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Name: Alexis

Hair: Brown/Black

Eyes: brown

Age: 14

Fav Book: Idk at the moment

Fav TV show: Criminal Minds

Fav band: Idk

Fav song: Bottoms up

Fav color: Dark blue,red,or white

(>'-')># thats kirdy's waffle

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school is so complicated switching classes sucked what a confusing day though my barking friend isnt with me anymore...

is school boring or is that just me????????

Ya i have a weird friend that meows and barks during class... shes nuts

Haha my weird friend is now my sister and her dad is my dad i'm a momma's girl haha!!!!!!!!!!

When the teacher told her to sit she barked at him...

She asks people if she can go outside cause she has to go lmao!!!!

Great now my friend was howling at the door trying to get let outside. totally hitting my self in the head...

My friend is stupid and trying to spell pen island together...

Friends got a binky today she found out that her mom and dad are some of out friends lmao!!!!!!!!!

Learning to play a guitar is like trying to drown a fish.

Life is frustrating i just say To Hell With It! pass the beer!

When I text you its means i'm missing you when i'm waiting for a message it means i'm waiting for you to miss me.

How To Kill A Vampire: Go to the store. Get a match and some gasoline. Pore the gasoline all in the vampires room, put the vampire in there light the match and throw it in.

I'v been working on the meow mix throwing it at my cat. then he came around and hit me with a baseball bat.

I'v been working on the dog biscuts throwing them at my dog. he came and hit me in the head with a log.

I have a new website called www.sorandomstuff.yolasite.com

You cry, I cry, you laugh, I laugh; you fall off a cliff I laugh even harder.

Team Alice: because she's pretty,funny,quirky,hyper,sweet, and can see if ur about to get hit by a car.

I can be Mrs. Cullen, you can be Mrs. Black; you can die, I can live forever.

Come to the dark side; we got cookies.

Grocery list; blood, blood, bella. "Not Funny Jasper!"

My family are the kind who would spend hours on end trying to drown a fish.

My mother told me to never talk to strange people, I never talk to myself anymore.

Friends will lend you an Umbrella when it rains, but a true friend will steal your'e and yell. "Run moron run!"

Don't frown when you're sad, you never know who is falling in love with your smile.

Life's to short to blend in.

Parents spend the first part of your life teaching you to walk and talk, then they spend the rest telling you to sit down and shut up.

We were giving 2 hands to hold, 2 eyes to see, 2 legs to walk, but why only 1 heart? Because the other one was given to someone else for us to find.

Our eyes are placed in front, because it's always more important to look ahead than back.

I agree with the dictionary, girls before guys, partying before studying, friends before love.

Right now i have amnesia and deja vu at the same time, I think i've forgotten this before.

They say; guns don't kill people, people kill people. Well i think if u stood there and yelled BANG, u wouldn't kill 2 many people.

When life gives you lemons, make apple juice, then laugh when everyone tries to figure out what the heck u did.

When you're right no one remembers, when you're wrong no one forgets.

You're slower than a herd of turtles stampeding through peanut butter.

Join the army, visit exotic places, meet strange people... then kill them.

I keep trying to kidnap Jasper, but Alice is always there with a baseball bat waiting for me. How does she kn... Oooh right.

Twilighters R' Us

Seth better than Jacob ... End of story.

I'm not easily distracted, I... o look at the pretty birdy?

GOOD FRIENDS will help you whe u need to move, BEST FRIENDS wil help you move a dead body

GOOD FRIENDS will help you up when u fall down, BEST FRIENDS will push u back down and laugh

GOOD FRIENDS will ask u why ur crying, BEST FRIENDS will be waiting with a shovel to bury the loser who made u cry

GOOD FRIENDS will tell u, u can do better, BEST FRIENDS will call him and say "u have 7 days 2 live"

GOOD FRIENDS don't let u do stupid things, BEST FRIENDS don't let u do stupid things alone

GOOD FRIENDS will buy u lunch, BEST FRIENDS will eat urs.

GOOD FRIENDS never ask 4 food, BEST FRIENDS r the reason u don't have any

GOOD FRIENDS call ur parents Mrs./Mr., BEST FRIENDS call them mom/dad

GOOD FRIENDS never seen u cry, BEST FRIENDS cry with u

GOOD FRIENDS know a few things about u, BEST FRIENDS can write a book about u with direct qoutations from u

GOOD FRIENDS will leave u behind if that's what the crowd is doing, BEST FRIENDS will kick the crowds butt 4 leaving u

GOOD FRIENDS will knock on ur door, BEST FRIENDS will walk in and call "I'm Home."

GOOD FRIENDS will take ur drink away when they think you've had enough, BEST FRIENDS will watch u stumbling around and say. "Girl, drink the rest of that, u know wer'e not wasters around here."

GOOD FRIENDS will talk crap to the people who talk crap about u, BEST FRIENDS will knock them the crap out.

I'm the girl who can watch a ton of horror movies and not get scared, but i'm also the kind of girl who screams at the top of my lungs when waffles pop out of the toaster.

Girlz r like phones, they like to be held, talked to, and when u press the wrong buttons you get disconnected.

Big girls don't cry, we kick butt.

I wish the kids would just give the rabbit the freakin' trix already.

Things i'm going to do in WalMart:

Make a trail of tomato juice leading to the womens bathroom.

Put a bag of M&M's on lay away.

Set up a tent in the sporting goods department and tell random customers u'll invite them in if they bring pillows.

When a clerk asks if they can help u, begin to cry and ask, "Why can't u people just leave me alone?"

Look into the security camera & use it as a mirror to pick ur nose

While handling guns in the hunting department, ask the clerk if they know where the anti-depressent's are.

Dart around humming mission impossible theme.

When an announcement comes over the loudspeaker, take a fetal position and scream. "NO!NO! It's the voices again!"

Go to a dressing room, wait awhile, then yell. "There's no toilet paper in here!"

Get several bouncy balls, throw them down the big middle aisle and scream. "Pikachu, I choose you!"

Things to Do in School!!!!!!!!!

Listen to your mp3 or ipod in class

Read ahead to get your lesson done while the teachers talking

If the teacher asks if you can answer the question say no if i could i would be teaching this class

When you get sent out in the hall go get a drink or something

Flick rubberbands randomly at the board

Get a annoying ringtone that the teachers cant hear and play it during class

Act like you are passing a note back and forth when its really a blank sheet of paper

When the teacher asks you to read it go up there and say nothing at all

After the teacher goes off on you for not reading it show them the paper

Figure out a code that the teachers cant read

Unplug your teachers computer keyboard

Hide all the chalkboard erasers

If the teacher has a smartboard hide all the pens to it

Everytime the teacher tells you to sit down sit on the floor

If they have a closet with math books in it get in it and rearange the books to say hi!

If your teacher has a white board take the markers and write random things all over it

When the teacher asks who did it and everyone points to you point at the marker

After the teacher says your in trouble say the evil monkeys took over your hand forcing you to do it

In your keyboarding class get on the internet and play really loud music for like 3 seconds

When the teacher asks who did it look around innocently

Take a spoon from lunch and use it to flick mini erasers at everyone.

It takes 46 musceles to frown, but only 4 to reach out and slap someone.

Lick me, I'm feeling stupid today.

Abortion is just one more heart that was stopped, two more eyes that will never see, two more hands that will never touch, two more legs that will never run, one more mouth that will never speak. If ur against abortion repost this.

They laugh bcause they think wer'e retarded, we laugh bcause they just figured that out.

God didn't make me and my bff sisters cause he knew our parents couldn't handle it.

Best friends shout "I LOVE YOU!" down the hall, not caring who thinks ur gay.

People say it's alway's in the last place you look, well DUH! When you find it you stop looking.


My twin brother told me I'm ugly, I gave him 10 seconds to realize what he said. (he never figured it out, he walked away annoyed)

Have you ever had the thought, "I'm bored." then you go and see how many times u can flush the tiolet b4 u get yelled at.

We wish u a merry twiliight, we wish u a merry twilight, we wish u a merry twilight, and happy new moon.

Toasters are evil, I mean good things don't go around popping bread out scaring the hell out of you.

Touch my cookie and your face will meet my new shoes.

ur stupid... I like it.

Love is being stupid 2gether.

Hell is full of retarded kittens.

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εїз ‧ ° εїз ‧ ° εїз ‧ ° εїз

Є x ρ є и ѕ ιι ν є..

I m . J u s t . a . G i r l

´•.¸(•.¸ ¸.•´)¸.•´
«´¨° Roza °•´¨»
¸.•(¸.•´ •.¸)•.¸

she rocks!!

Favorite Vampire Academy Quotes:

"Your so beautiful its hurts me sometimes" (Dimtri Frostbite)

"Everyone says he like a god or something" (Mason Vampire Academy)

"You can't force love, I realized. It's there or it isn't. If it's not there, you've got to be able to admit it. If it is there, you've got to do whatever it takes to protect the ones you love." (Frostbite)

Dimitri: "She might be wild and disrespectful, but if she has potential-"
Rose: "Wild and disrespecful? Who the hell are you anyway? Oursourced help?"
Kirova: "Guardian Belikov is the Princess Lissa's guardian now, her sanctioned guardian."
Rose: "You got cheap foreign labor to protect Lissa?"
(Vampire Academy)

"Why did you lie?" I murmured again.
Still holding me in his arms, he looked down at me. I could hear voices and footsteps getting closer.
"Because we can't be together."
"Because of the age thing, right?" I asked. "Because you're my mentor?"
His fingertip gently wiped away a tear that had escaped down my cheek. "That's part of it," he said. "But also... well, you and I will both be Lissa's gaurdians someday. I need to protect her at all costs. If a pack of Strogoi come, I need to throw my body between them and her."
"I know that. Of course that's what you have to do." The black sparkles were dancing in front of my eyes again. I was fading out.
"No. If I let myself love you, I won't throw myself in front of her. I'll throw myself in front of you."
(Vampire Academy)

"What's up?" I asked.
"You tell me," Christian said. "You were the one about ready to start making out with Adrian."
"It was an experiment," I said. "It was part of my therapy."
"What the hell kind of therapy are you in?"
(Shadow Kiss)

"Yeah. We were badasses." (Shadow Kiss)

"What's your name?"
"What?" I asked, squinting at the light.
"Your name." I reconized Dr. Olendzki peering over me.
"You know my name."
"I want you to tell me."
"Rose. Rose Hathaway."
"Do you know your birthday?"
"Of course I do. Why are you asking me such stupid things? Did you lose my records?"
Dr. Olendzki gave an exasperated sigh and walked off, taking the annoying light with her. "I think she's fine,"

"Not into older guys, huh?" asked Adrian once we were alone.
"You're imagining things," I said. "Clearly, my stunning beauty has clouded your mind."

"There's nothing worse than waiting and not knowing what'll happen to you. Your own imagination can be crueler than any captor." (Frostbite)

I am the girl that doesn't go to school dances, or games, and when I do go, I sit in a corner and read a book. I am the girl that people look through when I say something. I am the girl that spends most of her free time reading, writing, or doing other activities that most teenagers wouldn't call normal. I am the girl that people call weird and a freak either behind my back or to my face. I am the girl that doesn't spend all her time on MySpace. I am the girl that hasn't been asked out in a year. I am the girl that has stopped to smell the flowers and jump and splash in the rain. BUT I am also the girl who knows and is proud to be who she is, doesn’t care if people call her weird (it's a compliment), who loves reading and writing and doing the things that no one seems to have the time to do any more, who loves and is obsessed with Twilight, who can express herself better with words than actions, who doesn't need a guy to complete her, and knows the importance of the little things. Copy and paste this onto your account, and add your name to the list, if you are anything like me, so the girls who are different and unique can know in their weakest time that they are unique but not alone.: Iheartjake1220, FaerieRose13, Dancer4Life15,Marigold Winters, SparklingTopazEyes, chocoholic4eva, xXKatieCullenX, Bby-Leyla-Vamp, Shiny-silver-volvo-stalker, MegTheVampire, Crimson Love20, Lexi Hotchner

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