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Hello =D
My goodness how long have I been away for? More than a year?!? Le gasp! I'm sorry. The site wouldn't let me on for a bit and then I forgot my password D: Eventually I got there though so i'm back! And hopefully i'll post some more stories up or chapters so watch out for those.

I've just found this Fanfiction site and i absolutely LOVE it! Everyone here is so creative =D Okay, a little about me: I'm still in school so I don't have much time to write stories. I am 15 and my mind is usually incredibly inspired by absolutely random things. I daydream every day, usually in R.E because I get bored. Yay :)


This is my first story that i've written on here so I hope you all like it. It was inspired by New Moon which i loved. It was so deep :) I get writers block quite often so please be patient. I find it quite hard to describe places because I already have them in my mind so sometimes I forget to write it properly. Sorry about that if you ever notice. All Your opinions would be very helpful thanks. I love to read what you think about it. Now for a little summery (just in case you don't understand the story very well): Bella is now a vampire and it has been 60 years since Edward left her. She lives with her own family now: Lucas, Freya, Callum and Cynthia (I love that name! Of course its not my real name) She is in love with Lucas and there all 'vegetarian' vampires. She forgets all about her human past until she decides to go to Forks High School. Alice, Emmet, Edward, Rosaline and Jasper are there but she doesn't remember tham so when she first sees Alice she feels threatened because there unknown vampires ... at the moment. I won't say anymore because i'm really bad at summeries and it will probably annoy people who haven't read it yet. I rated it K+ and i don't know what that means so... yeah.

My main aim for Horizon is to show how unfair life can really be. You won't be able to understand yet seen as I haven't finished the story.

These are some pictures of the characters (I thought it might help a little with the story):




(her without the wings)

Rise of an Angel

I'm going to repost this so if it disappears it'll come back and hopefully it'll be better. Yay for editing!

This story is baisically about if Bella did have a guardian angel. In Twilight one of the main reaons that Edward stays is so that he can protect her but what if she already had a protector? It made me curious so I decided to write about it. Some parts are the same as Twilight like going to Forks, falling in love with Edward and I might include the car crash. The guardian angel that Bella has is called Caleb.

I have another story down there somewhere but its really bad. I did it in like ten minutes because i got bored and felt a little giddy. You can read it if you want but be warned, my bordom gets a little out of hand. (By that i mean it probably makes no sense what so ever)

As I've been neglecting Fanfiction way too much i've decided to sort my writing out like this:
1st - Update of Horizon.
2nd - Update of Rise of an Angel.
3rd - Chapter of my own personal novel.
Then It'll keep going around like that :)

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