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Hey! i'm flockgirl from New York!! Read all my stories!

Never Alone Character Pics: For sam, copy and paste the link...









If you like:

Like reading

Are extremely clutsy

watch anime

love to laugh

create inside jokes, like all the time

Do random things

Say random things

Hug people constantly for no reason

Love to Write

Dance like you have no life whatsoever

Make fun of yourself

Enjoy life even when it Sucks

We would be best friends.

I am the girl ... that doesn't go to school dances, and when I do go, I sit in a corner and read a book. I am the girl that people look through when I say something. I am the girl that spends most of her free time reading, writing, or doing other activities that most teenagers wouldn't call normal. I am the girl that people call weird, and a freak either behind my back or to my face. I am the girl that doesn't spend all her time on MySpace, or talking to a girlfriend on a cellphone or regular phone. I am the girl that hasn't been asked out in a year. I am the girl that has stopped to smell the flowers and jump and splash in the rain.

But I am also the girl who knows and is proud to be who she is, doesn't care if people call her weird (it's a compliment), who loves reading and writing and doing the things that no one seems to have the time to do any more, who loves and is obsessed with Anime and Books, who can express herself better with words, and knows the importance of the little things. Copy and Paste this onto your account, and add your name to the list, if you are anything like me, so the girls who are different and unique can know in their weakest times that they are unique, but not alone.

~PrettyFanGirl, Truth Be Told 13, DEFiiANCE, torchwoodfanx3, PyroFairyGirl, .insane.lil.piratess, xActDanceWritex, Aviva636, Flockgirl

If you are an expert at doing absolutely nothing for hours on end, paste this into your profile.

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If you believe that preps travel in packs then place this on your profile.

If you have ever been hit in the face with a ball and started laughing maniacally, copy and paste this into your profile.

If people think you are mentally insane...copy and paste this onto your profile.

Fave quotes of all time:

"Love me, Hate me. Either way you're obsessed."

"I may not be smart enough to to everything, but i'm dumb enough to try anything."

"The pen is mightier than the sword,"

"if you ask how much something costs, you can't afford it."

"Never inturupt your enemy when he's making a mistake."

"Winning is a habit, unfortunatly so is losing."

"We are the people our parents warned us about."

"When Jesus said love your enemies, he probobly meant don't kill them."

Favorite Anime/Manga Of All Time:



Ouran High School Host Club

Vampire Knight


Kaze No Stigma

Myself; Yourself

Shakugan No Shana


Special A

Full Metal Alchemist

Soul Eater

The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya

Black Butler

D. Gray-man



Lovely Complex

Koukou Debut

Kimi ni Todoke

Zero no Tsukiama

Bokura ga Ita


Shinobi Life


Kitchen Princess

Monkey High

Faster than a kiss


Beast Master

Dengeki Daisy

As the Death God Dictates


Honey Hunt

Skip Beat

Akuma to Love Song

Fave Books:

Percy Jackson and the Olympians

Maximum Ride

The Warrior Heir Series

Warriors Series

The Sight

The Fire Within Series

The Hunger Games


The Immortals series

Perfect Chemistry Series

10 Things You Didn't Know About Me:

1) I'm a girl

2) I am a big swimmer

3) I have a resanable voice

4) I won a Children's Scholastic Writing Award

5) I read my story at Columbia University in NYC

6) I'm in 8th grade this year

7) My parents are Divorced

8) I love music

9) I'm CRAZY

10) I want to be a writer when I grow up

Survey Time:

1. Grab the book nearest to you, turn to page 81, and find line 4.

From The Last Olympian by Rick Riordan (His last name rhymes with Firedan)

"The old satyr didn't look nearly so happy."

2. Stretch your left arm out as far as you can, What can you touch?

My pillow

3. What is the last thing you watched on TV?

A suite life of zach and cody rerun. (WHAT? i was bored!)

4. Without looking, guess what time it is:

4:10 PM

5. Now look at the clock. What is the actual time?

5:42 PM (Ok, so i was a little bit off...)

6. With the exception of the computer, what can you hear?

My dad's oldie music that is, by the way, REALLY FREAKING ANNOYING ME!!

7. When did you last step outside? What were you doing?

About 20 minutes ago, to listen to my i-pod for awhile.

8. Before you started this survey, what did you look at?

Alex Daughter of Zeus's Profile.

9. What are you wearing?

My 'AAHH!' shark t-shirt and cropped jeans.

10. Did you dream last night?

I think i dreamed about people reviewing my 'Never Alone' story.

11. When did you last laugh?

Reading some people's profiles.

12. What is on the walls of the room you are in?

A Mirror and pictures of anime faces i drew, twilight pics, and lots of Alexander Ludwig!!

13. Seen anything weird lately?

A man wearing a dress and begging for money.

14. What do you think of this survey?

Um... Uh... IDK...

15. What is the last movie you saw?

Aliens in the attic. Pretty ok...

16. If you became a multi-millionaire overnight, what would you buy?

I have no idea. maybe an anime series i really like...

17. Tell me something about you that I don't know:

it's already listed above.

20. Imagine your first child is a girl, what do you call her?

Lylah, or Dalylah.

21. Imagine your first child is a boy, what do you call him?

Nico... Stares into Dream Land

22. Would you ever consider living abroad?

Ok, No. But i would totally study abroad for a semester! ; D

If you have ever had a crush on a fictional character, copy and paste this on your profile and add your penname and the name(s) of the characters you have crushed on: HollyluvsArty (James Potter, Sirius Black (when he was young), Artemis Fowl) comix-freak (Artemis Fowl (and Arty is my one and only!))scarilyobsessed(Fang, from maximum ride) Natalie-07 (Jack Sparrow, I know I know he's older then my dad but it's not like we're actually dating!) Silverstar's Shadow (Kratos Aurion (like practically every other girl who plays ToS religiously), Yuan (damn the people who decided to never tell you his last name!), Sirius Black (not Gary the Old Man... I imagined him to look a little more like Adam from Three Days Grace... hehe... Ahem.), Draco Malfoy), Darkstorm Mistystar's Legacy (Jasper Cullen...sigh), OokamiRyuX (don’t wanna say) Crowfeather's Girl (Edward Cullen from Twilight, of course!) AkumuKitty9797(Dark Link from Legend of Zelda and Edward Cullen from Twilight!!), HiddenMusic(Sora from Kingdomg Hearts:D) Zefri012: Leaf (heroine of Pokemon fire red/leaf green. Oh come on! She's too adorable!), Defiatos X-Natsumi from Keroro gunso (crosses finger and hopes Giroro doen't try to kill me), ej8012 (Nico di Angelo, lol and Red X from Teen titans (Guess I have a thing for dark peoples)), AnnleaDaughterofZeus,(Nico Di Angelo), Flockgirl (Nico di Angelo 'Percy Jackson', Gaara 'Naruto', Toushiro Hitsugaya 'Bleach', Fang "Maximum Ride', Zero 'Vampire knight', The Twins and Kyouya 'Ouran high school host club', Otani 'Lovely Complex') I'm Hopeless!

A friend helps you up when you fall. A best friend continues walking while saying, "Walk much dumbass?"
A friend gives you their umbrella in the rain. A best friend takes yours and says, "RUN, FOREST RUN!"
A friend wipes your tears when your rejected. A best friend goes up to him and says, "It's because your gay isn't it?"
A friend will visit you in jail. A good friend will bail you out of jail. A best friend would be in the room next to you saying, "THAT WAS FREAKING AWESOME'!!
A friend will always be like "well you deserve better". A best friends will be prank calling him saying "you will die in seven days".

A good friend helps you find your prince. A best friend kidnaps him and brings him to you.

A good friend will offer you a soda. A best friend will dump theirs on you.

Silence is golden but duck tape is silver

You call me a b? Because a b is a dog. Dogs bark. Bark grows on trees. Trees are a part of nature. Nature is beautiful. I know I'm beautiful, thanks for noticing.

The newscaster is the person who says "Good evening" and then tells you why it's not

Don't run in the school hall, gliding is more fun!

What happens if you get scared half to death twice?" That's a really good question...I wonder...

Some say the glass is half full, others the glass is half empty, all I want to know is who the hell is drinking my water!

If at first you don't succeed, destroy all evidence that you tried.

If at first you don't succeed, skydiving is not for you.

Money can't buy happiness. But it sure makes misery easier to live with

I call things as I see them; If I didn't see them, I make them up!

Take my advice, I don't use it anyway.

Whose cruel idea was it for the word "lisp" to have an s in it?

If something goes without saying, why do people say it?

Please note : Christmas is cancelled - apparently you told Santa you were good this year ... and he died laughing

Everything here is edible. I am edible, but, that, my children, is called cannibalism and is frowned upon in most societies.

I've got ADD and magic markers. Oh, the fun I will have!

Parents spend the first part of our lives teaching us to walk and talk, and then the rest of it telling us to sit down and shut up.

Whoever said "anything is possible" never tried to slam a revolving door.

I am NOT saying your stupid...I'm just implying it.

You cry, I cry, you laugh, I laugh, you fall off a cliff ... I laugh even harder

I'm going on a quest, to the deepest, darkest corners of my room, in search of what some would call a "floor" - a long and difficult task awaits me my friends, wish me luck, for I may not return alive

1 out of every 4 people are insane. Look at your three best friends, if it's not them, it's you.

You laugh now because you're older than me by mere months, but when you're 30 and I'm still 29, who will be laughing then?

Boys are like slinkeys, useless, but fun to watch fall down the stairs.


Don't follow in my footsteps, I tend to walk into walls

Weird is good, strange is bad, and odd is when you don't know which to call someone. Weird is the same as different, which is the same as unique, than weird is good. I am Weird and PROUD OF IT!

If electricity comes from electrons, does morality come from morons

Duct tape is like the force, it has a light side and a dark side and it holds the universe together

Always forgive your enemiesNothing annoys them more

Don’t mess with me; I've got a stick

A wise man once said, "Ask a girl."

The person who smiles when things go wrong has found someone to blame it on

They will never be forgotten

are like
apples on trees.
The best ones are
at the top of the tree.The
boys dont want to reach
for the good ones because they
are afraid of falling and geting hurt.
Instead, they just get the rotten apples
from the ground that aren't as good,
but easy.So the apples at the top think
something is wrong with them, when in
reality they are amazing. They just
have to wait for the right boy to
come along, the one who's
brave enough to
climb all
the way
to the top
of the tree.

Quotes/Converstions between me and my friends.

"I saw one in my parents room." "Well i saw one in my sister's room." "I saw one in my room, and it was really close!" -Me and my friend.

"Some people inherit their mother's eyes, some people inherit their father's smile, i inherited my parents weirdness." -Me

"I get the cheese part, but what about the it? think about it. cheese-it. ugh, i don't want to know..." -Me

"I understand that Scissors can beat Paper, and I get how Rock can beat Scissors, but there's no fucking way Paper can beat Rock. Paper is supposed to magically wrap around Rock leaving it immobile? Why the hell can't paper do this to scissors? Screw scissors, why can't paper do this to people? Why aren't sheets of college ruled notebook paper constantly suffocating student as they attempt to take notes in class? I'll tell you why, because paper can't beat anybody, a rock would tear that shit up in 2 seconds. When I play rock/ paper/ scissors, I always choose rock. Then when somebody claims to have beaten me with their paper I can punch them in the face with my already clenched fist and say, oh shit, I'm sorry, I thought paper would protect you, asshole."

Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
Sugar is sweet,
And so are you,
But the roses are wilting,
The violets are dead,
The sugar bowl's empty,
And so is your head.

The two most common elements in the world are hydrogen and stupidity.

No guy is worth your tears & the ones who are won’t make you cry.

Adults are just kids with money.

Never take life seriously. Nobody gets out alive anyways.

Peace out Peeples!! ;)

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100 Moments by xStarXStruckx reviews
Just 100 moments in the life of Percy and Annabeth. Comes in all different scenarios, each containing lots of Percabeth! EDIT: Yes, I'm back!
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