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4/1/15 - Masquerade turns one year old in twenty-two days. I know it doesn't have many reviews, but, I know people are reading just from how many views I get. I want to thank everyone who's stuck with it, and I'm going to begin to re-write chapters one through four after I finish chapter's twenty and twenty one. Again, thank you to everyone who reads my content. 1,000 plus views is pretty damn nice for a story with only one review. I've come a long way, and I'm only going to get better from here.

4/10/15 - The file for chapter 20 was corrupted, meaning I have to redo the entire thing.

5/4/15 - Chapter one rewrite for Masquerade is in progress.

5/17/15 - Hoping to upload tonight or sometime next week.

5/19/15 - With chap 21 uploaded, I'm not going to write chap 22 for a while. I'm very sick, so I'm taking a short break.

5/21/15 - Slowly getting over being sick. Progression on chapter twenty-two has picked up again. Also, with the transitions in Masquerade, I literally have to write "transition." Nothing else is working. Any tips?

5/31/15 - Chapter 22 is in the works yet again. Almost finished. Also, with updates, I'm hoping to start uploading more often. I'm starting to finally enjoy writing once more, after a lot of issues in real life prevented me from really enjoying anything.

6/1/15 - Chapter 22 should be uploaded sometime this week. I'm hoping either tonight, tomorrow, or Wednesday.

6/3/15 - With Chapter 22 uploaded, I'm going to take a small break before writing chapter 23.

6/5/15 - Finally on summer break. I'm officially a Senior in high school. Hopefully I can get more work done.

6/16/15 - Chapter one re-write of Masquerade is about 70% done, and writing for chapter 23 is about to begin.

6/23/15 - The revised version of chapter one is finally up! Chapter 23 still hasn't been written on, but that's gonna change.

7/4/15 - Happy Independence Day! I'm hoping to finish up chapter one of Gravedigger and chapter 23 of Masquerade is almost done!

7/25/15 - I finished chapter 23. Gonna revise it and upload it later, and gonna start writing chapter 24, and then chapter 25. Gonna try to get those two done around early-mid August.

8/11/15 - Chapter 23 is up! Chapter 24 is finished and will go up on the 18th!

8/18/15 - Chapter 24 is going to be delayed. Re-writing a few things.

9/20/15 - I'm sorry for the hiatus. Things are pretty rough right now, so forgive me.

9/26/15 - Chapter 24 is up! FINALLY!

On-going stories

Pokemon Masquerade

Upcoming Stories

JoJo's Bizarre Night Shift - Jotaro Kujo becomes a night guard at the local pizzeria, then begins to find out the horrifying truth. He begins to become determined to solve the murders.

Link's Awakening - A novelization of Link's Awakening, with some.. changes.

Every Rose Has Its Thorn - A nuzlocke fanfiction starring Hilda White, going through Unova to try and find her father that was supposedly kidnapped by Team Plasma.

Fire Emblem: Gravedigger - The countries of Exirth and Besordine are in a religious war, each country believing itself to be good, and both determined to come out on top. Though, something else lurks in the darkness. This will be split into five different parts for story reasons.

About me..

My name is Josh. I'm seventeen years old, and I'm now a Senior in High School with this incoming year. I don't know if I want to go to college, but I've always wanted to become a musician or an author. Or maybe both. With Junior year now over, I only have a year left of my childhood. This is gonna be a wild ride.

I like writing important messages through stories, whether it be through fanfiction, or through original stories.

Favorite bands: Disturbed, Slipknot, Issues, A Day To Remember, HELLYEAH, Papa Roach, King 810, In this Moment.. basically, a lot of rock.

Things I like to read/watch: The Solitary book series, various Steven King books, JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, Doctor Who.

My steam: Josh

I update once or twice every month, usually. If I don't update for a while, assume I'm either under writer's block or something personal is going on in my life.

Top ten favorite games

10. Town Of Salem

9. Pokemon Platinum

8. Battleblock Theatre

7. Super Smash Bros 4 (3DS)

6. Persona 3

5. Final Fantasy 1

4. Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

3. Earthbound

2. Fire Emblem: Awakening

1. Shovel Knight

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