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Author has written 3 stories for Skip Beat!.

Hi I'm Alina, I am crazy about Skip Beat. I've been following the manga since 2007 so it's been quite awhile. I've watched the anime and the Taiwanese drama so my love runs deep for this fandom. I am currently a university student who is studying music education because I want to be a band director. I've also have a deep love for writing. I use to write stories when I was in middle school and loved creating storyboards, making characters and trying to find ways to make my own stories come alive. So writing fanfics were a perfect match, I'm not the best writer but I do enjoy it. I always strive to find a plausible situation or make a situation possible. I've been writing fanfiction on and off since 2009. I'm not the best at updating but I do update once and awhile. Besides that I have to thank you guys for following and reviewing on my fics because it does mean alot to me. It's so crazy how some of you are still following some of my stories after so long! Thank you so much! If you haven't checked out my stories please do!

I am on tumblr as square glasses and on mangafox as llevening-mistll


The Silent Years//

This is my new story and I am looking forward to writing this when I have time. Since I'm getting older I've been wanting something more with substance. I love fluff but fluff can get tiring after awhile. So I was thinking that I needed to so something dramatic and different from the Skip Beat fanfictions I've encountered. I wanted a more mature story something with heartbreak, beautiful redemption and healing. This is story is the answer to my thoughts. I hope some of you will enjoy this work. Even though the first chapters seems dark and dreary there will be light and eventually our lovely couple will be together. But of course there are a few obstacles they have to go through before getting back together. Please read it if you're interested!

The Sinister Ways to Get Granchildren//

this story will not be continued.

This story will never be updated again. I am sorry this is now dead to me. I can hardly remember what I was trying to do with this fic. I know that I was planning to have a dinner party at the Hizuri's and someone would have spiked Kyoko's drink and that is all I remember. That scene wasn't even part of the main plot...well not completely. So I am sorry to those who have read but it is done.

Buy a Wife//

This story may continue. Ever since we had Saena introduced into the manga, I hate how I portrayed her and it isn't really canon now.

I love this idea. I can't even remember how I came up with is. Wait I think it was inspired by the Elope! fanfic. Yes so I wanted to create that type of situation so I did. I even have a notebook with all my ideas and a story board that goes to 42 and an epilogue. I doubt it will be that long because I tried to speed up the process to make it December in just 2 chapters.

Let's see. I have many awesome ways to reveal Bo= Kyoko and Kuon=Ren=Corn and I have a way to involve almost all the characters. I would love to tell you some teaser stuff but i really can't because that would totally ruin my cliff hangers in the future. SO just look forward to future chapters because it's gonna be Christmas in there soon and I have an awesome surprise (I have an awesome foil character and it's not an OC of any sort.) Lory will defiantly help a lot! If you have any ideas you can message me or review it on this fic. I'm cool for ideas. People have suggested bathroom scenes and I was going to do that eventually then Cain Heel had to steal my thunder in the manga. I don't like copying to many thing from the manga because people read fanfics to help appease there imaginations and fangirl ( and/or fanboy?) souls. Any whoo I should stop talking. So hope you have enjoyed reading my story and If you haven't yet you totally should.

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The Great Escape by ZionX reviews
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Enter Mogami Kyoko, the most socially clueless person ever born, who has a strange obsession with fairies and a thriving hatred of pop-singers. Enter Tsuruga Ren, accomplished actor and Kyoko's sempai. Oh, and did I mention Ren's in love with Kyoko? D
Skip Beat! - Rated: T - English - Romance/Humor - Chapters: 5 - Words: 8,966 - Reviews: 15 - Favs: 18 - Follows: 25 - Updated: 8/6/2009 - Published: 6/27/2009 - Kyoko M.
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Kyoko left Japan at the peak of her career 6 years ago.But now she's back.But what will people she used to know say when they see her again, will Ren be happy or sad? and why does sho knows more than him? *suck at summaries* read inside for more.
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The Silent Years reviews
An accident sends Kyoko in a coma to the hospital and she awakens with amnesia. Ren, devastated and spiraling into mad depression, exiles himself. After 2 years, he returns only to fulfill a promise he made with the president. How will Ren fight the growing feelings of desire/love that he's sworn off?Will Kyoko remember the feelings of the past as they act one last time together?
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It wasn't Ren's ideal way of proposing nor was it Kyoko's ideal way of staying in Tokyo but the 2 were now officially husband and wife for 2 months, till Kyoko turned the appropriate age. How will Ren handle his nasty Mother-in-law and how will Kyoko keep herself from falling in love with Ren? Will the two be ready to divorce after two months?
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