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My name is Terra MacGregor, and I am an anime addict. I watch it every night and read shitloads of fanfiction. I'm no good at drawing, but I'm ok at writing. I used to be a twihard but then I found the wonderful world of Death Note and have been hooked on anime ever since.

I am co writing a Kingdom Hearts Twilight x-over with dangerouslywrong. It is called Twilighted Kingdom


I LOVE yaoi but if you don't then I'll respect you and not yell at you for having your own opionion, the yaoi fangirls that are like that are just plain rude.

You Know You're Obsessed With Organization XIII When...

-you know all the members names, elements, and weapons in order.
-you know that Axel and Roxas are more or less gay for each other.
-you look up pictures of them on deviantart in your spare time.
-when reading comics about Org XIII, you laugh even if they're not entirely funny.
-you know which eye Xigbar doesn't have.
-you watch the KHIIFM and KHRE:CoM promotional video over and over and over and over...
-you know all the voice actors of the members from KH.
-you are either madly in love with Larxene, or scared to death of her.
-you think Marluxia is homosexual.
-you are confused as to how Demyx is described as a bad fighter when it took you at least five tries to defeat him.
-you are secretly trying to grow your hair out to look like one of the members.
-you write Organization XIII, NEVER Organization 13.
-at first you thought Xigbar was real ugly, then you thought he was annoying to defeat, then you thought he was the coolest member of them all.
-you refer to Xemnas' outfit in the final fight as his Zebra-suit.
-it is clear that there is only one female in the Organization and not one of the others look like girls at all.
-the background music to the Org boss fights are either 13th Struggle, 13 Dilemma, or Darkness of the Unknown.
-You know the real names of members 1-6 and 13.
-you are well aware of the name arrangement (anagramX)
-when playing KH2, you skip all the Disney scenes unless they have members in them.
-yo shun people who have died to Luxord.
-you can say who said which catch phrase: dance water dance; clever little sneak; all shall be lost to you; and where's the fun in this?.
-you have made at least one fake Facebook profile honoring them.
-under "religious beliefs" on Facebook, you have written "Nobodyism" at least once.
-you know which member shows up the least in the KH saga.
-you will go crazy if you hear "Got it memorized?" one more time.
-despite the fact Saix and Xemnas only talk once, you see Saix as a suck up to Xemnas.
-you know the chance of Mickey resurecting Sora when facing Xaldin.
-you know each member commands a certain nobody, and you know which one as well.
-you know you're nobody name and it's either your screen name or password.
-you look up movies and find good english voice actors for the members who don't already have VA's.
-Roxas from Org XIII is awsome, while Roxas from Twilight Town is a dork.
-you make Mii's of the members on your Wii.
-you know how much KHIIFM will cost if sold in America.
-you can name something else that I have yet to name.
-you buy Org XIII cloaks that are sold on EBay.
-Xemnas does NOT fight with lightsabers, they are Ethereal Blades.
-Vexen's really high pitched laugh on the GBA annoys the shit outta you.
-you know the way to defeat Lexaeus on the GBA without losing a single health bar.
-Reverse rebirth isn't an easter egg, it's the second half of Chain of Memories.
-you know all the titles of the members, I should have said this one earlier.
-you made a chart of which members interact with others, and you know which one wins...by far.
-in a Facebook group, you have made yourself an officer with the title of one of the members, even if the group has nothing to do with Kingdom Hearts.
-the Disney and Final Fantasy part of KH are just obstacles getting in the way of Organization XIII cutscenes.
-you have made sketches of them even if you're not good at drawing.
-you know their eye color and facial structures.
-you refuse to play KH1 again because you are aware there are no members in that game (unless it's Final Mix)
-you cross your fingers and toes that KHRE:CoM and KHIIFM don't follow the same path as KHFM.
-you still hope that one day KHFM will come stateside.
-you draw the nobody symbol on your jeans.
-you can draw the nobody symbol from memory.
-you have your parents memorize the basic info about Org XIII.
-you have your parents memorize the advanced information about Org XIII.
-you think the nobody symbol represents an anchor or an ass.
-you are upset by the how sexist the gamemakers are, the members are all guys!
-you wonder if they accepted another member, would they be Organization XIV?
-you question yourself as to whether their intentions are really all that bad.
-you know who a member is, even if he has his hood up and doesn't say anything.
-you notice that never in KH2 do they show members taking their hoods off in one shot, one shot shows them about to take it off and the second one shows them having it already off...
-you wonder what shampoo they use.
-you're curious how Xigbar's gun arrows work.
-you're not embarassed as to how obsessed you are with them.
-you know the names of their strange weapons.
-when you think of pink, you think of...
-you made a chart of how their elements combine.
-you know that VexenAxel=Demyx. And you know why that is.
-you immitate their voices to make yourself feel powerful.
-you make sexual innuendo's out of their title names (e.g. I'd like to stick my key of destiny into your flurry of dancing flames).
-you think all of them are both ugly and hot at the same time.
-you know their names in Dramatic Hearts.
-you assume Demyx and Axel are friends even though Demyx interacts with no other member throughout the duration of the game.
-you're actually offended when people say the members don't have hearts.
-you think they are all better than...Chuck Norris.
-Ever since seeing the promo video you're determined to share Salty-sweet popsicles with all your friends
-you think DiZ is the villian.
-while facing the members as bosses, you intentionally let them whoop your ass, over and over.
-you take a japanese language course just to understand what they're saying in the pv.
-in the cutscene in Hollow Bastion, you know who was taunting Sora. And for God's sake it wasn't Axel...
-Roxas is not the Key to Destiny
-you can pick out Demyx's laugh from the group in the first cut-scene at Hollow Bastion
-I'll be your best friend when I tell you where I have found a motherload of new Org XIII cutscenes--> they're sooo cool
-You cry when Axel died (pansy, just kidding)
-Silver, black with a white streak, black, blonde, brown, gray, blue, red, blonde, blonde, pink, blonde, and blonde: this of course are the colors of...
-Having graphically detailed dreams inolving you, Saix, Axel, and a shitload of booze(Ive had those!!)
-Whenever you read a boring story you have to equate the characters in it with members just to stay interested
(it saved me from failing a pop quiz, actually)
-You've seen the entire youtube video "tap that" and managed to say that it was somewhat funny

If you think that Axel LOVES saying 'Got it memorized' just cuz he can, copy and paste this onto your profile.

If you think Organization XIII are the best bad guys EVER, copy and paste this onto your profile.

If you are starting to like darkness more then light, copy and paste this onto your profile.

If you are in LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE with any of the Organization members, copy and paste this onto your profile.

I was born in year Xemnas-Demyx-Demyx- Saix

I was born on Roxas Axel Axel day and Saix month

I am Demyx Zexion years old.

My lucky numbers are Axel , Roxas and Roxas Lexaeus

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