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Hello wonderful world, or whoever sees this.

I'm an aspiring artist, but writing interests me as well. I joined this site to enjoy the many wonderful stories and to share my tales with you as well.

Some information on the person behind the stories:

Call me Summer, or Vale, Thyme, Tatalin, or Hales. None of these happen to be my name, but it's what I'm known as around the 'Nets. Feel free to talk to me; I don't bite, and I hardly take anything seriously. I'm a huge procrastinator, so my updates here are very sporadic and consist mainly of oneshots. I have link to other places where I'm more active, so please ask if you want to know! (Most of these sites are drawing/art based, however.)

Favorite Latin mottoes/phrases:

Memento Mori
(Remember you will die)

Deus ex machina
(god from the machine)

Aut insanit homo, aut versus facit
(The fellow is either mad, or he is composing verses)

Aude sapere
(Dare to know)

Audere est facere
(To dare is to do)

Pairing Policy (Because there are some silly people out there!)

I have my liked pairings and I have my disliked pairings. If someone likes a ship I don't like, or vice versa, I will not hate them for it. I will not flame them for it. I will respect their views. Who knows? They may even get me to liking the ship they like. What goes around comes around, my lovelies.

I think a lot of people should consider this. God, it'd do this site some good. There wouldn't be any bashing or flaming or whiny rants about why this couple is better than that couple and how you better agree with me or else. Good God, get a brain cell or two.

So. Welcome to the wonderful, random mind of...


Enjoy yourself.

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