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Author has written 43 stories for Legend of Zelda, Bleach, Naruto, Card Captor Sakura, Fullmetal Alchemist, Tsubasa Chronicle, Kuroshitsuji, Shaman King, Wolf's Rain, Inuyasha, Soul Eater, and Leviathan series.

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Kiba's Thoughts

A little of what's on my mind (updated frequently).

(August 15, 2013)

Updating stories and profile. Look forward to the continuation of all your favorites!

Bleach Weekly Tabloid Issue 24, The Dog Goes Moo, and Issue 25, Orihime's Revenge, up now.

I. Upcoming stories, current story/chapter progress

A. Multi-Chapter Stories

B. Mini-Series

C. One-Shots

II. Pairings

III. Quotes

IV. Random garble / copy and paste

I. Upcoming stories, current story/chapter progress

A. Multi-Chapter Stories

These stories include multiple chapters, multiple characters, and more extensive/in-depth writing.


In progress—Cardcaptor Sakura, AU. Chapter two is planned out, about 25% done.

"Sakura and Syaoran find their once peacful lives interupted by the onslaught of a wretched disease. It's taken their family, their friends, and they'll do anything to survive. Even if it means killing each other in the process."

Almost not as dark as it sounds. Survival/Romance. T for violence.

BLEACH Weekly Tabloid

In Progress—Issue 26 to be announced.

Crepuscular Tempest:

In progress—Chapter two is about 50% done.

"Link and Midna find themselves settling into their own unique roles at the end of the Twilight Storm, the two words deigned to the slaying of the goddess Din. Midna as a full-fledged ruler of her people, and Link as the prime ambassador between the Light Dwellers and the Twili. All is well for a time, but a time of peace is only another time in the eye of the storm."

Sequel to Twilight Storm. Drama/Romance (and Action/Adventure--you know how it goes), tentatively rated T for action/violence, references to sex, and hate themes.


Pre-writing—"Your price was to continue the journey, but no one ever said it had to be forever." "No one had to."

A Tsubasa RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE story crossed with many other series: Legend of Zelda, Full Metal Panic, Fullmetal Alchemist, InuYasha, Supersmash Bros, Ouran High School Host Club, Warcraft, BLEACH, Batman, xxxHolic, Cardcaptor Sakura, BECK, Unwind, Chobits, Hunger Games, Naruto, Dragonball Z, Maximum Ride, Leviathan, Harvest Moon, Trigun, and Wolf's Rain.

A series of one-shots tied together by a single thread. Everyone has something to learn and everyone has something to teach, but Syaoran finds himself too distracted by what life without the Princess means. Prologue is done!

This story officially has a very special place...

Schizophrenic Soul:

In progress—Chapter two is about 1% complete; just picking a direction to go with this at the moment.

"Soul, who were you talking to just now?"

A Soul Eater story idea that came from Soul's conversations with Little Ogre throughout the series. SoMa, AU, rated T for some dark themes, language, and sensuality (in later chapters). Prologue and Chapter One are up.

Twilight Storm:

Re-writing—Prologue: The Light and Shadow is currently being re-written. Will likely be lengthened/expanded upon and checked for clarity. Re-writing between Crepuscular Tempest and Vespertine Miasma.

"Link and Midna find themselves re-united through a twisted series of events that quickly spiral out of control. With so many secrets and dangers rising with the nightly moon, will their relationship ever have the chance to blossom?"

Action-Adventure/Romance, rated T for torture/violence, romance/lust.

Vespertine Miasma:

Pre-writing—Chapter one-50% complete

"Link and Zelda grew up sneaking out together, spent their teen years fighting together, and now — as expected by all of Hyrule — the Hero of Time and the Princess of Destiny are to be married. Tragedy is destined to haunt them though. Link's spotty-at-best bloodline is viewed as a weakness in the kingdom of Hyrule, which prompts attacks from all sides and in all forms.

"On top of all of that, the lingering conclusion of the war with the Gerudo keeps fear and uncertainty lingering in the hearts of the Hylians. Zelda, most of all, is haunted by the moral and ethical implications of what taking action against the war-weary Gerudo could mean not only for her people and herself, but also what it could mean for future generations."

Prequel to Twilight Storm. Drama/Romance, tentatively rated T for hate/racism, action/violence, and some sensuality.

B. Mini-Series

These stories usually focus on one pairing or one event over several chapters. The chapters are typically light and easy to read, unlike the full-fledged stories.


Pre-writing—Pre-Series AU. Rated T for language and action. Edward Elric x Winry Rockbell.

"Edward Elric enjoys the simple life with his nice, normal family and all four of his limbs. His mother is in good health, his father supports him, his brother worships him (well, that's not really new), and there's even a girl down the road who's caught his eye.

"Perfect--until animals start following him around for no apparent reason, and that 'whispering wind in the trees' actually starts talking to him. Setting out on a journey he meets up with new faces and re-unites with old friends, most of which are willing to help him answer his questions.

"Like, who are the Cloudwalkers? What do they have to do with all of this? And maybe most importantly, how was he supposed to hide all of this from Winry?"

Frozen Hearts:

Pre-writing—An unoriginal title for 100 shots/drabbles for Olivier and Miles. Their time in Fort Briggs, their time before... and maybe, once the ice melts away, their time after.

Harvest Moon x Legend of Zelda:

Pending—A Wonderful Life universe with Twilight Princess characters.

"Link is the new fellow at the farm, and he's got a life to establish now. Before he can really hunker down though, he needs to find a bride. The obvious choice is to marry the beautiful, down-to-earth Zelda, thus merging the two biggest farms in the valley. That should be perfect, but then why is Link instead drawn to the mysterious woman who resides in the inn? Life isn't always as scripted as you might hope."

This story will be based on voter choice (meaning the voters, a.k.a. reviewers, have the final say in who he ends up with). Since this will be a more involved story, it won't be showing up for a while.

A Hundred Romances:

Pre-writing—100 one-shot/drabbles for Soul and Maka. 100 moments together, 100 little gestures, 100 events between the two in all the usual and unusual situations they fall into. Rated T for some content in certain chapters. Most shots will be K-K.

I'm using an original list for this and the list is almost complete--the shots will be easy after that. I now have 88/100.

Heroes and Villains:

Pre-writing—Hyrule has been host to countless heroes and villains over the centuries. It has seen some of the greatest adventures and some of the most beautiful romances.

Think Kissing Games only for Legend of Zelda. Multiple pairings, from the popular to the not so much. It will include Link with everyone plus the deku stick, as well as some under-appretiated pairings (Kafei and Anju, Mikau and Lulu, etc.)

Kissing Games:

In progress—Still taking requests. Chapters will be out but not on a regular basis, apologies for this!

A series of one-shots for Fullmetal Alchemist in which some of our favorite pairings get their long over-due kissing scene. Ed and Winry, then Ling and Lan Fan, and to wrap it all up will be--what else?--Roy and Riza! Suggestions have included more of the same plus Olivier and Miles, Al and May, etc.

Smash U:

TBA—Super Smash Bros, AU. Rated T for under-aged drinking, minor violence, some innundo/sensual content.

"The crew you know best for making dream fights come true is taking on a whole new challenge: college. What happens when a fraternity and sorority have a major mishap and a big mix-up? Bad jokes, big laughs, a touch of violence, some crazy days, and maybe -- just maybe -- a little romance too."

ZeldaxLink-centric, other pairings TBA.

SSBB Events:

TBA—A story composed of 64 one-shot/drabbles based on the single player and co-op events. No current plans for release, may be dropping this one.

Strike out:

On hiatus—Due to falling out of practice with this category, but I will finish it down the line. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

"Toshiro Hitsugaya is on his way to becoming a baseball legend, but behind the scenes isn’t such a pretty prospect. His personal life is in turmoil, his friends are betraying him, and his love life is going nowhere fast. Hitsugaya finds himself asking if he’s going to continue to strike out, or if the perfect pitch is on its way."

For fans of baseball and BLEACH, a drama/romance rated T for some mild language and suggestive situations. Second chapter's up.

C. One-Shots

One chapter stories that go in-depth with a single event, although these are candidates to be made into mini-series.

Under-Appreciated Pairings:

In-between Project—This is a little side project that I'll work on in-between everything else. It's an unofficial/unconnected series of one-shots revolving around pairings I like and/or think don't get enough love. Currently released: Black Butterflies and Violet Eyes; Burn Notice, Warning Shot;

Next pairing: Still not sure... allowing voting to carry on for a while longer (see top of profile).

We're Going on a Picnic:

Pre-writing—A series of totally unconnected (or are they?) one-shots. A six (or is it?) part series featuring InuYasha, Fullmetal Alchemist, Naruto, BLEACH, Rurouni Kenshin, Ouran High School Host Club, and Full Metal Panic. InuYasha is up first.

Warcraft: Beyond Death

TBA—Inspired by the Death Knight manga. Unknown when I'll be doing this or if anymore.

II. Pairings (Alphabetical by franchise, then by favorite to least)

Black Butler/Kuroshitsuji:

Ciel Phantomhive and Sebastian Michaelis: Not romantically exactly, but they have a really interesting, kind of complex relationship. Easily see a parental relationship, kind of like with Roy and Ed from Fullmetal Alchemist fame.

Ciel Phantomhive and Elizabeth: Because she's all he's got aside from his servants at this point. She does take some getting used to, I'll admit.

Joker and Ms. Beast: There was just that one little part as we're still in the dark on what's going on in the Noah's Ark Circus. Kind of a sad over-tone to it though...

: The relationships in this anime are so fragile and breakable... but the second season did not do the original anime justice :


Toushiro Hitsugaya and Momo Hinamori: This pairing seems to be one of those love it or hate it types—sort of like the Link and Midna pairing. I guess there’s just something pure and wonderful about childhood friends.

Ichigo Kurosaki and Rukia Kuchiki: Actually, I almost like this pairing more than Hitsugaya and Hinamori. I mean, you can really tell Ichigo and Rukia were made for each other (sorry all you Orihime fanboys).

Shunsui Kyoraku and Nanao Ise: Don’t ask, don’t know. (See DiamondDust Rebellion.)

Gin Ichimaru and Rangiku Matsumoto: The first time I watched BLEACH I despised Gin. Watching it again I’m starting to develop a fondness for this couple.

Kisuke Urahara and Yoruichi Shihoin: I just now realized I didn't have this pairing listed. It has a lot of potential, which is always fun for us writers.

: I’ve heard of a Kenpachi and Unohana pairing; that’s definitely something I want to see :

Cardcaptor Sakura:

Syaoran Li and Sakura Kinomoto: Many words could be used to describe their love: classic, beautiful, memorable, an emotional roller coaster.

: Cardcaptor Sakura is a magic girl series, until Li is introduced. Then it's one of the most endearing love stories ever written :


Shizuo Heiwajima and Celty Sturluson: They're both kind of quiet, a good team when fighting... it could happen.

Mikado Ryūgamine and Anri Sonohara: It-it's so cute!

: As for that "doctor" she's supposed to be "marrying," I hope he dies later in the series :

Fruits Basket:

Kureno Sohma and Arisa Uotani: Aside from the year of the Rooster being my favorite, I kind of find the relationships that have the burden of age difference entrancing.

Hiro Sohma and Kisa Sohma: Definitely my 'cute' pairing for this series. The amount of adorable will fry your brain.

Hatsuharu Sohma and Isuzu 'Rin' Sohma: Despite their age they have a very mature relationship, and they bring about another side in each other that no one else can reach.

Hatori Sohma and Mayuko Shiraki: I have an odd fondness of this couple. Maybe it's the sad look in their eyes. Maybe it's knowing they could give each other a second chance.

Shigure Sohma and Akito Sohma: A darker couple, even moreso than most of the characters, and that's really saying something.

Yuki Sohma and Machi Kuragi: Why? Because I never really liked Yuki with Tohru, and was honestly relieved to see someone who made sense with him.

: The amount of couples in this series is tremendous, but it's the way the couples bring out the best in each other that makes this a beloved series :

Fullmetal Alchemist:

Roy Mustang and Riza Hawkeye: For sure my OTP in this series. They never, ever get the love they deserve. My biggest disappointment with Brotherhood was the fact that the first series gave this pairing more credit than the actual canon! (Collect Call by Metric)

Ling Yao and Lan Fan: They actually remind me of Roy and Riza, but I love them for them. They're so cute and dedicated to each other. Oh, and guess what? Childhood friends! Notice how all childhood friends in this series start crushing on each other? Must be why I love it so much. (Only Human by K)

Edward Elric and Winry Rockbell: It’s canon and it’s cute, so sue me. (Find a Way by Safetysuit)

Miles and Olivier Armstrong: Something one of my suggestions (Kissing Games) got me interested in. It's interesting in the oddest way. (Jumper by Third Eye Blind)

Von Hoenheim and Trisha Elric: Canon, obviously, and one of the biggest driving relationships in the series. If not for these two we wouldn't have FMA, so show some respect!

Maes Hughes and Gracia Hughes: Also canon and let's face it, one of the most honest couples in this series. They prove character isn't lost in a relationship. (If I Die Young by The Band Perry)

: Roy and Ed are never getting together. Get over it you crazy yaoi fangirls! :

Full Metal Panic:

Sosuke Sagara and Kaname Chidori: Cue fangirl squeals. Not the strongest romance story between them, but there’s no denying they have something special that is developed amazingly throughout the story.

Kurz Weber and Melissa Mao: Because I can. And I will.

: I feel kind of bad, I don’t really have a happy ending thought up for Teletha Tessa Testarossa, but she deserves one for sure :

Hetalia: Axis Powers:

Switzerland and Liechtenstein: Episode 23 is sweet, although I'm still on the fence about pairing up countries romantically.

Austria and Hungary: TheChibitalia portion of the show doesn't get enough love, despite its sweetness.

: Hetalia: making your country sexually insecure since 2009 :


Sesshomaru and Kagura: This is one of my kind of offbeat pairings. That’s the only reason they’re above InuYasha and Kagome.

InuYasha and Kagome Higurashi: Canon, not to mention one of the better love stories I’ve seen in a shonen manga/anime.

Miroku and Sango: Much the same as above, but their relationship is a bit more mature in some ways (a little less in others). I’m more inclined to the younger love, I suppose.

: I have to comment on Rin and Sesshy. I’m not against it per se, but I don’t really advocate it either. Also Koga deserves a good girl (looking at Ayame) :

Legend Of Zelda:

Link and Midna: My first story was inspired by this pairing. Twilight Princess was the first Legend of Zelda game I played all the way through, and it all had to do with this couple pulling me through it. (Pretty Baby by Vanessa Carlton)

Kafei and Anju: For anyone who's played Majora's Mask this one should be obvious. They embodied every struggle the town went through as a whole, and showed a sort of strength that everyone else didn't have.

Link and Zelda: Although nearly-never in a Twilight Princess-era story (with the exception being The Hero of Wolves by Wolfess). I love this pairing in Ocarina of Time. (When I'm With You by Faber Drive)

Beth and Ralis: He was the one that got away... for now.

: I love the Beth and Ralis pairing for unknown reasons; the only one-shot I ever really wanted to continue :

Leviathan (Scott Westerfeld trilogy):

Prince Aleksander and Deryn Sharp: All the way.

Wildcount Volger and Boffin Barlow: Because he needs a new hobby and so does she.

: Mister Scott Westerfeld is one of my favorite 'modern' authors. This series is my favorite now, but for a long time Peeps was my favorite of his :

Lovely Complex:

Risa Koizumi and Atsushi Ōtani: I don't usually play favorites, but they may be the best couple in this section. It just works. (Kaerimichi no Love Song; it's the first ending song to the anime.)

: Love Com was my first real Shojo manga, and it is in fact (and including Shonen) one of my favorite mangas of all time. I just loved it. :

Maximum Ride (Up to Angel):

Fang and Max: I think Nudge summed it up best in 'Max,' the 5th novel: "ZOMG"

: The series is adorable and Max is such a sarcastic story teller, makes the whole thing amazing. I finally read Angel :

The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya:

Kyon and Yuki Nagato: My guilty pleasure pairing in this series. It's cute.

Kyon and Haruhi Suzumiya: They like each other, it's obvious, and we all know it's going to happen some day.

: It can be slow at times, but watching the delicate relationships blossom makes this a series that grows on you :


Shikamaru and Temari: Easily my favorite pairing in this series… hey, don’t give me that look!

Naruto and Hinata: Only early on in the series, as in pre-Shippuden. Unrequited love, aw!

Naruto and Sakura: Later in the series, during Shippuden.

: As for Sasuke: Well… I don’t really care any more. He was a nice guy (sort of) at first, but now he’s just being stupid. Sorry fangirls. :

Nyan Koi!:

Junpei Kosaka and Kanako Sumiyoshi: Childhood friends. You know by now how am with those.

Junpei Kosaka and Nagi Ichinose: Something about her eccentrics make this pairing potentially very cute.

: This series was fanservice on crack... it was great fun :

Ouran High School Host Club:

Tamaki Suou and Haruhi Fujioka: It's not unoriginal... it's one of the deepest loves of any anime/manga. A very sensitive, adorable couple. (Guilty Beauty Love by Vic Mignogna)

: I have no idea why I didn't have this on my list a long time ago; I love me some OHSHC :


Ash Ketchum and Misty: There are so many pairings for Pokemon, but let me just say that this is classic and this is for real; ever heard of Misty's Song?

: Like many people, I feel like I was raised by Pokemon. The original 151 for life! :

School Rumble:

Kenji Harima and Eri Sawachika: They fit the School Rumble concept so perfectly, and they actually have a chance of working out because of it. Bickering is always cute.

Kenji Harima and Yakumo Tsukamoto: This pairing is sweet and it makes sense in terms of compatability, especially if you can ignore the fact that Yakumo is Tenma's sister.

: It's so hard to choose between these two pairings, but in the end I felt like Eri had better chemistry with him :

Shaman King:

Yoh Asakura and Anna Kyoyama: I liked this pairing, but I didn't love it until volume 9, pages 120-125. (Flowers for a Ghost by Thriving Ivory)

Lyserg Diethel and Tamao: I'm actually not really sure where this one came from... but I do think they'd be cute together under the right circumstances.

Yoh Asakura and Tao Jun: I don't usually pair up the main character with someone other than his designated love interest, but this pairing can be cute... and you know how I am with cute.

: I used to watch the anime, but I never had the chance to really get into it; reading the manga now I have to say it's pretty awesome :

Soul Eater:

Soul Eater and Maka Albarn: There was an exact moment I loved this couple, because I wasn't sold on anything more than a partnership at first... Episode six, right after Soul's first fight with Death the Kid. To add on and conclude, is there really any doubt after Chapter 63? They're practically flirting. (It's In Your Blood by Lydia)

Franken Stein and Marie Mjolnir: Auto-attachment without reason.

Sid Barrett and Mira Naigus: Aw, Zombie love.

: This is one unique and fun anime. The action's cool and the humor keeps rolling. The best part is, the more I watch/read it the more I love it. :

Tsubasa: RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE:

Syaoran and Sakura: How anyone cannot be cheering for this couple after reading TRC is beyond me. Few couples are this sweet, innocent, and enduring.

Kurogane and Tomoyo: Aww. Kuro-tan and the princess.

: A note on the "Kurogane and Fai" pairing: sorry, I don't believe in yaoi/yuri, ever. Plus, this couple isn't quite canon (I saw no love confessions, not even from Fai) :


Thrall and Jaina Proudmoore: In more current times, as in during the time after Arthas left (see below).

William Allerton and Leryssa: Okay, okay so he’s supposedly deceased in Wrath of the Lich King, however there is a gap of time where Leryssa is on her own and William’s fate is unknown, before Leryssa finds out about Thassarian. That’s my focus. Plus there’s before the plague to consider as well.

Arthas Menethil and Jaina Proudmoore: Wait! Don’t kill me! I mean earlier on, during their younger years. Basically consider the novel Arthas when you look at this pairing.

: Books Read: Arthas, The Shattering, Cycle of Hatred, Rise of the Horde, Tides of Darkness, Day of the Dragon, Lord of the Clans, The Last Guardian, Of Blood and Honor as well as the Sunwell Trilogy, Death Knight, Mage, and Shaman manga. :

Witch Hunter Robin:

Robin Sena and Amon: Episode one, that look in the hallway... the rest is history.

Haruto Sakaki and Yurika Dōjima: Okay, this reference is so vague that no one will get it, but I'm putting it here for the laughs anyways.

: I recently started re-watching this since it's been so long. It is such a cool anime :


Kimihiro Watanuki and Yuuko Ichihara: Maybe it was only because he looked like Clow, but darn it I cried at the end because of it.

: To stay forever in one place; to wait forever for one more chance to see her again :

III. Quotes

Warning: Spoilers ahead, enter at your own risk.

Black Butler quotes:

"My master is quite correct about that, naturally. You see I am simply one hell of a butler." -Sebastian Michaelis, episode one

"What kind of lecherous maid am I?" -Mey-Rin, episode one

"I'm saying that 'You can use both idiots and scissors, but you can't let an idiot use scissors.'" -Sebastian Michaelis

"Cats are great." -Sebastian Michaelis

"My butler... and a weirdo." -Ciel, episode 3 of Kuroshitsuji II, talking about Sebastian and Grell

"Oh are you going to dance?" "Be quiet." -Sebastian and Ciel, episode 6 of Kuroshitsuji II

BLEACH quotes:

“Who would’ve thought to use stuffed animals?” –Everyone in BLEACH seeing a mod soul in a stuffed animal for the first time

“Come on, take it like a man!” –Kukaku Shiba “I don’t want to take it like a man!” –Ichigo Kurosaki

“Look at you two standing there all romantic like! You’re supposed to be just friends!” –Ririn “What? You don’t know what you’re talking about!” –Ichigo and Rukia upon hearing this comment

“Not this again! I’ll beat you! I’ll beat you all!” –Ririn (same episode as the last one I think, same subject for sure)

“Is that a fact?” –Byakuya Kuchiki

“You’re letting your persecution complex get the better of you again.” –Rangiku Matsumoto to Toshiro Hitsugaya

“The Squad Ten Captain is hereby relieved of his duties as temporary Commander.” –Head Captain Yamamoto (inspiration for Commander in Brief)

Cardcaptor Sakura:

“Hey! Wait till the stairs come back!" “No way! I love you!” –Syaoran and Sakura (CCS Movie 2, AKA the best thing ever)

Dragonball Z:

“The Namek boys learned how to play poker!” -Narrator episode 107

“Ladies and gentlemen, we have traced the origin of the apparition! Go home there is no need to panic. It’s just another one of Dr. Brief’s crazy experiments!" -Police

Fruits Basket:

"Who gives a damn if some bear shows up in a horror movie?!!" -Kyo Sohma

"Damn liar! Look at you, calling all your friends!!" -Kyo Sohma "They came on their own. I can't help it... How sad. It looks like you don't have any friends on this mountain." -Yuki Sohma

"In our society, they talk about survival of the fittest. But we're not animals... We're human." -Yuki Sohma

Fullmetal Alchemist:

"Heh, nice moves old man, and thanks for the help. Really saved my ass." "I wasn't trying to save your ass, I was saving the body of the young lord." "Heh, well it's the same ass." -Greed and Fu (Episode 56)

"Kick his ass, Ed!" -Riza Hawkeye (Episode 62) Why this quote? Because what she really wanted to say was, "Kick his ass, Ed! He took my colonel's eyesight away!"

"This room just reeks of optimism." -Dr. Knox

“Scar, why don’t you tell us your real name?” –Olivier Armstrong “I’ve died twice now. I’m neither of the people I once was. I don’t need a name; call me anything.” –Scar

“Nope. We left home together that’s how we’re going to return.” –Edward Elric

“Bah! I guess he rubbed off on me after all.” –Ling Yao talking about Greed (aww!)

“What about you… and Winry?” –Alphonse Elric (at last voicing the question we have been asking all these years)

“I guess it doesn’t matter how old you get, new possibilities are always exciting!” –Fuhrer Grumman

“It’s good for them to keep moving. Men who just sit around doing nothing are boring.” –Winry Rockbell

“Equivalent exchange! I’ll give half of my life to you if you give half of yours to me!” –Edward Elric “Come on! Do you have to treat everything like alchemy? The whole equivalent exchange thing is just nonsense.” –Winry Rockbell “What’d you say?” –Edward Elric “It’s nonsense! How about I just give you my whole life? …Ah! Maybe not all of it! 90? Maybe 80 percent? 70? That’s not enough. But 85…? Yeah, 85 is a good number!” –Winry Rockbell (finally putting into words the proposal most of us have been waiting years to hear)

“There’s no such thing as a painless lesson. They just don’t exist. Sacrifices are necessary. You can’t gain anything without losing something first. Although, if you can endure that pain and walk away from it, you’ll find that you now have a heart strong enough to overcome any obstacle… Yeah. A heart made fullmetal.” –Edward Elric, completing a phenomenal series with some of the most powerful lines ever spoken in anime (I, for one, cried)

Full Metal Panic:

"I'm here because you've been here for me, so please don't tell me you'll be all right on your own." -Sousuke Sagara to Kaname Chidori, episode 22

"Look you, I got some boys what owes you big time for jacking them up yesterday. They're dying to show their 'pretiation. Oh, think you're hot shit huh? I'ma kill your ass!" "Now, now wait a minute. Sagara, it sounds as if our visitor harbors some hostility towards you. He's holding a substantial grudge for what you did to his friends yesterday and says he wants to exact his revenge upon you." "I see. Then please convey this to him if you would: My military mind exceeds yours by an overwhelming margin. So attempts at revenge would be a mere waste of efforts." "Hm. Now listen you punk, there's no way you'd beat me. So step off. Cuz you ain't even got one chance in a billion, you loser be-yotch." "Your language skills are outstanding Your Exllecency!" -A punk, the Student Council President, and Sousuke Sagara

"Wait! I wasn't briefed on any love comedy!" -Sousuke Sagara

Hetalia: Axis Powers:

"When you two are done releasing sexual tensions we have got a meeting we need to finish!" -France

"Damn it all! If I wasn't bested by that f*cking German blitzkrieg again!" -England

"Licken mein balls!" -Germany

"Oh-ho! Is this the painting of your little girlfriend or boyfriend or gender-neutral chibi thing?"

"No way! I forgot it was Christmas time already. Presents. I guess being bloodthirsty kind of gets distracting... And by that I mean bringing democracy to the rest of the world. Ha ha, I guess Santa knows what he's doing just like I do!" -America

"Now, before your history lesson, instead of telling you a joke to cheer you up, I'm going to tell you two punchlines. Here goes. Hoist the main sail and get me my brown pants, and, holy crap a talking muffin! I love those jokes. History time!" -Narrator (Episode 45)

"Apparently the king was a huge fan of French culture, and quite possibly a switch hitter." -Narrator (Episode 46)

"Polish horses never charge German tanks at the battle of--right. Anime fans. Germany invaded Poland in '39--right. American fans. Poland is a country. In Europe." -Narrator (Episode 47)


"But blood tells, Kid, and yours speaks volumes."


"Sis, you made out with InuYasha!?" -Sota to Kagome

"Look to the saint inside you!" -Kagome Higarashi, episode 22

"Is it my imagination, or did she just give me a really cold stare?" -Miroku, episode 22

"I ain't so easy to knock off! How could you even think anything so incredibly stupid?" "You can hardly blame us; we were worried about you okay! We knew you were over-exerting yourself!" "Stop blubbering! I'm alive, so what's the big deal?" "I'm not blubbering!" "Okay then crying!" "I am not!" "Are so!" "Am not!" "You are!" "Not!" "Are so!" "Shut up and sit!" -Kagome Higurashi and InuYasha, episode 58 (my favorite episode, by the way)


"Please pardon me--since both of you are making love in the middle of the pathway" -Aoi stumbling upon Misaki and Usui

School Rumble:

"I bet chicks like letters!" -Kenji Harima

"I was a total smart ass and a hopeless moron... and I was a god!" -Kenji Harima

"Ah! What the hell! Aw, crap! I forgot about the challenege, set for the same time and place, what are the chances?" -Kenji Harima

"...I've just got to concentrate--oh pretty!" -Tenma Tsukamoto

"Whoa! Does he have a freaking jet engine on that thing or what?" -Tenma Tsukamoto

Way too many quotable lines for this series--the above is just the first episode.

Okay, okay one more:

"Too many letters... brain hurting... school is hard!" -Kenji Harima

Had to:

"Don't be fooled. I bet that dirty mind is chocked-full of dirty thoughts. Just look at the way he's playing with his nuts!" -Eri Sawachika about Kenji Harima

Episode 22 is now my favorite. So. Many. One-liners.

Shaman King quotes:

"...You've got some nerve... going to bed without saying a word to me. Hmph. You never change... Not even with the shaman fight starting tomorrow. Your grandpa sent you a package. And I mended your outfit. Don't forget to take them with you tomorrow morning. ...Yoh... you really have gotten strong. I may have said otherwise to Tamao... But it takes true strength to keep your cool the way you do. I'm the one who's saddest that you're leaving. Tonight is your last night in this house. Can I... sleep beside you?" -Anna Kyoyama "...Sure." -Yoh Asakura, Volume 9, pages 120-125

I just finished reading Volume 20, so I know this is going to make this ridiculously long profile even more of a mess, but I'm doing it out of love:

"(I... will not waver.)" -Tao Ren (I wish I could type out the actual characters -- this was a super cool scene in the manga), Volume 17, page 83

"You're the girl... Lord Hao was flirting with the other day." "...Jealous?" -Kanna Bismarch and Anna Kyoyama, Volume 18, page 35 (oh no she didn't!)

"The Tao and the Asakura are partners now." -Anna Kyoyama (possibly the single best moment of this manga as of Volume 20--aside from what happened in volume 19/20) Volume 18, page 37

"You yi rong ma? (Got a problem with it?)" -Tao Jun, Volume 18, page 57 (one of her rare, super epic moments...)

"Thanks for everything. And Anna... I'm sorry." -Yoh Asakura, Volume 18, page 86-87 (This was before we knew the entire depth of Anna and Yoh's relationship, but even without knowing it, my heart just dropped. One of the best pages in the manga.)

"Undershorts... Aaah!! A flasher!!" -Matilda Matisse, Volume 18, page 167

"I'm not a flasher. I'm Mikihisa Asakura, a father... and an ascetic." -Mikihisa Asakura, Volume 18, page 169

"It's not easy when a lot of different things are important to you. To get one thing... sometimes you have to let go of another. But the heart is the most important of all." -Volume 19 opening

"Well she is kind of cute. *Thinks back to what she said earlier ('Die.')* *Starts trembling*" -Yoh Asakura about Anna Kyoyama, Volume 19

"And why doesn't she... ... ...Like me?" -Yoh Asakura asking Matamune about Anna Kyoyama, Volume 19

"Fancy that. Love at first sight, eh?" "Agh! I didn't mean it like that!" "Don't be ashamed. It's good to be attracted to one's betrothed." -Matamune and Yoh Asakura, in response to the line above, Volume 19

"Soon... the memory becomes a curse. And it breaks your heart." -Matamune, Volume 19

With sparkles all around him: "My first slap. An important milestone." -Yoh Asakura, reflecting on his history with Anna Kyoyama, Volume 19

"Why won't you take a hint?!" "Well... you know. It really sucks... that you can read minds." *Anna blushes furiously* "Weirdo!" -Anna Kyoyama and Yoh Asakura, with Yoh only thinking who-knows-what to make her blush like that (I'm actually sure it was really sweet, ha ha.) Volume 19

"I'll become the Shaman King and fix it for you." -Yoh Asakura, making a promise to Anna Kyoyama, Volume 20

"I will always... hate this world! But... there's something stronger than hate. I love someone!" -Anna Kyoama, Volume 20 (as Yoh turns and looks at her, blushing)

Thinking happily to himself: "Oh well... she's cute when she's not hitting me!" *Looks up to see Anna blushing* "She read my mind." -Yoh Asakura, talking (again, of course) about Anna Kyoyama, Volume 20

"She made me cry every time I saw her." -Yoh Asakura about Anna Kyoyama, Volume 20

"The left hand... of doom!!" -Amidamaru, Volume 20

"I knew you were too softhearted from the start. That's why I fell in love with you." -Anna Kyoyama talking to Yoh Asakura, Volume 20

"Mt. Osore Le Voile

For Yoh:

The one who awaits you / Will never let you feel lonely / Know this at least / Know this at least

The one who awaits you / Will never let you feel lonely / Know this at least / Know this at least

Abandoned on the streets / Desolate / Sulking in the shadows / Feeling the weight of the world / Love is hellos, good-byes and gossamer / Mt. Osore le Voile

For Anna:

Each night she patiently bears / The endless mystery in solitude / A thousand black paper cranes / Not folding / Not folding

Each day she patiently bears / The endless mystery in solitude / A thousand black paper cranes / Not folding / Not folding

She carries on bravely / But the smile is there / Unexplained longing for mementos / Love is hellos, good-byes and gossamer / Mr. Osore le Voile

For me:

A ghost for a thousand years / I am finally discarding / These lonely tears / If only for a time / If only for a time

My feeble heart fell / I am finally departing / From this heavy, hollow shell / Though there is no grave / Though there is no grave

I lived a long life / Filled with heartbreak / Yet every new year / I awoke to joy / Love is hellos, good-byes and / Gossamer / Mt. Osore le Voile

Though I am undeserving / I have felt the greatest of joys / Life is ever changing / Though it is often cruel / I do not mind / Please, give me a smile

Though no letter of love / My poem is through / Soon my soul will enjoy / A more heavenly view / Love is hellos, good-byes and / Gossamer / Mt. Osore le Voile / Mt. Osore, au revoir"

Soul Eater

"You're fine, it's cute." -Maka Albarn to Soul Eater, chapter 45, page 19 (Squee!)

(Chapter 89 pages 8-9 leave me with no doubts about this couple, sadly it's not something you can quote.)

"What's wrong with you? You idiot! I wish I'd partnered with Ox instead of you!" -Maka Albarn "Huh?! What's Ox got to do with this? Heck, he's a meister isn't he?" -Soul Eater, chapter 63, page 15 (The "Angel" chapter, A.K.A. the "Gee, you're dense Soul" chapter).

Tsubasa: RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE quotes:

“Yes… Stare all you want from your far away cliff.” –Mr. Long Ears in episode 9

“Let me guess… they eloped!” –Fai D. Flowright talking about Syaoran and Sakura

“You can’t learn everything about anything from a book.” –Syaoran episode 12

“Forget what you think you know and just gather the evidence.” –Syaoran episode 14

“I am going to get your feathers back for you, but some memories you just don’t get to keep.” –Syaoran episode 18

: The anime had its ups and downs, but hands down, the best episode is #40 -- so sad, so heart-touching, and spot on with the manga :

Yu-Gi-Oh: The Abridged Series quotes:

"Screw the rules, I have money!" -Seto Kaiba

"Looks like the rules... just got screwed!" -Seto Kaiba

"Screw the money, I have rules! Wait let me try that again." -Seto Kaiba

"Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. Fool me three times you're gonna get cursed off by Seto Kaiba!" -Seto Kaiba

"Shut up Mokuba!" -Basically everyone in Yu-Gi-Oh: The Abridged Series: The Movie

Vampire Knight:

"You just ran up and stabbed me for no reason. That isn't nice." -Kaname Kuran, episode 7

Profile quotes:

You know what I want to do? Throw Rukia-IchiRuki and Merciless Ruby into a pit, shout down: "Who's better: Rukia or Orihime?" and watch the show.

Quoted from Pikana's profile:

"Please say that Link hasn’t killed Sonic and is trying to flush the bloody remains down the clogged toilet…"

"Fox/Meta Knight/Ganondorf. WARNING: I’m on 6 kinds of crack and 18 bags of sugar! DO NOT READ!"

Quoted from Rukia-IchiRuki's profile:

"(we are not soup cans! >:O)"

Quoted from msfcatlover's profile:

Will number 5(Sheik) and 6(Midna) ever kiss?

I am a determined MidnaXLink fan. If you don't know what I'm talking about, watch the final battle. Look at Link's face when she warps him out and stays behind, or when he thinks she's dead, or when there's a chance she's alive. And the final sequence...Oh my gods, I AM NOT A SAP AND I CRIED! Only Twilight Princess Link can have Midna, and vice versa.

Number 6(Midna) appears to be a player, breaking many hearts. What do you do?


Could 1(Vaati) and 6(Midna) be soul mates?


1(Vaati) accidentally kicked 10(Zelda)

He's trying to get her attention again...=_=...


*Note from Kiba* Actually, just check out her profile, it's hilarious.

Quoted from Kattheamazing’s Profile:

"Dolphins: Don't trust a species that's always smiling, its up to something!"

"As long as there are tests, there will be prayer in schools."

"I couldn't repair your brakes, so I made your horn louder."

"I’m going to try and get my cookie gun off Midna now"

"Ever hear of BLEACH? As in the anime/manga, not cleaner? 'Cause, I tell you what, Link reminds me of Yumichika with the whole hair thing."

Quoted from Shanna.Sarcasm.Janiga's profile:

"Some crap that would never happen on Naruto:

Naruto will stop saying 'believe it'.
Hinata will stop blushing so much around Naruto.
Ino will stop being a bitch.
Tsunade will admit her boobs are fake.
Kakashi will tell everyone about his life.
Orochimaru will stop being gay.
Kabuto will stop being his bitch.
Karin and Sasuke will get together.
Karin will stop being a bitch.
Suigetsu will give up water forever.
Itachi will leave the Akatsuki and he and Sasuke will be true brothers again.
Kisame will admit he's a homosexual.
Minato Namikaze will come back to life and everything will be okay.
Deidara will admit he's really a woman.
Sasori and Sakura will get together.
Gaara will have kids.
Orochimaru will come out and admit he is really Michael Jackson.
Tobi is in his right state of mind.
Sasuke will stop being such an asshole.
Asuma will stop smoking.
Tsunade will give up gambling"

Quoted from Akito The Sex Goddess's profile:

"If you want to talk to me, well too f*cking bad. Ah, just kidding, I got email and Skype, hit me up if you want them. Or my phone number. But you better be sexy."

"Chuck Norris is the obvious answer to all poll questions."

"And head of the Sohma Clan. Haha, that makes us sound like ninjas."

"Hair Color: As black as my soul. Eye Color: As black as my hair. Technically, dark brown. F*ck you."

"Oh, and babies. Babies are so cute when you eat them."

"Fun Facts: I single-handedly caused poverty in Africa."

"'King Kong and the Monk; Miroku's Hairy Love Affair'"

Quoted from stichandshock's profile:

"I ship SteinxMarie like a mother."

Note from Kiba: What's with Soul Eater people saying "I ship (_) like a (_)"? Fine, I ship SoMa like a penguin.

Fan Fiction (Story) quotes:

“At this time we’d like to remind you that you should not put mistletoe over Grimmjow’s bedroom door.” -BWT X-Mass special!

"You're a cross-dressing princess and I'm an insecure bisexual orphan. I think all things considered, we're fine." -The Weekly Hyrule News

"Welcome to Hyrule motherf*cker!" "Mm, Link and Legolas. I smell fan-fiction!" -Both Dark Link

"Something good came of being brainwashed! Take that, forces of evil!" -Nabooru

"I always knew that people in my family are prone to attacks of destiny, but I never thought it'd happen to me." -Sheik

"Must resist killing impulse, thought Syaoran." "In your face, Dimensional Bitch." "Sakura kicked her first ass that day. Memorable moment." "[I]s actually a girl but has hidden the fact from the rest of the school due to low gender awareness..." -From Tsubasa Crossover Chronicle (This is one of those I could do pages of quotes for, so instead, just go read it!)

"When he becomes sad again, he will go into his little Syaoran Sulky Corner." -If You Give A Sakura A Mouse

"Aw, so you weren't having an affair with the pretty guy." "I guess this is boring for you, huh?" -I can't even remember what fandom this was, probably Legend of Zelda though.

"What were you doing in a bush Sheik?" -Link, another random story with a title I've forgotten.

"So, this chapter is dedicated to my laptop, Gary. I love you, Gary!" -Author Note for Stitches

"...because I ship SidxNaigus like a boss." -Another Author Note for Stitches

Random quotes:

“I’m a detective. I’m sorry I’m not around, but this is what I do!” –Jimmy Kudo to Rachel Moore

"As a druid, I don't condone violence!" "Luckily, as a paladin, I do!" -From WoW, Eh? (I lost the link to the exact page, sadly)

"You just got bitch slapped by a book. Damn!"

"The catch-22 of baseball: one man can’t win the game, but one man can lose it."

"It's never about what you do; it's always about what you don't do."

"Then Sparx started talking and acting like he knew more than Spyro, and Spyro’s all like, psh, dragonfly please!"

"I’m sorry I’m an emotional nerd and all these people dressed up in costumes proposing is getting to me!"

"Screw the Winged Dragon of Ra, I have money!" -Random Cosplay Skit

"Sleep is for the weak and dead. I'm far from weak and not dead yet."

"Puppy! Not! Want! No! Puppy not want!" -Toby Turner

"They take their scouting very seriously." -Looking For Group Comic

"We're not critical; we're unselfish with our knowledge of what you're doing wrong."

"We're about to be crab bait and he's feeling romantic." -Zelda from the Legend of Zelda animated series

"You called for a hero, Princess?" "Yes, but you'll have to do." -Link and then Zelda from the Legend of Zelda animated series

"CLAMP is love."

"Screw tea, we've got canon!" -Ed and Winry

"Ciel Phantomhive is Faust."

"Science is full of unresolved theories and always will be."

"The point I'm trying to make--and I'll never try again--..."

"Do psychologists actually know anything?"

"Why did they make Pluto not a planet? I mean what about 'My very educated mother just severed us nine pizzas'? Now what does she serve us?"

"They can kick Pluto out of the solar system, but it'll never be kicked out of our hearts!"

"Barrack Obama killed Pluto."

"If there's intelligent life on Pluto--which there isn't and that's probably why they kicked it out--..."

"I know all of the questions and none of the answers."

"Wikipedia said it so it must be true!"

"What people want is Naruto and Bleach, like these long, drawn-out plotlines. Which I don't have a problem with; hell I'm a Dragonball fan!" -This Dude

"No, Jesus does not sound like Edward Elric. Although that would be cool." -Vic Mignogna

"Next week on episode five, Ciel wears women's clothing... Again!" -This skit

"Soul! Wait!... I need you!" -This skit

"We get mad at people we love because we know the people who love us will forgive us when we apologize."

"Yaoi penguins."

"Not only does he not know how the world works... his ignorance is starving him!"

"The better we understand normal psychology, the better we can treat abnormal behavior."

"Should we help him?" -Rusl "No, it's fun to watch." -Midna, This YouTube video

"Kisuke penguins" -Bleach reference from this video

"Anything CLAMP. 20 series, hundreds of characters, dozens upon dozens of plausible pairings...and like, 5 canon." -TV Tropes

“These words are lovely, dark, and deep
But I've got promises to keep
and miles to go before I sleep” -I have no idea where this is from, but I love it to death

IV. Random garble / copy and paste

(I wish I knew who originally made this) And now for:

75 Things I learned from CLAMP

1. If you're not angsty, you should be. (Definitely deserves number one.)

2. There is no such thing as coincidence. (True that.)

3. Evil takes the form of four Japanese mangaka. (Why won’t you let canon characters kiss already?!)

4. Everything's better in alternate universes. (Yay alternate universes!)

5. If you're precious to your brother, you're probably doomed. (Phew.)

6. Actually, if you're precious to anyone, you're doomed. (Still safe.)

7. In fact, you're probably just doomed anyways. (Darn it!)

8. Treasure your eyes. You never know when they'll be taken away. (Uhh…)

9. Subtext really does equal buttsex. (That’s the only way us authors can keep it legal, the rest is up to fan fiction.)

10. Everything has a price. (Unfortunately.)

11. The most powerful people are alcoholics. (Yuuko scares me on some deep level.)

12. Never trust the bunny/pork bun. (They're hard to read that’s for sure.)

13. True love always prevails. Usually. (Tsubasa really, really cut it close. Actually that’s still up for debate.)

14. Love comes in all forms. (True that; many loves make the world go ‘round. Also, yay Cardcaptor Sakura!)

15. At least you’re not Subaru. (Poor Subaru.)

16. Nothing says love like agreeing to be somebody’s primary food source. (Well, I guess it can be romantic… then again you could be Subaru.)

17. If someone comments on your eyes being pretty, you will probably lose them several chapters later. (Cover your eyes.)

18. Even if you and your beloved are a canon couple, by the end, you still won’t have kissed. (Darn it!)

19. Even in other series, you still will not kiss. (Really?!)

20. If your grandparents are constantly on vacation, they most likely don’t exist. (Yeah… yeah probably not.)

21. Never carry your most treasured item around with you. (Lock it in a safe… but, come on, don’t tell anyone about it.)

22. Everybody has an evil twin. (I killed mine already, no problem.)

23. Tokyo Tower is, more than likely, the source of all evil. (More than likely? Try definitely.)

24. If you’re good-looking you’re doomed or angsty. Probably both. (Probably? See above.)

25. Don’t expect to live a happy life. You’ll only be disappointed. (Sorry Syaoran, Sakura, Fai, Kurogane, Mokona, Subaru, Yuuko, Watanuki, uh actually, just sorry anyone born into a CLAMP story.)

26. The more they smile the harder they fall. (Fai, I—spoilers.)

27. Your fan base is directly proportional to how angsty you are. (Needn’t add more—Fai.)

28. Everyone is pretty, even when bleeding or in agony. (Syaoran is kind of sexy when bleeding.)

29. Torture and mind games are just another way of showing you care. (So… CLAMP loves us?)

30. Your boss is bad for you. (Duh.)

31. The world is split into three genders: male, female and androgynous. (Mokona has many girlfriends.)

32. Blood is aesthetic. (And makes you look good too, apparently.)

33. It’s not real magic unless you can conjure a two-meter-wide magic circle. (That would make Fai a pro.)

34. Flat strips of paper can reach the same speed as an F1 racecar. (You just got owned by a piece of paper, courtesy of a ten-year-old Syaoran.)

35. Fire doesn’t burn unless the plot requires it to. (Paper burn on, paper burn off.)

36. No matter how ripped your shirt gets, it’s not coming off. (Come on, come on, I want to see him shirtless! Guess this is where fan art comes in.)

37. Men with black hair and glasses (including sunglasses) cannot be trusted. (I’m kind of suspicious of Yukito myself.)

38. Anyone who says having magic powers is cool could not have been more wrong. (Sorry, again, Fai.)

39. It’s possible to store two swords and enough clothing for four people inside the mouth of a pork bun. (And that’s only one of Mokona’s 108 secret techniques.)

40. Who wears short shorts? Little boy detectives wear short shorts! (So, so, so cute.)

41. Four leaf clovers aren’t as lucky as they’re made out to be. (Never trust a plant—see below.)

42. If you’re a character voiced by Megumi Ogata/cool/fan favorite/bishounen, you’re doomed. (Notice how most of CLAMP’s characters are…)

43. Hell, you’re in a CLAMP anime, you’re doomed. (Yeah. More than likely, probably… sorry.)

44. Remember your dreams—they’re the key to the plot. (Oh so that’s why—!)

45. If you can’t whistle, “hyuu” instead. (Meme achieved.)

46. If you feel someone’s watching you, they probably are. (Hint: Don’t take the ghost in chapter 31 lightly.)

47. If he’s tall, dark and handsome he’s taken—by the outrageously cute boy standing next to him. (Sans TRC because I can.)

48. Feathers have the ultimate power. Buy a chicken. (Ironically, I love chickens.)

49. If your series is happy, sugarcoated fairies, and gay, then you will most likely all die a horrible death at the hand of a psychotic clone. (Bad Clone Syaoran, very bad!)

50. Everything will be all right. (Eventually.)

51. Just because you return from a journey, doesn’t mean you’ll return in one piece. (This goes for both the mental and physical aspects.)

52. Everything happens in Tokyo. (Acid Tokyo, to be more exact.)

53. Cute stuffed animals make the best magical servants. (Feel the wrath of Mr. Snuggums!)

54. Swords longer than your height are easy to manage. (Just don’t trip and fall with it; who knows what could happen then.)

55. Attack names/chants are more important than actual skill or experience. (Hachararakeepoparoo!)

56. Cherry blossoms are a sign of good luck. (Yay!)

57. Cherry blossoms are a sign of bad luck. (Ahh!)

58. Cherry blossoms are- sod that, if you see cherry blossoms, run. (Flee!)

59. Even after your heart is pierced by someone's hand, you will still have plenty of time to divulge deep dark secrets/words of wisdom/angst/last words before you actually die. (Killed… by my own long-lost brother!)

60. Show your true love not by exchanging rings, but eyes. (So, I got you this really pretty blue… no it’s not a sapphire, silly.)

61. No one is really happy. They’re just hiding some dark secret. (Ahem, looking at Fai again. He’s awful.)

62. Dressing someone up in cute but outlandish outfits is a sign of great love and affection. (Well, I can’t argue that one.)

63. The easiest way to solve a love triangle is to kill somebody. (Maybe two.)

64. Inanimate objects have feelings. (I’m sorry Mr. Snuggums!)

65. Eyes, especially magic ones, are in high demand. (Good news Fai, we’ve found a use for you!)

66. Cosplay is completely normal in Tokyo. (All day, every day.)

67. Love your parents while you can. (Truths.)

68. The general public is oblivious to strange/supernatural/inexplicable/mysterious events/people/objects. (Did you just see that monster run by with ten-year-olds chasing it?! Hu? No, don’t be silly.)

69. Don’t give your name to strangers. (They plan on using it to murder you, steal your eyes, and solve a love triangle.)

70. Wherever you are, there is a Miyuki somewhere in the background. (She’s a busy person, always running.)

71. Apparently, magic allows you to eat other people’s eyes like candy. (Mmm chocolate-flavored.)

72. Walking between a fence and a lamppost will send you to another time/dimension. (I knew that lamppost down the street looked suspicious.)

73. Never trust shop owners. (Or alcoholics. Or alcoholic shop keepers.)

74. If you have a twin/clone/someone who looks like you, most likely one of you will die before the series is over. (“Fai.”)

75. It's all fun and games till someone loses an eye -- then it's a pairing. (So that’s where all of these love triangles are coming from.)

Everyone needs one of these on his/her profile. It’s great fun and practice:

Choose 10 characters:

1. Riza Hawkeye (Fullmetal Alchemist)

2. Sakura Kinomoto (Cardcaptor Sakura)

3. Midna (Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess)

4. Eri Sawachika (School Rumble)

5. Syaoran (Tsubasa RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE)

6. Shikamaru (Naruto)

7. Ciel Phantomhive (Kuroshitsuji/Black Butler)

8. Yuuko Ichihara (xxxHolic)

9. Kisuke Urahara (Bleach)

10. Sesshomaru (InuYasha)

Eri Sawachika invites Midna and Yuuko Ichihara to dinner at her house. What happens?

Girl talk… and alcohol. Lots and lots of alcohol.

Kisuke Urahara tries to get Syaoran to go to a yoga class. What happens?

Syaoran agrees. He’s always up for training. Kisuke, meanwhile, will be snickering and snapping pictures for blackmail.

You need to stay at a friend’s house for the night. Do you choose Riza Hawkeye or Shikamaru?

I’m kind of afraid of walking in on something with Riza (looking at you, Roy Mustang), so I guess Shikamaru—he wouldn’t mind.

Sakura Kinomoto and Ciel Phantomhive are making out. Sesshomaru walks in...his reaction?

(Oh. My. Gosh. New OTP.) Ciel and Sesshomaru have a glaring contest while Sakura sits in the corner blushing.

Midna falls in love with Shikamaru. Yuuko Ichihara is jealous. What happens?

Cat fight. Huge cat fight. They’re both very headstrong and stubborn people—worst of all Shikamaru would probably enjoy it.

Eri Sawachika mugs you in a dark alleyway. Who comes to your rescue? Sesshomaru, Sakura Kinomoto, or Ciel Phantomhive?

I can’t believe I just got mugged by a blonde highschooler sporting pigtails. Ahem. Well, Sesshomaru and Ciel wouldn’t care unless there was something in it for them. Thank goodness for Cardcaptors!

Riza Hawkeye decides to start a cooking show. 15 minutes later what is happening?

Run! The kitchen’s on fire! I have a feeling this is Mustang’s fault…

Syaoran and Sesshomaru decide to drive a motorcycle into a wall. What happens during the time frame?

They can be pretty hardcore. Sakura screams, Rin screams, Kurogane buys a hotdog, and InuYasha laughs. They both walk away from it without a scratch, of course.

Midna has to marry either Yuuko Ichihara, Eri Sawachika, or Kisuke Urahara. Who does she choose?

Midna: Okay, well, you got jealous and tried to kill me in a cat fight, you’re apparently a psychotic mugger, but at least he looks a little like—Er. Kisuke Urahara, next question!

Ciel Phantomhive kidnaps Sakura Kinomoto and demands something from Syaoran for Sakura Kinomoto’s release. What is it?

(I swear this is totally random, but how perfect is this?) Ciel demands Syaoran give up on Sakura, which of course (not knowing it wasn’t his Sakura) causes Syaoran to attack Ciel, which then means…

Oh. My. Gosh.

Syaoran versus Sebastian.

Meanwhile, Sakura talks to Ciel and convinces him to stop the madness with a cute little smile. Then that of course brings Tomoyo into this and—this could go on for a while.

You get to meet either Riza Hawkeye or Shikamaru. Who do you chose?

I wish I could say that’s a tough one, but Riza, no doubt. Fullmetal Alchemist over Naruto any day.

Sesshomaru challenges Eri Sawachika to a chariot race. Why?

Obviously they need to prove who the toughest criminal in the world is.

Everyone gangs up on Sakura Kinomoto. What happens?

Oh my gosh, poor Sakura! But it’s okay. Syaoran’s about to get involved in this—no one touches his Sakura!

Then again, Sakura could probably protect herself… accidently, of course.

Everyone is invited to Sakura Kinomoto and Sesshomaru’s wedding except for Yuuko Ichihara. How does she react?

Ha ha, Sakura has a thing for dog-based people (you know, Little Puppy being Syaoran?). Also, Rin has some competetion! Oh right the question.

Yuuko uses it as an excuse to go drinking, at Watanuki’s expense, of course.

Why is Shikamaru afraid of Ciel Phantomhive?

Because he’s a creepy little kid with a sexy butler, duh.

Sesshomaru gathers everyone around to tell them a fairy tale. How does it go?

My father once slew a million demons with a single lash of his tail…

Riza Hawkeye arrives late for Sakura Kinomoto and Sesshomaru’s wedding. What happens? And why is she late?

You know Riza, you should be thankful you were even invited…

She sneaks into the church quietly, and you want to know why she was late? Let’s just say she was up with Roy Mustang all night long… oh yeah.

Syaoran and Kisuke Urahara get roaring drunk and end up at your house. What happens?

Oh so that’s what they did after the yoga class. They start singing karaoke. Badly.

Midna, Yuuko Ichihara, Shikamaru and Eri Sawachika all go to the zoo for Yuuko Ichihara’s birthday party. How does it go? What presents do they get Yuuko Ichihara?

Even though there are “No Drinking” signs posted every where, Midna and her now-delinquint pal Eri bring a ton of booze. As a result of all the drinking…

Midna starts crying by the wolf inclosure.

Yuuko starts barfing in the butterfly house.

Shikamaru falls into the bear pit.

And Eri stares blankly at the big cats, thinking, “Whiskers.”

Everyone gets together and starts protesting something outside of your house. What are they protesting? What do you do?

I think what could they all possibly have in common to be protesting about? (Not like I’d be able to get them to leave or anything—without losing my bodily health.)

They’re protesting how everyone pairs them with everyone but their OTL (one true love, of course).

Kisuke Urahara murders Sakura Kinomoto’s best friend. What does Sakura Kinomoto do to get back at him?

Man, I know Tomoyo can be a pain, but killing her? That’s a bit much. Sakura unleashes the full force of the Clow Cards on him, of course.

Shikamaru and Riza Hawkeye are in mortal danger. Only one of them can survive. Does Shikamaru save himself or Riza Hawkeye?

Himself obviously.

The answer becomes obvious after “Riza Hawkeye [is] in mortal danger.” The colonel’s already there to save her, so Shikamaru can take care of himself.

If Riza Hawkeye and you could go anywhere, even in anime worlds, where would you go and why?

She doesn’t seem likely to travel without Roy, so I imagine we’d just check out Amestris.

Syaoran is trapped in a cave. Sesshomaru comes to rescue them. What happens?

I can’t imagine Little Puppy being “trapped in a cave” or Sesshomaru coming to “rescue him.” What actually happened was Sesshomaru broke Syaoran’s legs, threw him into the cave, and then when Syaoran’s buddies came looking for him, pretended to save him in order to get free food from them—for Rin, of course.

Midna starts a day camp. What happens?

“Welcome to your worst nightmare you little pink-skinned punks!”

Eri Sawachika, Shikamaru, and Ciel Phantomhive are doing the Hokey-Pokey. Yuuko Ichihara walks in. What happens?

Ha, ha… Ciel dancing… yeah, right. Obviously Yuuko would join in, after offering drinks. Ah, alcohol makes everything slightly less painful to live through. Especially for Ciel, who is utterly smashed by time Sebastian picks him up.

“Hehe, Sebastian, you’re—hic—pretty.”

Riza Hawkeye starts to write a story where Kisuke Urahara and Sesshomaru are going out. What is Sakura Kinomoto’s reaction?

This explains everything: Riza is obviously a closet yaoi fan, which is where all the EdxRoy fiction comes from!

Sakura smiles and encourages her—but she can’t help but wonder what it means to “go out” with someone.

Ciel Phantomhive makes an apple pie. Is it any good?

Of course it is—delicious in fact. Because you know he didn’t really make it (looking at Sebastian standing in the corner with the guilty look on his face).

Yuuko Ichihara and Syaoran go camping. For some reason they forget to bring any food. What do they do?

Syaoran hunts down some food, without being asked because he was raised on good moral values, such as always treating a lady first.

Unlike some people.


While they are camping, they run into Watanuki. What do they do?

Yuuko: “Why aren’t you at the shop?”

Watanuki: “Why are you camping with him?”

Syaoran: “Want some squirrel?”

Riza Hawkeye woke you up in the middle of the night?

I swear I didn’t do it—please don’t shoot me.

Sakura Kinomoto asked you to go out with her?

I think the actual question was, “What does ‘going out’ with someone mean?” Thanks a lot, Riza.

Midna walked into the bathroom while you're showering?

Midna: I am the ghost of your writing past!

I’d heard of stories coming back to haunt you, but this is ridiculous.

Eri Sawachika announced she's going to marry Kisuke Urahara tomorrow?

I’m pretty sure she’s trying to start another cat fight with Midna, since she married Kisuke a few questions ago. And of course someone would have to say:

“What about Whiskers?” Nudge, nudge. Wink, wink.

Syaoran cooked you dinner?

Plain, but not bad. Plus you know what they say: hunger is the best spice!

Shikamaru was lying next to you on the beach, sleeping?

Now this is a trippy dream.

Ciel Phantomhive suddenly confessed to be part of your family?

I think he would be more surprised than me, to be honest. What with the whole I-have-no-family-left complex eating at him for a few years now.

Yuuko Ichihara got into the hospital somehow?

She broke into the hospital? Someone save the young children and elderly! She’ll use them to create another Philosopher’s Stone!

Kisuke Urahara made fun of your friends?

…Says the guy living with another guy and two children. That’s not a normal “family,” Urahara.

Sesshomaru ignored you all the time?

Am I supposed to be surprised? Sounds normal to me…

Two serial killers are hunting you down. What will Riza Hawkeye do?

If she’s not busy with Roy or just happens to walk by as they’re about to murder me, she’d probably shoot them both and keep walking.


You're on a vacation with Sakura Kinomoto and manage to break your leg. What does Sakura Kinomoto do?

Uses the Clow Cards to help me. Thank goodness for Cardcaptors—again.

It's your birthday. What will Midna give you?

Midna: Booze!

"I’m not Yuuko!"

You're stuck in a house that's on fire. What does Eri Sawachika do?

Laughs evily—the mugging plan didn’t work, but she would get me this time!

(Realistically I’m sure she’d be heroic—she’s the kind of character to shine through during the darkest hour.)

You're about to do something that'll make you feel extremely embarrassed. What will Syaoran do?

Assures me that all will be well. Yeah, like he’s one to talk.

You're about to marry Sesshomaru. What's Shikamaru’s reaction?


You got dumped by someone. How will Ciel Phantomhive cheer you up?

“Sebastian cheer that person up. That’s an order.”

You're angry about it afterwards, how does Yuuko Ichihara calm you down?

Makes me wonder exactly what Sebastian did in his attempt to “cheer me up.”

Yuuko: Booze!

You compete in some tournament. How does Kisuke Urahara support you?

Intensive training for a week, then tells me good luck and disappears for the remainder of the story arc—I mean what?

You can't stop laughing. What will Sesshomaru do?

If I’m lucky? Just walk away…

Riza Hawkeye is all you've ever dreamed of. Why?

“Dream of” huh? Well, in the way that she’s a very strong, independent, yet deeply caring and upstanding young woman… yes she is. A great role model.

Sakura Kinomoto tells you about her deeply hidden love for Kisuke Urahara. Your reaction?

Must be all that magic power flowing off of him… you know like with Syaoran and Yukito/Yue.

You're dating Midna and introduce her to your parents. Will they get along?

That would be even more akward than her walking in on me while I’m in the shower… I think it’s safe to say it would cause my entire family a ton of emotional damage.

Eri Sawachika loves Kisuke Urahara as well. What does that mean?

It means there are definitely more cat fights on the way. Literally. Get it? Cat? Yoruichi?

Will Syaoran and Shikamaru ever kiss?

I don’t really think… they’re each other’s “type.”

Shikamaru appears to be a player, he breaks many hearts. What do you do?

Well, I’m not surprised that’s for sure. I think I’d leave him to it—what’s youth without some drama?

You had a haircut and Ciel Phantomhive can't stop looking at you. What goes on in your mind?

Where’s Sebastian? Why does he want to kill me? Must…defend…life…

Yuuko Ichihara thinks she'll never get a boyfriend. What will you tell her?

Have you checked out your indentured servant?

Yes. I said it. Bam.

Kisuke Urahara gives you a bagel. Do you eat it?

Considering what he “gave” Rukia? Mhm. No.

Sesshomaru wants money and decides to get a job at Chuck E' Cheeses. How long does he stay?

He walks in the door to get an application and turns right back around.

Riza Hawkeye offers you a CD. Considering her tastes, do you listen to it?

I would give it a try… I feel like she would have a mix between really relaxing music and some hardcore work out/action scene music.

Sakura Kinomoto suddenly goes emo. How does Yuuko Ichihara feel about this?

She laughs. A lot. Loudly.

Kids these days.

Eri Sawachika slaps Kisuke Urahara with a fish for going out with Ciel Phantomhive.

There is so much funny in that sentence I don’t know where to start. I guess I’ll leave it at this:

Oh, so Ciel does swing that way, eh?

Syaoran cusses Sakura Kinomoto out in German. Midna is secretly watching from behind a bush. What does she do?

What did that weird kid just say? And where did my wolf run off to now?

(I have to also point out that Syaoran was probably teaching Sakura what to say if she happened to be in Germany and a strange looking man approached her.)

Ciel Phantomhive comes up to you wearing a big pink dress. What's your reaction?

Again? You know Ciel you’re not helping those rumors about you and Sebastian…

IchiRuki, HitsuHina, and GinRan fan moments found here: 2:40 -- all I have to say is: Hahah! It's canon now! Also, 5:05 -- that's canon too! Also, Ichimaru and Matsumoto come in at 5:15

The musical returns! Fan-service at 7:01, enjoy! Basically, it's actual people acting out Bleach Weekly Tabloid.

There really aren't enough TRC cosplay skits... this one's pretty funny (and in English). Ah here's another good one; it's not in English, but really it doesn't need to be... uh just watch, you'll see.

If you're a CLAMP fan you need to watch this. Like, seriously, literally, need to watch it. It'll give you warm fuzzies, make you nostalgic, and just generally happy.

Notice the title of this comic is 'Less Disney, More Legend of Zelda' so what exactly is being said about Zelda in that last panel? You tell me...

Copy and Paste:

If you're a 'The Legend of Zelda' fan, copy and paste this into your profile.

If you think Ilia should burn in Death Mountain so Midna can have Link, paste this on your profile.

If you think Midna was going to tell Link she loves him, copy and paste this on your profile.

If you think Midna should just get together with Link already, copy and paste this.

If you cried when Midna left Link in Twilight Princess, copy and paste this onto your profile. Why? Why did she break the mirror? Crying! What? I'm not crying! I have something in my eye...both eyes!

If whenever you see or hear the name 'Midna' you freak out and have a small fit because you love her so much and then people stare at you and tell you to shut up and let it go, post this.

Toshiro Hitsugaya loves Bed-Wetter Momo_H.H.F.M.: HitsuHinaFanMovement_Momo Hinamori loves Shiro-chan

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