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like my Avatar, I got it from my brother lol

Hey I'm megaDragonMario you all know that is my fake name for this site and all. now I bet you want to know a bit about my self well I will tell some things.

Fav Food: Hawaiian food Because I am hawaiian. I like pizza to.

Fave things to do: Eat, work out go beach and love to play super smash bros, all three of them.

Fave Game heroes: Mario and Spyro all the way!

Sex: lots of it! I'm just kidding, I'm a male you know a boy human. are you with me so far...good.

Things I love: Girl's, Mario Games, Spyro games, Surfing, you darn right I do so yes. new fave things to do... make story's lol

Things I hate: people who think that they are all that and I kick them to the moon! I hate Sonic games...welll wait no I don't, not really his games are fun to play some times. I hate Noobs and scrubs and skin head people. I will beat them up if I have to!

Mario: Calme down Vixx don't get too buttered up!

Me: Who said you can put my name in there!?

Mario:Because you would not let me put my fake name in.

Spyro: I wanted a fake name to and you said no so it is only fair that we say your name.

Me: you two are staring in my story's stupit heads, If I would put Mario's name Mac, no one would know it is Mario so yeah get my point now?

Mario&Spyro:...Sorry we forgot.

Me: Just for get it, now that they know who I am now, lets get going with the show...where is Cynder? Oh and one more thing My OC's

Tina the purple dragoness: She''s a young dragon and same size as Spyro but she is not the same age as him she much older then you think. Her age is unknown and that is how I wnat it to be. if you want to know read the story if you like.

Vexx the red dragon: He's my dragon side of me, but I'm Vixx, he is Vexx, now just to let you all know...he can do anything that spyro and Cynder can do and strong don't you think but will see. I'm still working on him he has weakness as well but I will not tell you what it is now but later.

Mario and Spyro to me are like my dream come true for them to be best pal's I can't wait to start on them it will have Mario sent to Spyro's world but, Spyro will be bigger I have them like a dragon rider and all I just hope it will be good! if any of you like the idea please tell me by PMing me of the idea that is if you are reading for now I will leave it up to you guy's. they will have to work as a team to stop a new evil that wish to take over the dargon realm and bla bla you don't want to hear it I know...See YA! lol

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