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I am awfully, terrible sorry it has taken me this long to update the latest chapter in the story. Life snuck upon me in a most unexpected way and I have hardly had time to do much but catch up with everything I missed or should have done while being immobile thanks to my nasty fall in January. I have had a few people asking me if I have abandoned the story, but no, and I don't plan on doing it either. I don't like to leave anything half done, which is part of why I haven't had time to post another chapter here during this time. I don't think it will take me this long to post the next chapter, and I hope you can all forgive me for having a life that needs tending to from time to time... okay, it needs tending to all the time, which can be seriously troubling sometimes, but it is the way it is and nothing... well, somethings may change it, but i honestly don't want them to. During the time I had to stay in one place and hardly allowed to move around I realized I enjoy being constantly occupied with something and sleepdeprived more often than not. Call me crazy and I'll agree with you.

I assume this is were I write I whole lot of stuff to make you read my fictions...

Sorry to disappoint. I don't know what to say, really. Okay, I could write some simple things about myself. Guess that'll do.

My friends claim I am whimsical, cynical, somewhat jaded and most often unbearable smart mouthed. I say I am realistic and truthful... That is when I'm not deliberately cruel. You see, I don't like stupid people, and I am certainly not one of the most patient human beings around. Instead of blowing up, I become cold, calculating and picks the irritating person apart by words. Let it be said that I have a better vocabulary and better grammar in my native language.

That said, I suppose you understand I am not from any English speaking nation. I'll do my best to get the text as correct as possible, though I admit I am prone to use the grammar of my own language, even after having learnt English since the age of seven.

My age is unimportant, at least to me. I am old enough to have said 'told you so' with all the indifference that comes from having been there and done that, while young enough to still having it told to me. Yes, old enough to drink, have sex, drive and all those other things that seems so important until you can actually do it legally. It was so much more fun when it wasn't... Ah, I suppose I should tell all you minors not to repeat the mistakes I did? Ehhehe... Have fun=) You live only once! At least you only remember one life.

So, why I am at all posting something here? Weeell, to alleviate boredom. It is as simple as that. We have a lot of snow and steep hills where I live, and snowboarding is one of my hobbies. Add a rock, a jump, a small error in judgement and a tree into the equation, and the result is some broken bones and bed-rest. Usually I read when I am bored, but seeing as that is what I usually do when bored, and I mean I read a lot; I have read every book I have, and I am a frequent visitor at the library, I do have a problem. I write as well, though most of that is short philosophical essays or poems. In my own language, and I am bored enough to need a challenge. My other hobbies are mostly things to do outside, or practical things. I have a photographic memory, so when I read something it get stuck. Believe it or not anything to do with school or studying isn't challenging enough. Hmmm... I like a good party and my friends as well, even if I think some of them are laughing their heads off due to my predicament. Yes, I am censuring my language here.

More about me that I can tell... I have siblings. Three of them, all of them younger then me, and I am happy to say I moved from home to study when I was sixteen. At that point I swore I was old enough, but today I'll say I was still a naive child. My friends moved away at the same time, some of them got into trouble. I visit two of them at a graveyard and another at a mental institution. Mhm, they were stupid enough to try drugs and get hooked on it. Let that be the warning I give here. Whatever you think is cool or smart or in or whatever, DON'T DO DRUGS!! If you are young and impressionable, try to heed that warning instead of trying it out yourself. It is not fun to be seventeen and help carry your childhood friend to the final resting place. Okay?

That is enough sentimental and moral talk. I am not really a person to do that, though if you are reading this and are curious, just... don't. I didn't and I am sure that is the smartest decision I have made in my life.

Suppose I should say something about the fic as well. There isn't really a lot to say. Just thought I should try it out. I see there are a lot of time-travel fictions, some are good and some... Well, I am sure the writers had fun making them. I thought I should try to make one a bit different. I am not sure if it has been done before, and if it has, I am profoundly sorry to have accidentally stolen someone elses plot. Instead of Naruto's soul being sent back to his younger self, he is sent back to his father's five year old body. Yes, there will be an explanation for that. I am not sure how good it is, but I will see. If there are many complaints I'll try to make it clearer. I am a firm believer in choices, and that it is our choices which determine how history ends up. That leads me to say, this story is shamelessly AU. There will be a war, I will admit that, but Minato (Naruto) will not, under any circumstance, fall in love wtih Kushina again. Since he has memories from a former, future, past, whatever you want to call it life, falling in love with the woman you consider a mother is a nononono in my book. I can also say that all parings will be straight, since I am and I am unable to put myself in the place of someone falling in love with the same gender. I do believe an author writes best when he or she is able to understand and picture and feel somewhat akin to what they are writing about. So, to all of you who likes malexmale or femalexfemale, sorry, no can do. I don't mind people who love their own gender, and I have read fanfics that describe that well, but I can't do it myself. Harem is something I simply refuse to write, since I would be furious if my lover found someone else and I had to share. I believe most people would.

Just to make a few things clear; sannin is not a rank. It is a title given to the three legendary ninja. They are jounin of rank. ANBU is the special forces, not a rank. It is something you join either as a chuunin or a jounin. Special jounin is someone specialized in a certain area, at least as far as I understand it, and I will go with that in my fic. How often I update will depend on how often my friends drop by to annoy me (they claim they are lifting my spirits), how often the painkillers I am on knocks me out and how long I have to stay immobile. After my bones are mended, I'll do my best to finish my story, since I don't like to leave something half done.

I should also inform anyone interested that I don't own any of the characters, or the Naruto universe, and don't make anything out of this. It is for fun, and to have something to take my mind of my incredible boring ceiling. And wall. Don't forget the wall.

That's it from me. Heh, ended up being quite a bit after all!

I have, to my astonishment, found a genre of fanfictions that I simply can't stand to read. I am a student; I study biochemistry, but I have a firm grasp on 'normal' biology as well. You have to, to understand some of what we do. The one thing that I am 100 percent sure of, and I hope no one will disagree with me, because that would mean the future of mankind is somewhat shaky, is that males can not give birth. It is too unnatural for me to read, even in a world where people see 359 degrees or have mouths where their hearts should be. Males are males for a reason, folks. Males don't sprout ovaries out of the blue, and the fact that even in the Naruto universe there are males and females should give you a hint that there still are some things that won't happen. I understand peoples need to raise children (at least in theory it is simple. They carry on your genes, so you have to keep them alive and care for them until they are old enough to have children of their own to keep your genes alive for another generation.) and I think homosexual couples would make great parents if they wanted to, but they can't have those children with each other. It is a natural impossibility. It is fine if you disagree, it is fiction after all, but at least make a plausible explanation of how it happens. Everything else has an explanation of how it happens, so try, that's all I'll ask.

While I am here and finished my ranting and short biology lesson, I think I should explain a few things about the story I am writing. It is AU, like I said before, because I don't see why I should write a story which follows an already made story to the T. The important facts will stay the same (with the exception of Minato falling in love with Kushina and the Kyuubi attack) because I don't really know much about what happened before the Fox attacked. There was a second great war while Minato was young, the one the sannins gained their title in, and Jiriaya trained the brat with the rin'negan. I think that is before he takes up Minato as a student, since a teacher can't impulsively leave for long periods of time. As for Minato on a genin team, I have no idea. From what Tsunade and Jiraiya spoke of Kushina, it sounded as if they knew her as more than his wife/lover, and perhaps she was his female teammate. The other one, I have no clue, but I will make her one of them.

I will not use OCs unless I absolutely have to, and if I do, they will be in and out as fast as possible. They will not be any major characters, and none of them will do anything important. They will be there to fill up an impromptu team or something like that. Minato will in time, if I chose to take the story that far, take on the same team as before. He will not be the same person as before, of course (especially since he is hardly portrayed in the manga and the only thing we learn is that he is sacrificial and a genius. Not exactly much to base a character on) and Naruto isn't the same person either. It is my belief that everyone grows up at some point, and it is a marvel that he hasn't in the manga... Trust me, if you lead a life like that, being childishly stupid is the last you would be, but that is psychology books speaking. The third great ninja war will happen as well, the one with Rock, if I am not mistaken, and that is the one Minato gained his fame in if everyone on this page is correct. I will go with the flow on this one. As for the hiraishin, I don't know. I will have to think about it, to see if I can find a way to explain what it does and how it does it. I don't even know for sure if it is something people on this page has come up with, or something I have overlooked in the manga. I don't want to read up on the entire manga to check the latter. I will simply pretend it is something I have to write in there somehow and somewhere, and in the meantime try to figure out how to do it. That is basically the only facts I have to keep about the same as in the manga, and the 'rules' I have made myself for this story. Let's see where it'll lead me.

Mindful challenge.

I found it utterly fascinating how Minato showed up inside the seal. I mean, that is supposed to be in Naruto's mind right? So at the time, he had one giant fox in there, himself (obviously) and a dead man. Talk about overload. what caught my attention what a hilarious idea, actually, so I'll pose it as a challenge to someone who can make a proper story out of it: Due to the unbalance of good and evil in the world, what with all the tailed beasts out there, the Death God, who of course likes all things with balance since he is supposed to keep the balance of life and death, decided to try to even the odds. How? By stuffing the dead Hokages (First to Fourth) inside the seal of Naruto when the Third Hokage summoned him. The small matter of a pair of arms wasn't really important to him after all. Waking up after the funeral of the Third Hokage, Naruto suffers the unpleasant experience of having four very confused (and confusing) voices in his head, one of which is the voice of the dead and buried Third Hokage. From here it is up to you; Naruto's life whit one giant, nine tailed angry fox, four Hokages and a pair of arms in his mind.

The choices make up history reviews
A time travel story based on the theory of what the tailed beasts are and where they get their chakra from.That and the question: if one person was exchanged with another, would history still play out the same? Naruto's soul is sent back in time.
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