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Author has written 14 stories for One Piece, Teen Titans, Total Drama series, Sonic the Hedgehog, Penguins of Madagascar, Ninja Turtles, and My Little Pony.

Name: Sparkling_nexis137

Age: Good question! I wonder what the answer is.

Place of birth: Another good question! Now if only I had a map so I could find out.

Favorite music: I love pop from all countries, and I'm a major fan of Christian music. Other than that, I'm a really big fan of all things up beat and happy.

Personality: I'm a rainbow colored balls of fun who's always ready to put a smile on your face. Life is a dance, my dears, so let's dance like the whole world's watching!

About me: I'm an aspiring screenwriter with a passion for comedy and a double dose of passion for animation! My goal is to write things that can help the whole world smile! Also, if you ever notice any weird formatting things in my fic, it's probably because I'm so used to writing for television instead of literature. Sorry!

Other than that, I'm a dedicated vegetarian and animal right activist, a devout Christian, and a lover of all things bright and cheerful, including all of you! LOVE YOU GUYS~!!!

Ode of Devotion

Praise the lord, our Father and King. The Great King who has loved us since the very fabric of time began. He who calms my fears and he who inspires my every written word. My dance, my art, my life is His. The song of my soul cries to the Lord with every single word that issues forth from my mouth. In him I find my ultimate joy. As I dance upon the Earth, my feet upon the soil shaped by his hands, it is his music I hear. My arm twists in sync to the holy rhythm of his love as it thrums through the air, powerful yet silent. Loud yet caressing my very soul. I can hear it in my heart. I can feel the fires beneath my feet, inspiring me to move. I cannot contain it. I cannot stop it! I cannot halt the power that pumps and courses through my being from his glorious song.

The song rips its way free of my throat in devotion and love to the Great King above. My music only a reflection of the rhythm that fills my soul. Sounds that no earthly instrument could ever create. I dance as the song continues to flow. I sing as the rhythm of the dance keeps tempo. This glorious energy, never stopping, never ceasing, never ebbing, always flowing, it overtakes me. There is no stopping, nor would I ever want to stop. In the dance to the Lord's holy Love, I find strength, power, and joy beyond expression.

My life is the only medium through which I can ever come close to expressing my love for Him. With my life, my song, my dance, I will create the ultimate art work. With my heart shall I paint the air. With my soul shall I compose the song. Everything within me dancing, building, painting, singing, thrumming, an uncontainable storm that bursts forth with no control! Let the Love overtake the essence of everything I am so that when the invitation to the next life arrives and I lay down to make the journey to the Kingdom of my Lord above, I may present my art to him, and receive the words I long so desperately with my very being to hear. “Well done good and faithful servant.” And with those words I shall know that my art is finally complete. Let this all come to pass Holy Father. Great Composer of the Song of Love, play on until the end of time so that our dance may shine FOREVER!!!


Each of us has a purpose. We're each designed with different gifts, different paths, different ways we can bring a smile to God. Some fight upon a battlefield to protect those they love. Some heal the sick helping them to get better. And some create works of art that touch the child in each and every heart and lead them on the path to finding their inner fire. We show love, we show how God has touched us, and we show the unique and special way he works inside us. The soldier cannot say he's higher than the healer, the healer say higher than the artist, or the artist say higher than the soldier. For each one is unique. Like stars in the sky. There are billions of stars, but each one shines with a light completely their own. Unique, special, and all beautiful. So, let no one ever make you feel like your light is any less than theirs. Whether you fight on the battlefield or in the office. Whether you heal the sick or fix the sink. Whether you create towering cathedrals of worship or create toys that bring a smile to a small child's heart. No matter what you do, as long as the love of the Lord is in it, it's beautiful in his eyes.

I Want Better

I want better for you. I want better for everyone. In this world there are a lot of cheap, dollar item options for your life, and they're quick, they're easy, and they make you feel good but I want better! I want everyone to know True love, True beauty, and the Truth of God's Happily Ever After. And it's wonderful to have that desire and yet at the same time it stinks because I'm not God and I cannot force people to choose better and they don't choose better and I can't stop them! And it hurts! It hurts so much to see people go down those roads because I've been down dollar item roads and none of them go anywhere good! I want better for them. And I may not be able to force them to do right and to choose better, but I know a God who can make anything happen. So, I'm gonna do everything in my power, as little as that is, to follow God's will and help his plan however I can so that through me, through them, and through everyone He can make things better. Because He wants better for them too. He wants better for you.

Writing Resources

Hi guys! This is a section where I post resources to help you with writing!

If you're writing a 2012 TMNT fanfic and ever wondered how exactly the lair is laid out, look no further! I have a list of reference photos and even a hand drawn made to help you figure out the exact layout of the Turtles' home!



The first one is a forum solely devoted to mapping out the lair. In the first post you'll find a hand drawn map that gives a detailed layout. The map doesn't show the bedrooms or the bathrooms, but if you scroll down to the second post by "demonsweat" you'll find a set of reference photos that includes one showing where the bedrooms are located. Hint: It's at the back of the lair exactly opposite from the side the turnstiles are on. It's a small tunnel containing four bedrooms which probably used to be used for storage back when the place was a subway relay station, and if you go a little further down the hallway to an arch that leads into an as yet unseen section of the lair, I'm guessing that's where the bathrooms are located. It would make sense based on common relay station layout and restroom locations. And yes, I spent waaaaaaay too much time researching all this.

The second link is just more reference photos. Hope this helps!

Fan Art

OMG!! For the first time ever someone made fanart for one of my fics!! THANK YOU!!



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