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So, today, I would like to unofficially announce a new story. I'm not going to give away much information, just that this is a very beefy piece and I'm just a little scared. I'll probably end up losing sleep over it. But, I promise, I'll try to finish Rising Sun before I really get into it. The Prologue is already written, and I'm starting the first chapter, but I'll make sure to set aside some time to complete it.

Anywho, call this my unofficial Press release of my latest story. I'm really siked and can't wait to post the first pieces.

ANYWAYS, carry on with your lives:D

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Currently a total twi-holic (proud twihard, actually), but I will forever be a Ringer (Lord of the Rings). My friend inspired me to continue writing some little bits of fanfiction I had. The stuff I have in legible form can be found if you scroll down, and see my story "Rising Sun." (or Cullen Fourth, my attempt at a comedic one-shot which was inspired by my visit to family for the 4th. We had lots of fireworks:P)

BTW PLEASE vote in my poll if you have read the story. I need a little of your opinion. :)

One note: If you haven't noticed, New Moon is my favorite book in the Saga. Just thought I'd throw that out there.

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"Fall down again, Bella?" "No, Emmett. I punched a werewolf in the face." Emmett blinked, and then burst into a roar of laughter. - Eclipse (Emmett/Bella)

"It's only within the finer tunings of a good Italian sports car that you're out of your depth. And speaking of Italy and sports cars that I stole there, you still owe me a yellow Porsche" - Eclipse (Alice)

On the opposite side of the chain from the wolf, there now hung a brilliant heart-shaped crystal. It was cut in a million facets, so that even in the subdued light shining from the lamp, it sparkled... "But I thought it was a good representation," he continued. "It's hard and cold." He laughed. "And it throws rainbows in the sunlight." "You forgot the most important similarity," I murmured. "It's beautiful." "My heart is just as silent," he mused. "And it, too, is yours." - Eclipse (Edward/Bella)

His eyes narrowed slightly. "But I am a werewolf," he said unwillingly. "And he is a vampire," he added with obvious revulsion. And I’m a Virgo!" I shouted with exasperation. - Eclipse (Jacob/Bella)

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Don't fall for someone unless they're willing to catch you.

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