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Update 7/1/13: A long while back I apparently made a blog for TDO. I just dug it up and posted a map of the battle for Odaiba on it, to add some visual perspective to the current arc of Kalypso. Technically, the convention center I've been talking about is the Fuji TV building, but in the show it functioned as both, so I didn't see a problem in going with that. Here's the link for anyone interested:


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The Digimon Omnibus: Piedmon's Absolution: Alternate Universe. May 16th, 2006. Taichi Kamiya and his sister are playing soccer in Shiokaze Park, Tokyo, Japan. After losing the ball, the two wonder into the forest, only to be consumed by a wormhole that transports them to another dimension: the digital one. There they meet five new individuals: Takeru Ishida, Eric Carter, Rika Nonaka, Izzy Izumi, and Joe Kido. But more amazingly, they meet a slew of small sentient creatures known as digimon, digital monsters, who inhabit the large File Island. Unfortunately the amazement turns to horror as the kids are attacked by another group of seven children: evil "digidestined" who serve the monstrous Devimon and wish to take File Island and the entire digital world for themselves. And with the aid of the Dark Beacon, Dark Gears, and Dark Needle, they just might succeed. But Tai and the others soon discover that they are digidestined as well, and by sharing their energy with their digimon partners, the digimon will "digivolve" into more powerful forms that can combat and defeat the evil digimon and Devimon. But not all is what it seems. The digidestined must work under the most mysterious of circumstances to discover the secrets of the past that will reveal the key to saving the digital world and the evil forces themselves, as well as dismantling the most horrid monstrosity the digital world has ever known. Complete.

The Digimon Omnibus: Kalypso: After the aftermath of the battle with Apocalymon, the Royal Knights successfully restored order in the digital world: at first. Four years later, a chance encounter occurs between Tai and Izzy. The two digidestined reunited, they once again hear the call of the digital world, but it's not for them. Takato, Sora, Iori, and Jeri will plunge into the digital world to right the wrongs of the past by fighting enemies the original Digidestined had forgotten even existed. But evil lurks in every corner, and the Digidestined must fight the battle to save the Digital world on two fronts: the digital world and the real world, while the true puppet masters hide behind the curtain, waiting until the time is right to return to the light of day and cover the world in darkness. In Progress.

The Digimon Omnibus Books 3-4: Pending

Tales of the Gallant:Alternate Universe. In a digital world void of human contact, digimon live and grow as regular beings, and only a small amount of data exists to pander to the abilities of a few digimon. A great war destroyed the medieval society and the three great nations that ruled, the Vaccines, the Data, and the Viruses. Now, 33 kingdoms rule in an assortment of governments: dictatorships, totalitarian states, military societies, police states, republics, democracies. But many governments share the unfortunate trait of being corrupt. Amidst the turmoil of the new society, a MedievalGallantmon by the name of Dukemon is on a quest to find his brother, Magi, after having abandoned him to fight in the war on behalf of the vaccines. However his other brother, Caius the ChaosGallantmon, also seeks Magi, but for a different reason. With information on the three brother's true destiny, Caius races Dukemon to find and secure Magi first: Dukemon to protect Magi and beg his forgiveness, Caius to exploit his sibling and unlock the greatest evil the planet of Terras has ever known. In Progress.

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