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Hiya, everybody nice to meet you! I'm FurudeRika but most of my friends just call me Rika!

Age: 19

Gender: Female, if you haven't notice my name... No I am not a man because I put a man up as my avatar. He's a hot bishi and I'm a bishi fanatic. End of story.

Location: ...in my chair...at my house...?

Country: Canada

Other names I was called by or used: Risa Re~!, Amazon, Kirby647, Onee-chan~!, FurudeRisa, FurudeRika, or just Rika...and so forth

Likes: My baby cousins and sisters and nephews/nieces (they are sooo cute). XD I used to like anime, but I tend to be a really picky person when it comes to it. I still like (and watch) some anime/manga though.

Currently watching: Hanasaku Iroha, Nurarihyon no Mago II, and Sacred Seven.

Dislikes: Bugs...especially spiders and ones that look creepy. My most recent hate for bugs are superworms. Don't know what that is? Look it up and imagine picking that thing up with tweezers and having it squirm as you move it from one area to another.

Hobbies: I play on my keyboard, drawing random things (though I'm not that good at drawing). And no I don't do Math or Chemistry in my spare time even though I am good at both. Using random Japanese words like 'Oro?' 'Desu' 'Nani' 'Gao' 'Yah (no)' 'Hai!'. Also, new hobby, procrastinating. Gotta love procrastinating.

I'm a proud member of Project-S Team, go read our collab fanfic Tales of Fading Light and give us a review!! It'll make us really really happy!

I'm also a proud member of the OC Hotel! Come by and RP but please read the Rules first. I really hate it if I'm the person to have to chew you guys for breaking rules. (OC Hotel has now been closed. We have been moved to a new location and all of us are content with our new place.)

Favorite anime(s): Tales of the Abyss, Hakuouki, Umineko no Naku Koro Ni, Clannad: After Story, Shugo Chara, Kuroshitsuji, Utawarerumono, Higurashi no Naku Koro Ni and Kai and Rei, La Corda D'Oro, Inuyasha, Vampire Knight, Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, Spice and Wolf, D.N.Angel, and the list goes on.

Favorite manga(s): TotA: Tsuioku no Jade, TotA: Senketsu no Asch, Vampire knight, Fushigi Yugi: Genbu Kaiden, Fire Emblem: Hasha no Tsurugi, Shugo Chara, Ayashi no Ceres, Record of a Fallen Vampire, and so forth.

Favorite Music: I like Japanese music. A lot.

Favorite Artist: I like Suara the best, followed by Akiko Shikata/Fiction Junction/Kalafina then On/Off. Yuki Kajiura FTW!

Favorite Song(s): You..don't want to know. A crap load of JPop. And some KPop. Currently I'm addicted to 風遙か (Kaze Haruka) by Yoshioka Aika.

Favorite games as of now:
-Fire Emblem: Fuuin no Tsurugi
-Fire Emblem: Blazing Swords
-Fire Emblem: Sacred Stones
-Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance
-Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn
-Tales of Symphonia
-Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World
-Tales of the Abyss
-Tales of Innocence
-Tales of Vesperia
-Tales of Hearts
-Tales of Graces f
-Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess
-Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of time
-Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask
-Hakuouki DS
-Fushigi Yuugi DS (Kagami no Miko)
-Sudoku (don't ask why)

Favorite Pairings from the games I know or like:

Tales of Symphonia:

Tales of the Abyss:

Tales of Innocence:

Tales of Vesperia:

Tales of Hearts:

Tales of Graces:

Legend of Zelda:


Favorite Quotes/Lines/Conversations:

Tales of Symphonia

Lloyd: No its not!
Yggdrasill: Yes it is.
*repeats for a couple more times*

Yuan: And just who the hell are you?

Genis: Dwarven Vow Number 7!
Colette: Goodness and Love always win!
Lloyd: Uh, I hate that saying.

Lloyd: I've lost all confidence as a man.
Genis: Me, too...

Zelos: Oh...hey Lloyd? If you abadon me here, I swear, I'll come back to haunt you.
Lloyd: (sweatdrops) ...I just have a sudden, violent urge to abandon you.

Gnomelette 3: What? You losers got a problem? You wanna fight?
Lloyd: Their reactions are identical to the point that it's just silly... No we don't have any business with you.
Gnomelette 3: Hmm? Your face says, "We want to go further in, but there's a big chasm and we can't go any further. I wonder if there was some other place we haven't been yet? Well, I guess we'll go here." Right?
Lloyd: ...What kind of face is that?!

Richter: Courage is the magic that turns dreams into reality

Alice: I call you 'dumbo' because you're D-U-M-B dumb!

Tales of the Abyss

Luke: It's not my fault!

Luke: (now in Japanese) Ore wa warakuneee...!

Jade: Oh I assure you I'm crying in the inside. Wracked with guilt.
Guy: Uh-huh

Peony: Next!

Jade: Your Majesty...
Peony: Shut up. Don't beg, I'll puke.

Peony: (to Jade) Don't worry, you're the non-cute Jade.

Anise: (pokes Guy) Peta peta peta peta peta peta peta peta peta peta peta...
Guy: (screaming in the background)
Jade: Hai hai. (joins Anise) Peta peta peta peta peta peta peta peta
Guy: T-there's a limit to things, you know! A-and Jade! Don't get carried away, too!
Jade: Kapu.

Ion: The poor thing must've been terrified. She screamed 'I'll kill you bastards' as she fell.

Luke & Guy: No, he's [Jade] scary on the inside, too.

Dist's Letter: It's not in Daath~
Luke: ...He should have said it's in Daath.

(Tales of the Abyss: Tsuioku no Jade)
Jade: (After they stole Dist's belongings) Those thieves sure have bad tastes...

Jade: Oh that's not all. After all, I excel in both literary and military arts, and even have the looks to match. Even if I say so myself, I am perfect!
Luke & Guy: 'This one isn't very mature either...'

Peony: And another thing. You may be a replica but you're not an 'imposter'. You're just another Luke who happens to have the same name and looks. You're the 'real thing'.

Jade: That's so mean, Luke. It's like you're saying I'm not a simple nice kid now.
Luke: When and where were you simple or nice?

Jasper: It seems that he [Saphir] thought Jade and I were becoming friends, he became jealous and did a lot of things to harass me.
Jade: Absolutely disgusting, isn't he?

Jasper: W-w-why are you [Peony] in a place like this?!
Peony: For a change in mood! ;P
Luke: You're too fast!
Peony: That's naive of you, Luke. As an emperor, one has to be prepared for times of danger and familiar with secret passages!
Jade: We can't have emperors sneaking through the windows...

Peony: Jasper is 'Good JC' and this guy [Jade] is 'Evil JC'.
Jade: They were our nicknames during our school days because both of our initials are the same.
Everybody: 'Evil...Fully understood...!'

Jade: Oh, yes, which reminds me. Your Majesty should be more devoted to your work since you have such cute subdorinates. (snaps fingers)
Peony: Eh...? (a bunch of soldiers come up out of nowhere and captures Peony)

Peony: You! You dare sell off your best friend?!
Jade: Best friend? Who's that? :D
Peony: D:

(From the Senketsu no Asch manga)

Luke: Fuwaa~ Toilet, toilet (turns at a corner and bumps into someone) ASCH?!
Asch: Be quiet!!!

(From a drama CD)
Peony: Cute little Jade! Non-cute Jade is being scary! Come save me-(something jumps into his arms)
Jade (the rappig): (snorts)

Frings: Have you seen His Majesty?
Jade: He's right over there.
Frings & Peony: EH?!
Peony: Jade, you traitor...!

(While playing the game)
Me (playing as Jade): (uses a Life Bottle on Guy)
Luke: Using this! (attempts to use an item)
Natalia: (Does the finishing blow on Nebilim)
Nebilim: I...lost...?
(screen whites out)
Luke: What do you mean I can't?!
Everybody in my house: XD

Tales of Innocence

Spada: What'cha reading, Ange?
Ange: Parables.
Spada: Let's see... Whoa! Words! My eyes! It burns!

Ange: How about looking at illustrated manuscripts?
Spada: Sure... ...Talk about ugly.

Iria: !!
Luca: Iria! What's wrong-!!
Spada: You...!
(screen backs out revealing Ricardo blocking their path)
Spada: (to Ricardo) Who are you again?
Iria & Luca: (sweatdrops)

Spada: (after hugging Luca a couple of times) How about another hug? :D
Ange: No, you shouldn't.
Spada: Okay, how about I hug you, Ange?
Ange: No!

Iria: No more circus coming to town, no more horseback rides, I won't even see my parents again...
Luca: No more homework, no studying, no tests...
Iria: I'm trying to think of happy and fun times here! (walks away)
Luca: But...Aren't tests...fun...?

Tales of Vesperia

Rita: Impossible is not in my dictionary, I rip the page out

Yuri: Hahaha. Loser.

Yuri: Does it matter? I am so gonna kick your ass!
Flynn: No no no no no, I'm gonna kick your ass!
Yuri: Oh ho! It's on NOW!

Yuri: Light this thing in the middle of monsters...and then watch it go BOOM!

Yuri: Hey! Don't go getting yourself ripped apart.
Flynn: You'll get yourself killed if you keep watching me fight!
Yuri: Hah hah! Come on! I'm just in awe of the Great Flynn Scifo!
Flynn: Sh-shut up!
Yuri: Hey, this isn't hte time to get worked up.
Flynn: I'm not worked up!
Yuri: It's okay, don't hide it.
Fylnn: Would you be serious for once?!
Yuri: I am serious!
Flynn: I can't concentrate with you talking all the time.
Yuri: Well, I can't concentrate without talking so...We're kind of stuck.

Raven: Oh YES! Oh god, yes! (falls over)

Raven: I don't mind being wet-(gets knocked over by Rita)
Rita: Full speed ahead, Tokunaga.

Raven: (after being knocked down twice by Yuri and Karol)
Judith: (lends a hand)
Raven: (takes it and she helps him up) Oh thanks Judy.
Judith: (punches him like Yuri and Karol had and walks away)
Raven: x.x
Rita: *knocks him out* I didn't want to feel left behind.

(Extended version of the one above)
Raven: x.x
Rita: *knocks him out* I didn't want to feel left behind.
Patty: *rams him in his stomach* Me, too (no ja).
Me: Come on, Flynn. Hit him too... *Flynn helps him up* DAMMIT! D:

Patty: *swims in the sand and grabs Yuri's legs* It's Yuri (no ja)!

Patty: It's true! ...I think.
Raven: You think?

Patty: Let's feed him to the sharks!

Tales of Hearts

Chalcedony: S-so I should call her [the Empress] by her name? P-P-Paraiba...(insert a really long pause)...sama.
Shing & Kohaku: ^^;
Chalcedony: H-hey! It's hard, you know!

Tales of Graces

Sophie: Asbel, why are you wearing all white?
Asbel: This? Well, about that... *this for a very long time* That's right! I remember-
Cheria: Too long!

Asbel: We won't lo-
Cheria: Lose!
Pascal: Or perish!
Sophie: Or be defeated!
Asbel: *sulks in an invisible corner* Or cry if left alone...

Asbel: Ready? We won't-
*Note that the three guys below said this all at the same time while Asbel remains confused*
Hubert: Head official of the Republic of Strahta's 3rd Division of Intelligence Services and Counter-Measure against Chaotic Monsters, Hubert Ozwell!
Malik: Fendel Empire's Generalissimo's Special Aide-de-camp and Honorated Instructor of Windol's Knight Academy, Malik Ceasars!
Richard: Son of the late King Ferdinand and Windol's current king, Richard.
Asbel: HEY!

Sophie: The Professor's height is really tall. Why is that?
Malik: That's a good question. It's to pick apples from apple trees more easily.
Sophie: I see!
Hubert: Please don't tell her such obious lies with a serious face like that...

Asbel: We won't lo- *nearly steps on Hubert's glasses*
Hubert: AH! Don't step on them! DON'T STEP ON THEM!

Richard: Sophie seems to love Kanitama.
Sophie: Yeah, Kanitama.
Pascal: I'm sure Richard's eating royal Kanitama.
Sophie: Royal...Kanitama?
Richard: No, I actually don't-
Sophie: *advances on Richard* Royal Kanitama. Royal Kanitama. Royal Kanitama. Royal Kanitama. Royal Kanitama. Royal Kanitama. Royal Kanitama. Royal Kanitama.
Richard: *backs away* Wait, Sophie... Please calm down first.

Time to finish a battle: Over a second*
Hubert: That battle only lasted an instant.
Sophie: Asbel, how long is an instant?
Asbel: Basically not even a second.
Sophie: Hubert's a liar.

Malik: *uses Eternal Serenade on final boss*
And so 6 months has passed
Malik: *casts Eternal Serenade on normal enemies*
Sophie: I thought you said *spoiler* would be the last victim of that spell.
Malik: Yes, that's right. That day, I sealed the use of Eternal Serenyade away.
Sophie: I see, so that was a different technique.

Hubert: Wonderfully quoted. Who said that?
Malik: M. Ceasars.
Hubert: I've heard of that name before- Wait, that's YOU!

Hubert: It's not 'I'. We are going to do this.

Asbel: Cats have it easy. Everyday it looks like fun...
Malik: I agree. Sometimes I get jealous of their care-free nature.
Pascal: If that's the case, shall I turn you both with this Cat-Changing machine?
Malik: Huh...?
Pascal: Here we go~
Malik: WAIT!
Asbel: This...isn't cats, it's more like...
Malik: Katz?!
Hubert: I've always been thinking about this but...What are Katz? They aren't cats nor are they human.
Cheria: They're obviously people. If they are cats, then they would be called 'cat people'.
Sophie: Katz also wonder why Katz are creatures called Katz.
Malik: Hey, you guys. Do something about this.
Sophie: The Professor and Asbel...how cute.
Richard: Haha, it suits them. Especially Malik.
Malik: I am flattered...

Pascal: Well, doesn't it [fermented soybeans] smells great!
Hubert: Like he- It stinks...

Asbel: You two, what are you up to?
Sophie: Teehee. It's a secret.
Asbel: S-secret?!


(The next few ones are from the Winter Anthology Drama CD)
Richard doll: TO-MO-DA-CHIIIIII!

Asbel: 'Cuse me! Can you please give me a bowl of curry-AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! CHERIA!

Sophie: There. *dumps Natto in the curry*

Sophie: After the events in Fodra, we'll become family, right Asbel?
Asbel: Yeah!
Sophie: Hubert, can you come over and play sometimes?
Hubert: I'll do that when I'm on a break.
Sophie: Asbel-tou-san. Hubert-oji-san.
Asbel: Dad...That sounds odd.
Hubert: Uncle...?
Sophie: And let's not forget, Grandma!
Asbel & Hubert: ...!
Hubert: By 'Grandma'...you mean, our mother...?
Sophie: Yeah. The Professor taught me that my dad's mom would be my grandma.
Asbel: That's right. Mom's...a grandma now.
Hubert: If Mom is called 'Grandma', I'm sure she'll cry.

Sophie: The future is near... Asbel's thoughts... To me, Asbel's my father...
Richard: If Asbel's your father, then Cheria's your mother.
Sophie: Yeah. Pascal's my older sister. The Professor's my grandfather. Hubert's my older brother... But since I became Asbel's child, he became my uncle.
Richard: I see.
Sophie: And so, Richard, you're my older brother (aniki not onii-san XD).
Richard: Eh? Ah...I suppose. Older brother...?
Malik: After these events are over, you'll return to that number one position. Am I right, Your Majesty?
Richard: 'Grandpa', shall I give you a shoulder massage?
Malik: I'll look forward to that. 'Grandson'.
Sophie: Family. We're all family.
Malik: Ah~ Just a little bit to the right, 'grandson'.
Richard: It's a little stiff over there, isn't it, 'Grandpa'? Fufufufu...
Malik: It hurts a little...'grandson'. Fufufufu.
Sophie: *the sound of something cracking* Ah! A bone...!

Tales of Festival

Zelos: I love you, hunnies~ Thank you for gathering here today, specially for me!!
Kanonno: Umm... Today's event has the Graces Corner, and Back-On, and Girls Next Door... Anyway, there are lots of things going on today, so I don't think that the customers ga...gathered specially for Zelos-san, right?
Zelos: Eeeeeh?! Is that so? Then, it's not an event of the Great Zelos? Not FOR the Great Zelos? Not an event specifically ONLY for the Great Zelos?!
Zelos: Then I'm going home.

Tear: Yuri, can you hide us?
Yuri: (in a maid outfit) Welcome back, Master...

Yuri: Wait! There's a profound reason behind this!

Leon: Stahn.
Stahn: Yes?
Leon: Prepare yourself.
Stahn: Eeeeeeeeh?!
Leon: I will defeat you and change history! I will never approve to that kind of a future! *in ToD2, Rutee (who is Leon's sister) married Stahn and had a kid*

Kyle: Thank you, Leon-ojisan (Uncle Leon)!
Leon: Don't call me ojisan!
Kyle: Ch... Ja...Emilio-san?
Leon: That name should be used only by Marian!
Kyle: Tch! Then what should I call you?
Leon: Call me anything you want.
Kyle: Fine, Judas!
Leon: Stop talking nonsense!
Kyle: It's not nonsense! You two are the same when you think about it.

Luca: B-But...Tear's heavier than Leon [by 2kg]...
Tear: ...HOLY LANCE!

Lloyd: Yooshi! I'm going to drink out of this bottle right now! (starts drinking)
Kyle: A-are! That drink Lloyd is drinking...
Stahn: Hey, Leon, isn't that...
Leon: Yes, it's that drink.
Lloyd: (finish drinking) Baah~ E-eh...W-what? What? Why is everyone staring at me like that...?
(screen blacks out)
Lloyd: Nanjakoreaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa?!

Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance

Ike: What the!? Um..who are you?

Ike: Um...Hey there!

Soren: Well I receive something nice from your admirer Ikey-poo!

Aimee: Hey Soren, eww..I mean..Hi.

Ranulf: Oh, so what do we beat him with? Angry looks?

Volke : ...

Volke: Insert random number that is like in the thousand Gold

Ike: So what we'll do is...
Ranulf: We run right up and strike down the commander, right?
Ike: Right...How did you know?
Ranulf: I know. Genius.

Reyson: When I bashed Duke Tanas' face, he only suffered a bloody nose, but it cracked the bones in the back of my hand.

Volke: You there, in the bushes. You have until the count of five to show yourself before I start throwing sharp objects at you. One...Two...Four...

Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn

Sothe: Ditto

Volug: ...


Okita Souji: ...or else I'll kill you [Chizuru]. (This is done with a straight face. And he's smiling.)

Hijikata Toshizou: ...You bastards.

Kazama Chikage: You...How dare you [Hijikata] mar my face!!

Toudou Heisuke: Demon! Hijikata, you demon! Demon Vice-Commander (Lieutenant)!

Heisuke (same thing above but it's because I find it more amusing in Japanese XD): 鬼!土方さん、鬼!鬼副長!(Oni! Hijikata-san, oni! Oni fukuchou!)

Saitou: ...後で直す.(Romaji: atode naosu. English translation: I'll fix it later)

From the Drama CD:
Shinpachi: So? What's the name of the cat?
Souji: Toshizou*
(Note: the Oni-fukuchou aka Demon Vice Commander's name is Hijikata Toshizou)

Saitou: I see...what is the cat's name?
Souji: Toshizou.
Saitou: (insert long pause) ...Is this one of your usual bad jokes?
Souji: It's not a joke. Right, Toshizou~?
Toshizou: Nyah!

Toshizou: Nyah~
Saitou: Fukuchou! Don't raise your voice!
Hijikata: (thought Saitou was talking to him) What are you talking about? The one who's raising their voice is you!

Saitou: Fukuchou (the cat), Fukuchou (Hijikata) and Souji are having a heated discussion. Please be quiet.

Kondou: Kazama-hime, we're here to...to...
Okita: Fight*.
Kondou: That's right! We're here to fight!
Saitou: Oya?
Kazama: Hou...? A fight...?
Kondou: N-no! No no no no!
(note: In Japanese Kondou says 'ke...ke...' and Okita replies 'kettou' which means fight. In the story of Kaguya-hime, marriage is 'kekkon'. By the way, Kazama is a man.)


Rika (Higurashi no Naku Koro Ni): Ni-pah~

Moogle: Kupo!

(Fushigi Yuugi: Genbu Kaiden)
Feiyan: That bitch cut off my arm!! I'm going to kill her!
Limdo: (an arrow points to him that says: 'The bitch') 'Shucks'

(Jaken sings Grip!)
Sesshomaru: Oi...!
Jaken: (continues singing it)
Sesshomaru: Jaken!
Jaken: (still singing)
Jaken: Aaaaaauuuuuuuuuugghhh! (kept singing)
Jaken: Oooowwww! What might you be doing Lord Sessomaru?
Sesshomaru: Knock it off, Jaken.
(Taken from http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AT87oIUonUA)

Totosai: (sighs) Sesshomaru calls his great sword useless and Inuyasha is useless with his great sword. How I underestimate the two of them...

(How to Train Your Dragon)
Hiccup: Thanks for nothing, you useless reptile...

(Howl's Moving Castle)
Calcifer: Help, help! Crazy lady with a shovel!

Calcifer: Here's another curse: May all your bacons burn.

(Arrested Development)
Frank: I don't want no part of your tight ass country club, ya freak bitch!

(John Q)
Denise: And you don't talk to me. I would say what I think about you, but I'm a Christian woman!

The most randomist thing I've ever heard or done in my life!

Student: Sir, what are you like in high school?
Teacher: I was an asshole. I-I-I mean, I was a teacher's pet. (the second part was intentional)
Student: Right...

In school, we call this guy Okaa-san (mommy) and this girl Otou-san (daddy). Yeah, I know, we is special.

Always and never are two words you always remember never to use.

You sound like you're smiling (person to me)

(A teen gave an person a peace sign)
Person: Ohhh...Now they're giving us TWO fingers...

Person over the phone (PP): We just wanted to call to apologize to you.
Yuri Lowenthal: What? Why?
PP: Um...well, you know the next game is coming and..um...we can't have you read for the main character because you just did Luke and Asch in the last game and they, you know, they don't want it to sound the same.
Yuri Lowenthal: Well, I understand that-
PP: No, no, no, no. We wanted to apologize because...they named the lead character Yuri Lowell.
Yuri Lowenthal: What?!
(Taken from http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cAYFI24z4CQ)

My Chemistry Proffessor: I have to use energy to make you excited.
Everyone: O_O

Stats Prof: Isn't that sexy?
Me: O_O

Kratos: Fuwahahahaha! I am an ANGEL!
(Taken from http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ycipR1Ftd_k)

Me: (at work) Is that Phen?
My cousin: No. that's a customer!
Me: No that's a Phen.
Phen: (notices that we're talking about him) Eh?

Japanese Prof: (speaks Japanese) You're going to have to get use to listening to me in Japanese. If you don't understand, you'll do fine.

What going on right now: I have five stories that's out right now:

Abysmal Liquidity:
Self-Insert fic. Anh wakes up and finds herself in the Tales of the Abyss game...a few days before it actually started! She faces some large scale problem and Jade suddenly steps in and helps her financially. The downside to his offer? She now has to work for him, no questions asked.

Necromancer's Son: (Hold)
Jade finds a woman with a baby in the outskirts of Daath after the battle in Eldrant. Whether he was drunk or completely sane, he decides to take them to Grand Chokmah to provide shelter for them. Things got ugly when he found out that the baby was actually the son of Asch the Bloody.

Angelus: (On hold)
A012, aka Anna, manages to escape from her hellhole. The problem is, she can't seem to find her way out of the base. Just when she thought she was doomed, her knight in shining armor comes in and saves the day. Except that...he's not really a knight in shining armor but a purple clad mercenary...?


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