hollyleaf lives through the tunnel collapse, she goes to a different forest and raises two kits that will one day try to take over the clans in an effort to restore the code to Hollyleaf's idea. Finished
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