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Team Renesmee fo laaaf! Finally people are realising there's some potential post EB with this saga.

Question: WTF does TEAM JACOB mean to most people on here? My beta and I were talking about this ages ago and the general consensus understood is that TJ essentially means rooting for Bella to choose Jacob- who is incidentally presented as the underdog (no pun intended).

Simple, right? But then I'm presented with another dilemma. Most TJ fangirls out there can't stand Bella- which makes me think, why would you have a character you love so much (Jacob) be Bella-the-bitch's second best?

If in fact 'Team Jacob' is defined by the above condition, then I'm glad I'm not TJ.

Jacob shouldn't be anyone's second, because to me, no matter how you look at it, what Bella and Jacob would've eventually had (had things turned romantic as the saga heavily hints at. blugh...) is the ultimate rebound relationship.

So, aside from overcoming the above quandary, something else was highlighted to me: So Team Jacob fans have presented to me in the past, why they feel the whole imprinting thing is bogus and essentially an escape goat for SM to tie things up in a neat little bow (-I agree to an extent that things were a little too perfect, but I'm digressing.)

They expressed how having Jacob imprint (-a force he quite clearly and expressly resented on numerous occasions in the saga) was the ultimate betrayal to his character and what he stood for.

It didn't take me even a second to adequately respond. Because I personally thought Jacob's open resentment of the imprinting phemonon sweeping like brush fire in the pack, was in actuality him wanting to desperately imprint himself. In fact, the extent of irony Meyer offered in Jacob's imprinting still makes me laugh, because let's face it: we never saw this coming.

Not until we saw Quil and Claire at the beach in Jake's book and knew there had to be a correlation between the 'nudger' inside Bella and...

There was just a possibility.

When they include the 'free will' aspect into their argument, that's where I have nothing to further say, since it's utterly their perception of imprinting and I respect that.

My original concern related to what adequately defined Team Jacob and I think I've come up with two definitions- one of which is of course based on a post BD version of Jacob:

1) Lovelorn Bella, broken beyond repair (lol) choosing the 'Average Joe'/ 'guy next door' bessie, because essentially, what they have is more real, less fantasy and gooey and...more relatable. In no way does this make Jake the rebound guy or second choice in this vampire/human love story.

The second is based around the premise that imprinting is the best thing to ever happen to a wolf:

2) Jacob gets his soul mate, his life, his kismet. The one thing he desperately wanted, but couldn't admit even to himself...the one thing he was ironically fighting from the beginning when he chose to openly hate the love that would inevitably result in Renesmee.

Jacob got the girl. His girl.

So... if Team Jacob is in fact to root for Jacob to win a girl- a girl worthy of 'winning' (Charlie Sheen, lawl)... then yes, I'm Team Jacob all the way.

I realise we know nothing about Renesmee, or very little at least. And that she hasn't 'done anything to deserve Jacob' or a soul mate for that matter since she's just a baby...

It's a fair point. But I see the potential in her yet-to-be published story.

I'm a Jacob and Renesmee fangirl.

Not really into reading fics these days, but I came to love a few:

Aurora Australis by IckyEcchi

Shadow of A Doubt THE LEMONS by Nostalgicmiss

Waxing Crescent by Pastiche Pen.

If anyones got any good suggestions, lemme know. Got a community up now, so I'm looking for decent fics.

I'm a massive youtuber, I found these gems that I think any Jacob and Renesmee fan will adore. Some of them are from a series entitled 'Eternal Flame':







I hope you guys enjoy the recs as much as I've enjoyed following the individual writers' works.

I just have to add this in here somewhere. Amazing isn't the word: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pn1ziUwZkuc

Timeline of events for my fic APiTW:

24th September- wedding

7 weeks later…

12th November she finds out everything.

16th November- Edward and Bella come home from honeymoon.

18th November is the day Nessie leaves Seattle.

19th November she arrives in Mexico.

17th December arrives in Rio.

24th December- Get outs of her bed to find Vivi telling her its Christmas Eve. And it dawns on her its her first Christmas away from the family.

…January 14th- Jake’s birthday.

The fabulous Pemberly Rose very kindly created this for APitW, thanks bb!

I've recently found a new hobby- dabbling in photoshop. Here's my first piece of work- ever:

Music is important to me, so here's a compilation I've made for my fics:

My anal author's note:

Renesmee and what I personally think about her:

I only ever read post-BD stuff because I'm fascinated with this character.

I always thought how on earth is this kid going to become a fully actualised adult upon realising all the stuff that occurred prior to her existence (and more to the point, during her birth)?? It’s just crazy horseshit, I swear. She can't even blame anyone. It's just a BIZZARE situation- even for a surreal world. Who wouldn’t want to write about that??

I was a little sceptical getting into the saga, wanting to know what the god-damn deal was on Facebook about the book with the pretty apple on it. A week after reading the first book, I went to purchase all four books. When I wasn't at Uni or work, I would think about Twilight. I was obsessed. Interestingly, not for our favourite vampire and human clutz- no…it was indeed their hybrid child I was now fixated on (I'm conscious as to how weird that just sounded, even in my own head.) I'm referring to her story. It seemed like the natural succession for the story to now take. What would become of the unlikely couple? Such a unique pair they are… so inconceivable that even the fandoms are reeling from such a revelation…

I started writing random scenarios on my laptop, thinking it to be strange. But then after getting bored with my own ideas, I googled Jacob and Nessie. I began to ponder… and the more I thought about it, the more detailed my guesstimate became. As pathetic as it sounds, the last thing on my mind as I went to bed, would be of them. At times, I would even dream about them. Sometimes I found myself waking up thinking about them. I would go to uni, talking about them. What little friends I had left, I was driving nuts! After obsessing for a few months, even I was sick of my thoughts-my endless scenarios, the second-guessing… "How would Ren turn out? How would she deal with Jake and her mother's past? Would it be that easy to get over it? What about Jake's less-than-loving feelings towards her prior to the imprinting? What about Renesmee's power? What would Edward do when she grew up? And does the idiot seriously think Bella is prettier than their own daughter?" Two years ago, I finally snapped and got down to planning and typing. I wanted to get this ludicrous obsession out of my system. I wanted my life back. I sought to fully immerse myself and understand smeyer's world before undertaking this project. I went on her website- read the outtakes from the saga and the unedited version of Midnight Sun. I’ll be honest, not a fan of her writing, though I’m fond of her ideas...

I've read BD the once, though for some reason, I kept rereading the parts where Jake and Renesmee interacted…

I came to realise she's keen to use Red Herrings (Jake and Leah? Ew.) in her works, as well as Foreshadowing (Claire and Quil and Emily/Sam/Leah), which got me thinking about Renesmee and the Quileute legend of the third wife, and the circumstances of Sam and Emily's Imprintation and the effects it had on Emily rather than Leah. If you read carefully in Eclipse when Jake's explaining to Bella about imprinting, Bella asks him how Emily reacted to finding out about Sam and Leah's previous relationship- Jake's response (I'm paraphrasing): she was angry, upset and fought the imprinting, but effectively it was hard to ignore that much devotion and adoration.

Hmm..? It was then that I knew how this shizzle was going to go down and how. There is a reason why Eleazar was so completely ambiguous in labelling Renesmee's ability- dubbing it "magic"… why would he do that if he knew of Bella's- describing it so conveniently in one word? Indeed there is also a reason why Renesmee has inherited the reverse of her parent's abilities. There is a reason why Reneta – Aro's 'shield' is briefly mentioned in Breaking Dawn...

I'll admit, there were many 'wtf?' moments for me. But I'm over it. As for Renesmee- the enigma, the ultimate love child who was shunned by her own father, her soul mate, her aunt and uncles-what a fascinating blank canvas. In the real world, she's even reviled by the fans, for reasons I still struggle to fully understand. A very real prejudice against a fictional child. This got me thinking that Renesmee would most certainly endure this bigotry and experience similar problems should a story of her ever be written by smeyer. This, guys, is my best guess. I'm not saying it's right-just how I interpreted it. I have merely taken three large bounds of literary license, but both fit within meyer's ambiguous canon world regarding Renesmee. I will attempt to reference them should they pass.

Chapter four specifics:

Nessie's dress:

Her car, a 1957, 356 Speedster Carrera:

Chapter five specifics:

Jacob's wrangler:

His awesome beach house, including the interior:

NB: I have no affiliation with anything.

Her 'special' car- a graduation gift:

Fave couples:

Dan/Blair -Gossip Girl

Jake/Nessie- Post Breaking Dawn

Update 16/09/10:

I realise I haven't updated in a while. Sorry to those following my stories. I have EVERY intention of finishing them, so please bare with me. Chapters that are sitting on my laptop are ridiculously long in length and I need to wade through the crap and polish those up before updating any further. Also, my writing process is sporadic and tends to last for a while. This just means, when I do write, I write in bulks- often two lengthy chapters in a week with snippets of leftover carried over to later chapters. It's a long-winded process. I sometimes refer back to clues I've left for my readers and it's those details that hold me back a little too.

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