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*If you're looking for a read, look at Morbid Curiosity - it's probably my best fic to date, though it ain't finished yet. It will be. :)*

Yo. You're reading my bio. Well done. Just so you know, my supposed "home page" (imagine me as Dr. Evil whenever I do that, especially when he says 'magma' in the third movie) ain't a fiction one, but I WILL have a fanfic page up and running one day.

Now, me. A fanfic author. Why? Because all of my original stories suck and I'm a gibbering idiot who needs other peoples' characters and settings to make plots work. Innit cool?

I write BtVS ('Buffy the Vampire Slayer', for those who Have No Idea) primarily. I write Spike a bunch, but not explicitely. My favourite actual pairings on the show include ...hmmm... Tara/Willow is one... Xander/Cordelia... gah, not much else, admittedly. I like unconventional stuff, slash and het, like Spike/Xander, or Spike/Tara, or Wesley/Faith, or Angel/Wesley, or Angel/Spike (most things that are Spike is fine by me). I hate Buffy/Angel - so overdone - and Buffy/Riley - I just hate Captain Cardbourd. Xander/Buffy is sweeeeet...buuuut... Oh come ON! Xander and Buffy?! Ya, right. Spike/Xander is more likely...

Then again, I don't like Buffy much. Not a fan of Spuffy, either. Not as overdone as Buffy/Angel, but getting there. Plus, Spuffy is usually angsty, or, in comedies, Spike ends up being a scene-stealer and I hate it when he's not in it, where as with other Spike/Whoever fics, I generally don't find who's in the scene or what.

I like to stereotype. In case you haven't noticed. Or, I like making huge, sweeping generalizations. Take your pick, whatever offends you the most, teehee.

By the way, I think it SUCKS that the peoples have banned NC - 17. It drove the bulk of the good writers away, I feel. I'm not one for PWP, or anything, but only those mature enough can write NC-17, and mature peoples generally write better than most, despite the PWP moments. Logic? Good.

Okay, what else? I like 'Harry Potter', but you have to be damned good writer of Snape, Draco or Lucius to impress me with it. I usually bypass a lot of HP stuff, and try and hunt vainly for the goods. I...am not so good at HP stuff, but, I'm getting there. By the way, who the hell decided Lucius is six years older than James and Co.? It makes past fics SO friggin hard to write, damn you all. *hates the world in general* Anyhoozit *brightens, Lucius is probably the coolest character in HP, in my opinionated opinion. Then Snape. Then Draco. Everyone else comes somehwere after that, though I like Rowling's Ron. Fanfiction's Ron pisses me off a lot of the time. Hermione... *shoots her*

I wonder how many people I've offended?

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Morbid Curiosity reviews
chapter seven up:: Total AU. Slash. Read inside for this alternative world's settings - Xander, Faith, Tara, Gunn and William join forces against evil, school and - gasp - adolescence! Please just take a look.
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In the year 3098, the fourth of January, in a lonely little apartment the landlord had forgotten about, the starved, alone Spike remembers things, like golden hair, smiles that made the night burn, and gunshots ringing in his ears.
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My Mind, Your Mind reviews
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Always reviews
Song-fic about when Angel sees Buffy with Riley (my own version of this). Lyrics by John Bon Jovi, not mine. Please R + R!
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