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Once upon a time, there was this girl, see? She never really liked video games for the first 10 years of her life. That all changed, however, as soon as she received a GBA SP. She still didn't really like games...until she then received POKEMON EMERALD. Her life was changed. This girl...is me. NOW, skip ahead a few years to 2006. The girl had received a hand-me-down PS2 from one of her relatives. That summer, she had visited Game-stop quite a few times and found herself addicted to the Katamari Damacy series. However, she just wasn't satisfied. She had beaten them all several times, and now she wanted something new. She scanned the shelves...until she found a very intriguing green-and-chartreuse-box simply labeled 'PsychoNauts'. She scanned the box...psychics...adventure...twisted...she like this game already! She purchased it, took it home, and immediately became immersed in its sheer awesomeness. She is currently on the Internet relentlessly obsessing over it, and attempting to find a legal way to brutally murder PsychoSlash fans.

NAME? Lilly. My last name is private, thanks.


AGE? 13. As in, not 12, but not 14 either.

LIKE? Like like. But, seriously, I have a bit of a short fuse, sarcasm is an art, blah blah blah, I will hurt you if I am angry.

HAIR COLOR? Brown. With some blond.

EYE COLOR? One is blue. One is green. Both are odd.

BIRTHDAY? The twenty-third day of the seventh month of the nineteen-thousand ninety-fifth day after the birth of Christ.


WHAT DO I LOVE? Uhhhhhh…

Wolves, Psychonauts, psychics, pyrokinesis, telekinesis, long showers, useless facts, writing fanfics, making comics, writing fan comics, pudding, ninjas, the color blue, Chowder, Flapjack, EarthBound, Pokemon, Magical Starsign, Okami, SSBB, Raving Rabbids, Legend of Zelda, Double Fine, Wii, DS, PS2, Katamari Damacy, sarcasm, fighting, manga, ranting, debating. Yeah.


Slash fans, Naruto, death, slash fans, tapioca pudding, Twilight series, slash fans, Psychonauts slash, yaoi, idiots, dinosaurs, cosplayers, Olimar, Mr. Game and Watch, ham, logic.

FANDOM? OH god. Uh…

Psychonauts, Earthbound, Pokemon, Legend of Zelda, Raving Rabbids, Magical Starsign, Okami, Katamari Damacy, Artemis Fowl (WHOO Foaly!), Pendragon, Erec Rex, most stuff by Roland Smith, Charlie Bone (WOO TANCRED!), Molly Moon, AND THAT’S ALL I CAN THINK OF RIGHT NOW.

FAVORITE PAIRING(S)? I don’t have many of these.

RazxLili: Yeah. These guys. Adorable. Why do I like it? I dunno. I guess they seem like the kind of couple that looks more like best friends than something deeper. That and they’re awesome. WOOHOO.

NessxPaula: As if you didn’t see THIS coming. Uh…yeah. See previous entry.

Hero(female)xMokka: You won’t get this unless you play Magical Starsign. Why do I like it? Probably the fact that a robot (Mokka) in love is kinda funny. Even if he DOES have AI.


Bethany Lunebaum’s Tale (working title)

Bethany Lunebaum, age 11, Jr. Reporter and fashion expert, is looking for some cash to buy a new cell phone. Unknowingly, she gets sucked into a trap by some sicko dark-lord-type person, and ends up 5 feet off the ground in another dimension, the one where Whispering Rock is located, and promptly falls on her head. Shortly after, she finds a mysterious book while tidying up Sasha’s lab with Raz and Lili, now 13. Will she be able to deal with her volatile new psychic abilities? Will she ever make it back to her dimension? Will she fulfill that nutjob prophecy? Will Ford ever FINALLY finish cooking those burgers?!

Status: working on it.


This one is for Magical Starsign. A bit of fluff, but not enough to rot your teeth all the way through and make them fall out making you susceptible to gum disease. ANYWHO. MokkaxHero (f). It all starts when the one of the Will-O’-Wisp cafeteria staff drop a box full of gummy frogs, and the main characters in the game are the only ones there at the time, and they have to chase after the frogs. The hero and Mokka team up, and…interesting…things ensue as they try to retrieve some of the frogs from a mouse hole.

Status: Didn’t even start it.

yeah, I stole those topic things from PsychoDirector. What of it?

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