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Author has written 4 stories for Trinity Blood, Harry Potter, House of Night, and Yu-Gi-Oh.

I'd like to apologize for my abysmal lack of updates. Every time I get a review or +Story Alert, I feel guilty. However, guilt does not help write a story. At least not in my case. I need inspiration and dedication, which I'm currently lacking. Also, real life seems to have it out for me. Recently my laptop died, and school is evil incarnate.

I am not gone for good, though. Invaders , Of Vampyres and Methuselah, and Harry Potter and the Star may be on hiatus, but I am working on some other projects.

First: A comic/manga version of Frustratedfruitloop's In Unlikeliest Places, an amazing Harry Potter and Naruto crossover. It's posted on deviantArt, with one page going up a week. Just search the author's name, or the title.

Second: A new fanfiction genre- Star Wars! Though I haven't seen the Clone Wars, it's my belief that there are too few female characters, so I'm a big Ahsoka fan. I'm writing a story about her surviving Order 66 and escaping to the world of Harry Potter (because crossovers are fun). It's working title is Escaping Order 66. Working summary: Ahsoka never appears in Revenge of the Sith. Most people assume it’s because she dies. What if, instead, she had become a Jedi and was given a top-secret mission in by Palpatine? To prevent her from influencing Anakin, the Chancellor requested that she be sent to a small Outer Rim area, to spy on a Separatist movement he knew didn’t exist. While there, Ahsoka is attacked by a clone under Order 66. She escapes, only to end up in a world with a very different Order.

Third: I have entered the world of costuming/cosplay. Technically, I entered last September with a Syeira D'Arva as a Trinity Blood nun costume, but now I will be doing an actual canon character. Take a guess who. Hint: what did I say in the second project listed?

If you really want me to continue any of the above stories, send me a message with some ideas. Last but not least- in the House of Night series, Zoey places a lot of emphasis on the clothes everyone is wearing. If I'm going to continue Of Vampyres and Methuselah, I'll need a fashion consultant.

Thank you for visiting my profile.

EDIT September 8th 2010

Please take a moment to stop and admire my lovely new avatar, courtesy of Millie M. Banshee. She's a wonderful person and worked incredibly hard on it. Check out her profile page, because not only are her stories awesome, she makes avatars for free! Mine features Syeira D'Arva and a freaked out Abel Nightroad on a blood-spattered background.

EDIT October 2nd 2010

You may have noticed that I've changed the title of my first story from 'Invaders' to 'Invaders: Trinity Blood'. I'm making the 'Invaders' OC's the central characters of a series that will go through many manga and possibly a few movies and books. So far, I've finished the prologue of 'Invaders: Fullmetal Alchemist'. It takes place before 'I: TB' and features a living Evrek, a non-bitchy Syeira, and a teenage Matxin. I will begin posting as soon as I find a beta. If you like FMA, don't mind OC's, and have some free time, please message me. A note: I WILL SAVE HUGHES!

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