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Author has written 8 stories for WALL-E, and Phineas and Ferb.

Wow! I haven't updated for about 5 months! I have been pretty busy! During my absence I quickly joined several fandoms : Friendship is Magic in Mid-April (I watched all 3 seasons within a week); Once Upon a Time in late May, though I and my folks had to wait 'till August to get Season 2 on Blu-ray to catch up. Also, I saw the Doctor Who episodes that started in 2005 this past month (I'm up to "Tooth and Claw" with the Tenth Doctor, by this profile update.) and I have my Netflix instant streaming subscription to thank for all that. I am looking forward to Season 4 of Friendship is Magic and Season 3 of Once Upon a Time this fall.

My Summer College classes are ending as regular school for most non-college students begins...but after Labor week, I get about 3 weeks off between Summer and Fall semesters. Hopefully, I can do some catching up in my writings.

Also, I shall write my first impressions of the above shows near the bottom of my profile.


My name is William. I am more reader-and-reviewer than fan-fiction writer, especially in the Phineas and Ferb section.

I generally love all things Disney. Annual Passholder to Disneyland Resort. Hoping to work there as a cast member.

I am also currently a fan of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, Once Upon a Time, and Doctor Who.

Favorite Video game Series: Nintendo related (especailly Mario and Zelda), Ace Attorney, Professor Layton, Ghost Trick

Favorite Disney/Pixar Movies:Almost all of them but I especially love WALL-E and Enchanted, I also love Phineas and Ferb

I sometimes call myself Candace Defender as Candace from Phineas and Ferb is my favorite misunderstood character, who I have seen is finally getting the respect and strong sibling bond with Phineas in several of these fan fiction stories:-)

Fanfic Status:

If Candace Knew: Across the 2nd Dimension: Completed, Several minor grammar and punctuation errors are there, but I'll fix them as time goes on.

I currently got ideas for my If Candace Knew: The Series based on the following Phineas and Ferb episodes and I'll give you a small hint about each of them:

No More Bunny Business: Teamwork using deception
Nerdy Dancin': Defeating Evil while dancing
Nerds of a Feather: Candace's secret to Perry is revealed
Candace Gets Busted: Jealously nearly destroys their trust
The Remains of the Platypus: The Ninja suits from a latter episode comes in handy
The Doonkleberry Imperative: Perry's risky briefing and Candace's attempt to understand the Mysterious Force
Meapless in Seattle: "Help us, Isabella. You're our only hope!"
Where's Perry: "Look out for the boys while you're in Africa, Candace."

There might be more ideas coming for this series

If Candace Knew: Home for Shorter Chapters: A home for all chapter ideas too short to make a chapter that is at least 1,000 words long.

If Candace Knew: Their Origins: A original fanfic finale to my If Candace Knew fanfics.

If Candace Succeeds: An extended version of "Phineas and Ferb Gets Busted" that takes place outside my If Candace Knew timeline.

Note: My "If Candace Knew" related fanfics should be consider AU as Candace's busting urge never became a addiction of an urge in the "Best Lazy Day Ever" episode. All to the point where it is 99% non-existent in my fanfics. And all because she learned about Agent P, and he asked her, "Why do you bust the boys?" However she still has all the other sides of her personalities: her anxieties, her love for Jeremy, her competitive spirit, and most importantly, her concern for her brothers.

About the show, Phineas and Ferb

Unlike other cartoons, like Spongebob where all the core characters are annoying/insulting others, or the weirdness of the World of Gumball where nudity is actually censored rather than drawn without the "unmentionables", The characters of Phineas and Ferb are actual living, breathing people who have fun during summer; even the two core antagonists, Candace and Dr. Doofenshmirtz, have had enough episodes to show their good sides, unlike Vicky the Babysitter from Fairly Odd Parents.

As every PF fan should know, the five core characters who are in every episode (save for one episode) are: Phineas, Ferb, Candace, Perry, and Dr. Doofenshmirtz ("Doof" for short). The show usually makes its episode with two basic plots: 1. Phineas and Ferb building something to make summer fun everyday, while Candace plays spoilsport, trying to bust them for reasons I think even she does not know. 2. Perry goes to battle Doofenshmirtz, preventing him from causing trouble for the Tri-State Area. 3. Sometimes, Candace won't bother busting the boys and hang out with her boyfriend Jeremy or best friend, Stacy. Plot 1 deals with having fun in summer, no matter how impossible it is; while Plot 2 deals with action/chase sequences, with cartoonish physical violence appropriate enough for a family show.

Later, I shall describe the relationships between the characters. But for now, I will describe the characters' personalities in my own words as best as possible. I must warn you that it's hard to describe Ferb's personality due to his usual silence, so I'm skipping him.

Phineas: The boy who is a little young to be building this kind of stuff, yet NEVER tries to do bad stuff behind his parents' back. An incurable optimist, it would take a great deal to make him mad or have a mental breakdown. His personality doesn't seem to change as much compared to the other characters. Like an incarnation of Walt Disney himself, he leads a group of friends to make his seemingly impossible plans and ideas reality.

Candace: The girl with the "honor" of being a bad tv show role model, due to reinforcing the gender stereotype that teen girls should get their siblings in trouble and be the object of her boyfriend's affections. Despite this, Candace is no Vicky the Babysitter. Candace never lies about what the boys are doing; has anxieties about herself and what others, like her boyfriend, think of her, just like real people; it's natural to feel stress: It's like an alarm to tell you to make adjustments to your life. No, at her worst, Candace is an angel compared to Vicky at her best (if there even exists a 'best' for 'Icky with a V'); Vicky has no kindness whatsoever; Candace is generally unsupportive of her brothers, but is friendly to her teen friends.

Perry: In the tv show, Perry is the example of non-verbal communication. Despite being unable to speak, he makes his thoughts known through facial expressions and body language. Seems to be serious all the time, due to his determined face, but work is not all he cares about. He loves watching sad soap operas when no one else is around.

Dr. Heinz Doofenshmirtz: Evil scientist with a history of backstories that seem exaggerated at first and a desire to rule the world. Yet over time, we see him question his own schemes sometimes and him as a overprotective father who doesn't want his daughter to go through the same neglect and abuse as his own parents have given him. He even gives proper respect to his foe, when he fails spectacularly at end of the day. Yes, he is evil enough to be a threat to society; yet not evil enough to seem completely unsympathetic, like Emperor Palpatine from Star Wars.

DCOM Frenemies and Phineas & Ferb: Connections:

1. Jake was more mad at Murray when Murray unintentionally ruins Jake's NASA award than Phineas was when he finds out Perry is living a double life.

2. Murray purposely leaked on Julianne's project just like Perry on Doof's couch

3. Aren't Avalon and Halley a little young to be hired by an important publishing company? Yes, Yes they are.

4. Savannah is like Candace in that they both are worried that they will embarrass themselves in front of their boyfriend.

5. Savannah and Emma switched places with each other just like Candace and Princess Baldegunde did in Make Play

My Trip to Disney California Adventure: Tues. 6-19-2012 (Attraction Spoilers Ahead)

I can honestly say I was impressed with the new Buena Vista Street and Cars Land areas at the theme park. It felt like I was in 1920's Los Angles and Radiator Springs respectively. The attention to detail satisfies.

Due to the popularity of Radiator Springs Racers, the Stand-by line got up to FOUR HOURS! Luckily, I grabbed a Fastpass first thing in the morning when the park softly opened around. It would allow me to get into the shorter half-hour line starting at 11 am. So I killed time going on the other attractions, Mater's Junkyard Jamboree and Luigi's Flying Tires.

Mater's Junkyard Jamboree:You sit in a small trailer attached to the Tractors in front of you. When the square dance music started, the Tractors carry passengers around the "dance floor" in a figure-eight-like pattern without bumping into each other.

Luigi's Flying Tires:Inspired by the Flying Saucers that used to be in Tomorrow Land in Disneyland within the 1960's, this attraction literally has riders of three sit in giant tires and lean together to move the tire across a giant air-hockey-like field. There are huge beach balls adored with the colors of Italy: Red, White, and Green. Riders can picked them up and tossed them across the field throughout the duration of the ride time. I recommend it for big groups.

Radiator Springs Racers: Positioned at the Rocky formations in the back of the "town", I was pleasantly surprised when I went on. (Spoilers Ahead) I thought it would be fast-pace throughout the entire ride like Test Track from Epcot, but... First, it starts calm outside as your car takes passengers through Ornament Valley Range complete with the same music as the movie when Lighting and Sally took a drive pass the gorgeous waterfall. Then, into the dark ride portion as the characters from the first movie appear; Tractor-Tipping with Mater, Avoiding Frank the Cow-biner, Arriving into nighttime Radiators Springs where Lighting and Sally welcome the riders into either Luigi's Casa Dela Tires for new tires or Ramone's Body Shop for a new paint job (It chosen at random). After a trip through Ramone's shop and a few words of encouragement from Doc Hudson (The whole Cars Land takes place in between the movies), my car took its position next to the car that came from Luigi's and the main race event was about to begin... 3. 2. 1. Go! Both cars raced together outside around the rest of Ornament Valley including Willey's Butte. When we crossed the finish line, a photo was taken. My car lost, but we had fun. It ended with the cars going through a cavern of stalactites and stalagmites made out of tail-lights. It's called Tail-Lights Cavern. Lighting and Mater thanked the passengers for coming as we returned to the unloading area.

So in short, my trip was amazing and I will go again before Summer's over. And I did, 3 times total :-)

Ideas for crossovers between Phineas and Ferb and Gravity Falls for all you fanfic crossover writers:

Candace learning some sibling teamwork from the Pines twins

Ferb and Dipper's crush on a older girl

Perry could teach Waddles the pig how to be a secret agent

Isabella would feel a little jealous if Phineas hung out with Mabel

Doof and Grunkle Stan talking about the(ir) past...

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