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'I Want You To Want Me'

Winner of The Sizzling Stories Award for Best Romance

'I Want You To Want Me'

Winner of The Hidden tar Awards for Best Non-NC 17 Story


Dear Readers,

Due to the events of my personal life, I have come to not have the same passion or drive for fanfiction. I have already deleted all my story alerts and have gotten a new email address, to avoid fanfiction alerts. What I'm trying to say is, yes I have decided to leave fanfiction. I have decided to redraw all my future story ideas and stop writing all together. Yes, that means no 'One thing', no 'I'll be your cryin shoulder' or anything else. However, I'm not one of those people who will start something without finishing. Therefore, I will finish I Want You To Want Me, however I will not get it beta'd and will not make a sequel to the story. So please do not comment on my lack of correct grammar or spelling. I don't know when I'll update, or even if I will. I don't want my writing to be an obligation, because it will show in my writing, becoming dry and hateful, therefore I might not update regularly. I do want to finish this story, because I want you guys to know what happens to these two. I also want them to come together at the end.

Yes, so im on a break... the story will be updated :) I just dont know when..

The Perisher


Announcement: I have also just created a website dedicating to my fan fiction story I Want You To Want Me. Check it out. The site contains... The story so far, Character profile, AN, forums and i have also added a playlist (which is based on the story) on the site.

I Want You To Want Me

Please note: The site isn't yet finish and i'm still editing so it will be incomplete, but please still check it out and tell me what you think. And please... SIGN UP AS A MEMBER! :)

Who is 'The Perisher': Well first of all, no i'm not some chessy super hero. lol. However i do hope to fight crime one day as a lawyer, i'm studying business and law at uni.

Why 'The Perisher': What can i say, i'm a huge fan of 'the perishers'.

My Stories: My stories are pretty much a way of me escaping reality. I consider my self quite an incapable writing (with my spelling and grammar), however i do have a enormous amount of imagination and i have to find a relief. So i turn to fan fiction writing. Hopefully i can do a good job.

I Want You To Want Me: This story is my first attempt at writing a fanfic, actually, it's my first attempt at writing full stop. I have never written a long story. I've only written short stories and that was for school. Anywho... IWYTWM is very close to my heart. It's a mix of serval of my fav movies and shows. Drive Me Crazy, She's All That, Daria, Veronica Mars and a tiny bit of French Kiss. So if you like those movies, check my story out.

Offical Translation for IWYTWM:

In French

In Spanish

In Polish


- Twilight (mostly just Robert Pattinson)

- Marvel Comics (Xmen and Spiderman 90's animation)

- Daria (Cartoon show, if you haven't seen it... shame on you)

- Supernatual (Dean Winchester... :drool:)

- Jane Austen (Mr. Darcy, or as i like to call him... Colin Firth)

- Veronica Mars (OMG Logan Echolls is sooo bad that it's good)

- Gossip Girl (Cause I dare to Dair)

- How i met your mother (Best show on tv today)

- Avatar: The Last Airbender (Zuko is my first Cartoon Crush!)

- Princess Hours aka Goong (Team Shin)

- Boys over Flowers (Gu Jun Pyo can pluck my flower anyday... LOL)

And i can't believe you're still reading about me. I'm so boring. go have some fun and read some fanfiction :) Why don't you start with mine ;)Haha, yeah i just promoted myself lol

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