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Author has written 3 stories for Katawa Shoujo, Dead Space, and Sword Art Online/ソードアート・オンライン.

Kind of embarrassing when you don't update this stuff often, eh? Anyway, I'm simply Soap. Long and very uninteresting story how I got that nickname and no it doesn't have to do with Call of Duty. I started writing five- six years ago, maybe? I really don't remember anymore, but what yeah I started off writing fanfics for Fallout 3, Halo, and I think Killzone, all of them were so bad that they could've been confused with genuine troll fics! But given time and plenty of helpful reviews, advice and practice, I've grown considerably (I hope) from those very cringe-worthy days. I've slowly moved towards writing and/or planning original works, but I still like to write fanfics for practice and fun.

Story Status:

Komm Susser Todd: This story is temporarily on hiatus until I can finish my second playthrough of the Dead Space 3 campaign on Co-op as well as the DLC "Awakening." Reason being that I want to make sure I know firsthand what the co-op dialogue is as well as the co-op only sidequests are so I can include them or at least make reference to them in my fic. It's taking so long to do this is partly because I originally didn't want to spend money on an online pass (I bought my copy of Dead Space 3 used) and once the online passes were made free, my schedule had changed to where I could no longer be online at decent hours. So me and my trusted co-op partner make progress when we can, but it's going to take awhile for the next few weeks.

Recidivist: I think this one's complete. But I may go back to touch it up at some point.

Bullet Bruised: Used to be called, "I Once Met You in a Killing Field," but I didn't really like that title. The original titles I usually use for my stories aren't very good and it isn't until the second or third chapter that I think of something better. I thought of Bullet Bruised as an AU that had GGO act more like what I imagined an "American-made" VRMMOFPS/RPG would be like. I kept a majority of the futuristic/apocalypse background but made it more gritty and decided to have vehicles have a larger role in combat.

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