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Author has written 3 stories for Secret Life of the American Teenager, and Twilight.

01/03/11- So to all of my SL fans out there, I'm sorry I STILL have not finished my fics. I've tried, I just don't know what else to do with them... :( So sorry. Thanks everyone though for all of the reviews, favorites and alerts. You all rock. By the way.. SL doesn't come back until March? WTF!!! I know the show is taking a steady decline, (in my opinion at least) but come on now! They aren't getting TERRIBLE amounts of viewers either.. One show comes on and gets better viewers and SL gets pushed aside like chopped liver? Even though SL is still their #2 most popular show. Wow, thanks ABCFamily, you are ridiculous.

Anyway, I've somehow managed to get into this Twilight craze now, no matter how much I have tried to keep myself away from it. I can't help it. I fell in love with it and started writing a fic for it. The one I am posting takes place during Breaking Dawn, so if any of you fans haven't read it and don't want to know what happens DON'T READ IT! I hate when things get spoiled for me so I thought I'd let everyone know just in case. Also, I'm kinda sorta obsessed to the maximum with Robsten, and if anyone knows of a great fic about them please don't hesitate to send it my way ;) This fic is about Charlie's POV from the beginning of Breaking Dawn. Charlie always makes me laugh with his sarcastic comments and I thought it would be fun to see how he sees everything through his eyes. Please review and let me know how it is.. I know Twilight has alot more fanfiction readers so I'm nervous but hope everyone likes it so far. If so I'll post another Chapter soon. Thanks guys, xoxo and happy 2011! :o)

10/12/09- Hey all, I know I have not updated in ages it seems, sincere apologies from me. :'( I started college and it's so hard to write papers for college and try to write for my fics as well. I have a billion ideas it seems on new fics, but I refuse to even start writing them until my other fics are completed and I'm happy with them. If anyone has any suggestions for my fics or would like to help me finish them feel free to send me a message, I'd love the help! The sooner I get them done, the better! Thanks for all the kind messages and for being so, so patient.

07/17/09- So I owe you all a HUGE apology! I know I've gotten alot of emails and PMs asking me where the heck I've been and if I forgot about my fic but I really hit writers block and I've been messing with "You're Special to Me" for months now, and sometimes things come to me, but sometimes they don't. I don't know when it will be done but it is my goal to have it finished by the end of summer, I'm sorry if this disappoints anyone but that's really the best I can do for that one for now. Sorry for the anticipation, I know you all want to know where Amy and Ricky are going on their first date and whatnot.. it's coming, I assure you. :( On to better news.. I had the urge to start another fic while watching the last couple of episodes. I'm really frustrated with the lack of Amy/Ricky scenes so I decided to pick up on the last episode and change some things around a bit to satisfy me :) So I hope you all enjoy this one.. It's probably going to be shorter than my last one, but it's the way I want things to happen from a Ramy perspective. Hope you all enjoy it as much as the other one, and if you aren't all too mad at me, please review :o) Thanks guys! xoxo

04/14/09- So I FINALLY caught up with all my schoolwork so I could get back to my fic! Sorry it took so long! I just checked my stats.. 6,681 hits! Incredible, thanks guys! I'm having a little trouble deciding what to do chapter-wise next. I wanted to do an epilogue but I'm still figuring that out right now, I may cut the epilogue.. who knows. But as far as I can lay out there will be just 1 more chapter to You're Special to Me, unless I do the epilogue, which would make it basically 2 more chapters. And I'm still also thinking of new ideas for some new fics. If any of you have any ideas, please PM me, I'm having trouble coming up with new ideas! I want to get started on new things to keep me busy from this lonnnngggg hiatus. Okay well hope you all love chapter 8 as much as I loved writing it, Reviews Please! :)

03/29/09- Okay just when I thought you all couldn't get any cooler.. you did. 5,303 hits!! Wow!! I'm sorry I know I said I'd be updating sooner than usual but I've just been so busy, so thanks for being patient. :) I just posted Chapter 7, I loved writing this chapter, so I'm hoping you'll enjoy it. I'm not sure yet if there will be 1 more chapter or 2. I'm still deciding on how to break it up, but there's definitely some juciy tidbits coming up.. Also, since the season is over I'm going to have to rely on writing fics to keep me busy, I'm trying to think of ideas for new fics right now. Please continue to leave all your awesome reviews, they mean alot :) Thanks!

03/16/09- 2,414 hits? That is awesome. You all are awesome. Thanks for reading it. I feel much better now that the name is out, I was having trouble keeping that from everyone :) I've gotten a few more ideas this weekend so there's definitely going to be a few more chapters at least. Please continue to review and let me know what you think, it helps me keep motivated to write :) Thanks guys!

03/12/09- Wow, you guys are so amazing! 1,506 hits! I can't believe that, thank you so much for reading You're Special to Me and giving me reviews! I love getting reviews, they inspire me to write more and more so thank you :) I know a few of you are a little disappointed that I didn't include the name in Chapter 3, sorry! I just thought I'd be a perfect way to end the Chapter, I kinda like ending Chapters with cliffhangers.. sorry :P But I promise you that the name will definitely be revealed next Chapter! I'm hoping to post Chapter 4 up on Sunday.. because again, I like having another Chapter out by the new episode :) Please continue to review and read!
& to everyone who had added my story and author to their favorites- I love you all :D

03/08/09- Hey guys! I just wanted to let you all know much I appreciate all your awesome feedback and reviews on my story, You're Special to Me. I am in love with Secret Life, and I've always had a thing for writing, so one day in a study hall I started writing just to pass the time, and I couldn't stop. A friend told me to put it up here and let everyone read it, I had no idea it would be such a hit, so thank you all for taking the time and reading it! I love to hear what people think about my writing so please continue to let me know :)

1) The main ship in this story is Amy & Ricky, so if you don't like the two of them together, sorry.. it's just in my opinion, they have to be together.
2) I wrote my story on what I THINK should happen in the next few episodes. Although I did get some ideas from spoilers (see #3) it's just a story, I wrote. Sadly, it's not going to happen in the show (but hey, if it does, I would be more than happy)
2) I did take some ideas from spoilers I heard about, if you don't like reading spoilers I suggest you don't read my story, because it might take away from the show.
3) New Chapter will be up later tonight. I want it out before tomorrow's episode, and I have no patience whatsoever and I want to hear what people think :)

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