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Author has written 3 stories for Dissidia: Final Fantasy.

Ryo, Ryuu, Steph

High School Junior, Wanna-be Graphics Designer, and Amateur Writer

Writing Genre:
Humor, Action, Romance

Favorite Fandoms:
My favorite fandoms usually revolve around one of these three things: Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts, or neither. I like many things, but the main ones that I really love to write about are Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts. I'm also a big fan when it comes to the Dragon Age series and Avatar: The Last Airbender/The Legend of Korra. I also enjoy many other series and 'fandoms' as well. You just have to ask and see.

Fan Pairings:
Mainly Dissidia Right Now (Several Yaoi/Crack pairings) = CloudxSquall, BartzxZidane, TerraxOnionKnight, FirionxTidus, CecilxFirion, CloudxSephiroth, KujaxSephiroth, EmperorxSephiroth, KujaxSquall, WoLxSephiroth, WoLxCecil, and pretty much every couple combo possible... I'm such a fangirl sometimes...

Side Hobbies:
Besides writing stories and all; I totally enjoy sleeping, playing video games, creating little fan music videos for Youtube, and drawing. But by drawing, I specifically work on fashion or character designs. I have a lot of original characters for a very big original story concept, so I have to be able to show what they look like visually, verbally, and mentally. But other than that, since I lose my inspiration for drawing quite a lot, I dedicate quite a bit of my time to writing stories or role playing.

Current Projects and Stories

Just Your Average Day (A Dissidia: Final Fantasy Fan Fiction)
This isn't really one big story focusing on one couple specifically. It's more of a story series that will show a few different situations from the perspective of the different characters of the Dissidia series. Occasionally, there will be non-Dissidia characters popping up, so one could consider it to be a cross over, but oh well.
Main Pairings: Squall/Cloud, Bartz/Zidane, Onion Knight/Terra, and many, many more.

Once Upon a Time: Fairy Tales for FF Lovers (Dissidia/Final Fantasy Parody Series)
(Inspired by Dissidialand by himichu of Deviantart)
I loved several different fairy tales when I was a young kid. But after I had read the Dissidialand comics by himichu of DA, I was deeply inspired. I stayed up until 4 AM reading all of them with such interest since she's an lovely artist who created a very humorous series. I had so much fun reading it that I really wanted to start a small writing series inspired by it. So special thanks to her Of course, this series will be featuring several different classic fairy tales so be on the look out for ones you recognize
Stories Used: Alice in Wonderland, Rumpelstiltskin, Cinderella, and many more to come

False Pretense: The Path to Serenity (A Dissidia: Final Fantasy Fan Story)
(Inspired by Kingdom Hearts III: Another Keyblade Master by j0hnny0hm)
One of the only fan fiction stories that I've ever written that features an original fan character. It's a rather big deal for me since most of the stories involve just the canon characters or a completely original concept. But either way, it won't be a love story. Hopefully readers will understand that love stories from an outsider character isn't really a fun one to try playing out. I'll bluntly say that I don't like romantic relationships between an OC and a canon. Tis why this particular story is so different from other stories, as my friend said when she reviewed the concept over with me. It's more of an action story focusing on the main character, Lira. She has her own set story really, like the Destiny Odysseys in Dissidia, as well as her own reason to why she's in the Dissidia realm. Even her opposing villain is an OC, but that sort of adds onto the whole story thing, yeah? Either way, it'll be a fun writing challenge
Main Pairings: None

Note: I'm also willing to take requests for stories as well if you have a specific couple intended for a writing. Requests are fun to me, but as long as they fit within my favorites or at least the things that I recognize, neh?

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