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Author has written 4 stories for Vampire Academy, and Misc. Tv Shows.

I love to read and write obviously. Kinda why I'm here, haha. I'm also on Mibba, Facebook, Everything fanfiction, Myspace, Twitter, ect. All under different names... so yeah. My names Katy Sheffield so add me where ever and just tell me where ya are from. My updates aren't coming right now on my Vampire Academy, kinda abadoned those stories. If anybody wants to take them over, let me know and we'll work something out I guess.

I've started my Deadliest Catch stories, thanks for everybody supporting and reading those and stuff. I love Josh and Jake Harris, they're amazing :) haha. Deadliest Catch is my favorite show, amazing.

I love Avenged Sevenfold!! I pledge allegiance to the Deathbat,
to the United Nations of Sevenfold,
to the Gates for which it stands,
one Plague, under Christ,
indivisible, with Shadows and Vengeance for all.

I say Amy Lee. You say Zac Efron, I say Zacky Vengeance. You say pop, I say metal. You say I'm weird, I say I'm different.

My Favorite Books:

Vampire Academy (of course), Twilight Saga, The Outsiders ( not about creatures but still one of my favorites), Vampire Kisses Series, The Summoning, The Hunger Games ( not about creatures but still good.), You can run but you can't hide ( biography by Dog the bounty hunter, about as real as you get but still one of my favorites), and Blood and Chocolate. There are so many others but not enough time to list them.

Music: I like almost anything, a bit too much screaming stuff,but whatever. I have a lot of favorites:Hollywood Undead, Slipknot, Evanescence, Cute is What We Aim For, The Maine, We The Kings, Deltron 3030, Sense's Fail, Flyleaf, Nine Inch Nails, Death Cab For Cutie, All Time Low, Dot Dot Curve, Panic!At The Disco, Brokencyde, Limp Bizkit, Alice In Chains, Rick Ross, Guru, Bring Me The Horizon, The Sleeping, The Misfits, Avenged Sevenfold, Rev Theory, Blink 182, Killswitch Engage, Seether, Modest Mouse, Five Finger Death Punch, Deftones,Red Jumpsuit Apparattus, Dashboard Confessional, Framing Hanley, Tokio Hotel, Thursday, Say Anything, ect. There's too much to list truthfully.

I don't watch much T.V. just DEADLIEST CATCH, Nitro Circus, Friends, Vampire Diaries and Dog the Bounty Hunter. Occasionally I'll watch some sitcoms like Seinfeld, Will & Grace, ect...

I love movies some of them include: Pearl Harbor (seen it 15 times. Sick of it!), The Outsiders (my all time favorite book and movie), Breakfast Club, Pretty In Pink, as you can see I love old movies. The Grudge, Beaches, ect.

I love animals, i'm a vegitarian as of 3 years! I spend most my time reading, listening to music, reading/writing books, or procrastionating (spelled that wrong) important school work. I love to race Quarter Midget sprint cars too.

An interesting thing about my New Student story. If you didn't know, Lily Winnly and Danny Weeda are alter egos (another word is based off of) my best friend who happens to be a guy, and me. I think that's just a interesting fact. We have the same type of relationship but I don't like him as anything more than a friend, unlike Lily.

An interesting fact about my What I Used To Be Story is that Ivan, the way I'm developing him is be like the guy I know. He's going to be loud, funny, jock-like (basketball player probably just like the guy I know), interesting, a total flirt, inappropriate, and popular. So there's a what's right now, a sneak peak about Ivan Zelkos.

Not really any interesting facts about I'll Be There For You, yet. Maybe 1 day... lol

I love poetry and The Outsiders and one of my favorite poems is the Robert Frost one Ponyboy recites in chapter #5 Nothing Gold Can Stay Here it is:

"Nature's first green is gold,

Her hardest hue to hold.

Her early leaf's a flower;

But only so an hour,

Then leaf subsides to leaf.

So Eden sank to grief,

So dawn goes down to day,

Nothing gold can stay."

Another one of my favorite things, it's not poem but it's really sweet:

Girl: I'm always here for you
Boy: I know
Girl: What's wrong?
Boy: I like this girl so much
Girl: Talk to her
Boy: I don't know. She won't ever like me
Girl: Don't say that. You're amazing.
Boy: I just want her to know how I feel...
Girl: Then tell her.
Boy: She won't like me
Girl: How do you know that?

Boy: I can just tell
Girl: Well just tell her.
Boy: What should I say
Girl: Tell her how much you like her
Boy: I tell her that daily
Girl: what do you mean?

Boy: I'm always with her. I love her.
Girl: I know how you feel... I have the same problem. But he'll never like me
Boy: Wait. Who do you like?

Girl: Oh some boy
Boy: Oh... she won't like me either.
Girl: She does
Boy: How do you know..

Girl: Because, who wouldn't like you?
Boy: You
Girl: You're wrong, I love you.
Boy: I love you too.
Girl: So are you going to talk to her?
Boy: I just did.

If you've ever fallen asleep at around 2 am reading Twilight , New Moon, and/or Eclipse, copy and paste this onto your profile

If you think High School Musical is not a real musical, copy this into your profile.

If you think that writing Fanfic stories is fun then copy this onto your profile!

Ninety-five percent of teenagers are concerned about being popular. If you are one of the five percent who aren't, copy this, put it in your profile.

If you consider yourself a WRITER rather than just an AUTHOR, put this in your profile. Writers put emotion into their work. Authors do it for the money.

If you know who Panic! At the Disco is and know that they are NOT disco...copy this into your profile

If you have ever burst out laughing in a quiet room, copy this into your profile.

I am afraid.

I fear for all of the people in the world. I fear for those in war torn places who may not make it home again. I fear for the mother, father, wife, husband, or child who may get a phone call saying some one dear has not made it. I fear for those in the hospitals around the world under going treatments and operations. I Fear for those who have been trouble by disasters, such as floods, famine, or earth quake. though I am afraid I will be brave for all of those people out there.

I am hurt.

I feel pain every time I see a story about cruelty no matter what it is about. I feel pain when ever I look into the eyes of my friends and family, because i know that the mask I wear keeps them out and away from the real me. I hurt when I see someone special because I miss them dearly and I wish it didn't have to end. I hurt when I get up to face another day and all of the judgements people pass, and the fact that people will not make it through because of starvation, suicide, or other torments brought on by this.

I am a fighter.

I will prove to those who doubt me that I am able. I will prove that I can be just as strong as any guy, even though I am a girl. I will make a difference, even though there are those who will try to stop me and who will try to change my mind about it all. I will do what I can to save just one life, even if it means losing mine. I will protect those close to me even if they would stab me in the back.

I am human.

I am human just like everyone else. I have flaws and problems. I suffer the same types of loses, and experience the same wins. I am living through my battles, and I want to give up but I won't. My goal was to fit in, but I soon gave up on that once I saw what it was really like.

If you like this and want to add it go ahead, but i would like to see this. Add your name to the list, tabby-tiger-demon, Kelilia, Shadowkissed99

I'm a VIRGIN, so I MUST be a prude

I'm a FEMALE GAMER, so I MUST be ugly or crazy

I WEAR BLACK, so I MUST be a goth

I'm YOUNG, so I MUST be naive

I'm SOUTHERN, so I MUST be white trash

I SPEAK MY MIND, so I MUST be a bitch

I LIKE TO BE MYSELF, so I MUST be cocky and arrogant

I LOVE ANIMALS, so I MUST be a vegetarian

I'm a TREEHUGGER, so I MUST be a drug addicted hippie

I'm a MUSICIAN, so I MUST not be doing anything with my life

I have GOOD GRADES, so I MUST be a nerd or suck-up

I'm DIFFERENT, so I MUST just want attention

I'm THIN, so I MUST have an eating disorder

I HAVE A LOT OF GUY FRIENDS, so I MUST be dating them all

I'm SINGLE so I MUST be ugly.

I'm a CHRISTIAN, so I MUST hear crazy God voices in my head

I'm AMERICAN, so I MUST be an overweight pig with no boundaries

I'm a GIRL, so I MUST suck at all guy sports

I like CATS, so I MUST dance like a cat in my spare time

I’m not the most POPULAR person in school, so I MUST be a loser


I like READING, so I MUST be a LONER.

I'm a TEENAGER, so I MUST be rebellious


I'm ALWAYS SMILING AND LAUGHING, so I MUST have a great life

I DRESS IN UNUSUAL WAYS, so I MUST be looking for attention

I HANG OUT WITH GAYS, so I MUST be gay too


Life isn't passing me by, it's trying to run me over.

My knight in shining armour turned out to be a loser in aluminum foil.

Therapist = The/rapist... scary thought

You laugh now because you're older than me by mere months, but when you're 30 and I'm still 29, who will be laughing then?

And God(CARLISLE) said "Let there be Edward,"...and it was gooooood

You say I'm not cool. But cool is another word for cold. If I'm not cold, I'm hot. I know I'm hot. Thanks for embracing it.

When I am at Hogwarts I will not: Ask Harry if his scar senses are tingling

When I am at Hogwarts I will not sing: "I'm Off to See the Wizard" when sent to the Headmasters office.

Come to the dark side. We have COOKIES!

Life was so simple when boys had cooties

I make the cowardly lion look like the terminator!

Boys are like slinkeys, useless, but fun to watch fall down the stairs.

I ran with scissors, and lived!

You cry, I cry, you laugh, I laugh, you fall off a cliff, I laugh even harder

I'm the kind of person who will burst out laughing in the middle of a dead silence because of something that happened yesterday.

Fergie taught me how to spell delicious and glamorious. But not so much tastey!

Huh, it figures. All the good guys are taken, vampires, or both.

I agree with the dictionary. girls before guys, partying before studying, and friends before love.

We fall for stupid boys we make lots of dumb mistakes we like to act stupid, talk really fast, and laugh really loud. But us teenage girls, we're really going at one thing, staying strong.

Right now I'm having amnesia and deja vu at the same time. I think I've forgotten this before.

There are three kinds of people in the world; ones that can count and ones that can't count.

I'm right 90 percent of the time, so why worry about the other 3?

I only have PMS on days that end in the letter "y".

I am on a quest to the deepest, darkest corners of my room in search of what some would call "a floor" - a long and difficult task awaits me. Wish me luck my friends for I may not return alive.

They say "Guns don't kill people, people kill people." Well I think the guns help. If you stood there and yelled BANG, I don't think you'd kill too many people.

It takes 42 muscles to frown, 28 muscles to smile,but only 4 muscles to reach out and slap someone.

"Doctors say I have multiple personalties. We disagree with that."

"When life gives you lemons, make apple juice, then laugh while people try to figure out what the hell you did."

"It doesn't matter whether the glass is half empty or half full, just drink it and get it over with."

"I'm not afraid of Death. What's he gonna do, kill me?"

Put this in your profile if you know a person or two who needs to get squished by a bus... or Tyler Crowley's van

Duct tape is like the force, it has a light side and a dark side and it holds the universe together."

"Education is important, school however, is another matter."

"Don’t mess with me - I've got a stick."

"Boys are like purses: cute, full of crap, and always replaceable."

"Evening News is where they begin with "Good Evening" then proceed to tell you why it isn't."

"I can only please on person per day. Today is not your day. Tomorrow's not looking good, either."

"1 out of every 4 people are insane. Look at your three best friends, if it's not them, it's you."

"Don't follow in my footsteps, I tend to walk into walls."

"Men are like parking spots, the good ones are taken and the free ones are handicapped."

"What are the three words guaranteed to humiliate men everywhere?
'Hold my purse.'"

"He Said: I don't know why you wear a bra, you have nothing to put in it.
She Said: You wear pants don't you?"

"Don’t knock on death’s door. Ring the bell and run. He hates that."

"Heaven doesn't want me and Hell is afraid I'll take over."

"You know your addicted when Volterra is added to your computer dictionary."

"Whoever said that nothing is impossible has never tried slamming a revolving door."

"I'm the kind of girl who falls and apologizes for it."

"I do not suffer from insanity... I enjoy every minute of it."

"I smile cause I don't know what the hell is going on."

If your profile is long, copy and paste this on it to make it even longer.


A black man walks into a cafe one early morning and noticed that he was the only black man there. As he sat down, he noticed a white man behind him.
The white man said, "Colored people are not allowed here." The black man turned around and stood up. He then said:
"When I was born I was black,"
"When I grew up I was black,"
"When I'm sick I'm black,"
"When I go in the sun I'm black,"
"When I'm cold I'm black,"
"When I die I'll be black."
"But you sir..."
"When you're born you're pink,"
"When you're sick, you're green,"
"When you go in the sun you turn red,"
"When you're cold you turn blue,"
"And when you die you turn purple."
"And you have the nerve to call me colored"
The black man then sat back down and the white man walked away...


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