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Yello there!

Welcome to my humble profile page!

I thought I might as well put something on here now that I have people actually looking at my page.

Please feel free to PM me with any questions you may have, suggestions or anything to do with my stories or just to say hi! Just a little love can go a long way :D

IMPORTANT NEWS: Unfortunately, despite how long it's been since I last updated my one (and only) story, I have decided to go on a temporary hiatus from writing for a while. It's quite pathetic really. I mean, my first ever fanfiction piece, and I thought I would easily be able to cope with the workload. However, writers' block coupled with a lapse in health and the start of college mean that I have no time/no inspiration to write at the moment. I plan to try and get back on my feet as soon as possible, so please be patient! I'm trying my best, I really am!

Current work


The story behind the summary... An alternative Universe fan fiction, set in the feudal era of Japan: Fed up of feeling useless, Rukia yearns for an opportunity to show her true strength and aid the people that she loves the most. When an army of westerners wage war upon the recovering country of Japan, she takes the place of her sick brother in the army, disguising herself as a man. She soon finds that the life of a samurai is far from easy, along with the difficulty of remaining undiscovered. But along her journey she meets some remarkable people who quickly become her friends, and maybe even more. Not quite what she was expecting. Eventually IchigoxRukia with a RenjixOC pairing on the side. The OC is created by carrietheninja (who is amazing, I recommend you check her stories out.) who I have permission from for the usage. My first EVER fan fiction.

Future pieces

Yet to be titled... (yes, I haven't found a suitable title for it yet, although I do have ideas.) : A BLEACH Fanfic.

This is an multi-chapter AU story set in the modern day town of karakura. Rukia Kuchiki has turned her back on the only family she has ever known and has begun to forge a path to her dreams. However, leaving the comfort of the Kuchiki household has its downsides : annoying roomates. None other than Renji Abarai and Ichigo Kurosaki. Constant bickering, brawls and bruises are the norm, and her first impressions of the two hold little to be desired. But, as time wears on, things begin to change, as do their opinions of one another. Whats going to happen next, I hear you say! Well, you're going to have to wait for that i'm afraid!

This fic will ultimately be IchixRuki, but I like to toy with them a bit first ;;cackles sadistically;;
Not that I have anything against Renji. In fact, I love Renji. He's a doll ;) So maybe i'll find someone to pair him up with... maybe.

If you have any suggestions for this fic, like plot twists I could include or a title etc, just send me a PM :) Also, just tell me if you like or dislike the concept!

Ta much for reading! Cyber cookies for you all!



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