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Hiya people! Ummm, about my old stories! I know they need a lot of work and I plan on revisiting everyone, along with my faithful side-kick the grammar god! Yes, Mad is awesome and if you come near Mad with an offer, I will be forced to thrash you! You may come up missing, but it is all up to you people who are lurking in the shadows! I am watching you people! They expect me to be crazy! I am black so it is only natural, I will plead insanity or something along those lines! Heh Heh No but I am serious! Anyway, the god known as Mad is the bomb and helps me write everything! I love my Mad, YAY! Thanks people!


Most people call me Nessa and I try to be the best person I can be and sometimes I fall short; but what can I say I am human. I think if there was a beautiful smile contest: I know I would win. I have a wonderful personality and people love to be around me. I am extremely funny and I have a great sense of humor (I guess it is because I have been a fat girl all my life). And whatever I do I put my whole heart into; I find that it makes me a better person. I try to keep my life simple, but sometimes chaos happens. I hate when people judge prematurely, I think that really pushes my buttons. I can see myself doing many things out of character, but I think as long as I am living that I am still learning. I am usually a classic literature reader and I use google to read all my favorite authors. At any rate a friend told me about fan fiction because I am a Naruto NUT. I always thought that Sasuke and Naruto belonged together. I would say..."That they are totally in Love with one another!" Then my friend showed me some peoples stories here on fan fic where I get my way!. Sadly after that I was hooked. I also have a fear of writing a love scene. It is what I am not brave enough to do...yet?

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Talk about complicated! These two have been doing this for nine years! "He is a whore, what do want from me?" The raven snorts. "Commit to a whore, right?" The raven frowns at his own words. "I do love him, but he it just to much."
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