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My name's Stella, so please don't call me Lee-Lee (:P). I speak both Spanish and English fluently. I'm a huge fan of Leah Clearwater and the wolf pack from the Twilight saga.

My first attempt at writing and reading here was Twilight, but recently, I've started to get into new fandoms - Hunger Games (love Peeta/Katniss) and True Blood (Eric/Sookie shipper).

I create banners. If you'd like me to create something for you, don't be shy and PM me. I take all fandoms requests! This is my personal blog where I take the requests: http://

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Here's some info about the original characters from my story TTSOTM.


Amanda: First girl to talk to Leah. She's red-haired and has green eyes. Shorter than Leah. She appears in the story very little.

Brooke: One of Leah's room mate. Her hair was blond, but not any kind of blond, it was like that super white blond that's fake, but she changed it to brown when she knew Nick only dated brunettes. Kind of slutty. Dated Nick for some time.

Morgan: One of Leah's room mate. She's Gothic. She has black hair and blue eyes, and has pale skin. She's just mentioned in a couple of chapters, but her character is not developed.

Julian: He has brown hair and green eyes. He likes Leah.


These mythological creatures are immortal, and they rarely travel in packs. They lack control over themselves when they are turned, during the full moon. The Children of the Moon are created after being bitten by another werewolf or being the child of two werewolves. They look and smell like humans, they don't age but have blood and a beating heart, although they probably smell unappetizing to vampires. Like shape-shifters, werewolves have strength, speed, rapid healing, and heightened senses. They have been described as the only natural enemy of vampires. It was stated that Caius nearly lost a battle to a werewolf a few thousand years ago, one werewolf, and because of this, it can be assumed that werewolves are even more powerful than shape-shifters, who have to fight with vampires in packs to win the advantage. The Children of the Moon pose a threat to vampires everywhere; the result of the war so far has been near extinction of the werewolves in Europe and Asia. The Volturi refuse to tolerate truces or alliances between werewolves and vampires, the punishment for violating this law most likely being death.

Nick: Tall and well-built. His eyes are dark blue like the ocean and has dark brown hair. He is sexy in a mysterious way. He's the charmer of the group, he's got pretty much any girl he would ask for just by snapping his fingers. He's secretly in love with Leah. Power: Command. Can make people do whatever he wants.

Alex: He's tall and well-built, with tan skin. He has short dark-blond hair, and light blue eyes. He's secretly in love with Camille, Nick's sister. He tends to be oblivious sometimes, especially when it comes to people liking him. He's extremely spontaneous, and he is never afraid to say something to anyone.

Elliott: He is tall and huge, like a wall. He had short black hair and brown eyes. Physically he looks like Emmett. He has a really bad temper. He likes flirting with every girl in college. He also tends to speak before thinking, but not when he's being mean or anything.

Cammie: She is medium-tall and slim. She has long wavy dark brown hair and beautiful big brown eyes. She's half fairy, half werewolf. She's extremely understanding and comforting whenever anyone has a problem to discuss. Power: Dreams that predict the exact future, but she sometimes have them.

Noah: Tall and well-built. He has short light blond hair and beautiful green eyes. He's very calm and he doesn't talk to much, but when he does is to say something smart or polite. He's the smart one in the group. Power: To cure broken bones with just one touch.

Kara: Tall and slim. She has shoulder length curly black hair and blue eyes. Kara is like an overprotective older sister to Camille. She's the sporty girl in the group. She is very strong physically and also has a strong personality. She can be sarcastic at times too.

Vivien: Tall and skinny. She has short dark brown hair and black eyes. She's half-sister of Camille and Nicholas. Her personality is very sinister. She only cares about herself, and hates with a passion her half-siblings.

Linus: Tall and muscular. He has dark hair and green eyes. He has really bad temper, and have a secret relationship with Vivien, although nothing is said in the chapters.

Candra: Tall and slim. Blond with blue eyes. Follows Vivien wherever she goes, although she does it because she secretly fears Vivien.

Savannah: Blond with blue eyes. She physically looks like a 12 year old girl, although she had existed for centuries. She's Nicholas' Goddaughter.

Evan: Tall and well-built. He has dark blond hair and blue eyes. He's a womanizer, and he is also in Vivien's group.


April: Very short, even shorter than Alice. She had long straight black hair and beautiful grey eyes. She's very sweet and sociable. She's Camille's cousin. Power: Can control the weather and can control the wolves' mood sometimes.

Tianna: Short and slim. Long straight dark hair and grey eyes. April's mother and the Queen of Fairies.

Oberon: Short and old. He has white hair and grey eyes. He likes to be called Grandpa. He's the King of Fairies. Father of Tianna and Sabina (Camille's mother). Grandfather of April and Camille.

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