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Jesus Freak

Favorite color: Blue

Transformed by Love

Frozen steel blue lifeless eyes
Stabbing fear into the victim's hearts
A smile of cunning and cruelty
Was the mark left on those brave souls
As she filled their lives with pain and sorrow

She gloats at their suffering
Feeding more on their fear and anguish
Her black heart was cold and inhuman
Having no regret nor mercy
As she tore through body, mind and soul
Ripping apart the strong and just

Who could ever love a monster
Who could walk up to a beast and kiss the hand
How can anyone protect and cherish an enemy
No one would tell a fiend that their loved
Especially on the pain and suffering they cause

Heartbreak and loneliness was her past
Unwanted by her father and uncared for by her mother
She spends most of her life in sorrow and frustration
Taking her anger out on the innocent
Hoping to make them pay for her unbearable past

In the midst of all of this
Hope is kindled brightly like fire
Love is waiting for her just around the corner
Spread out like arms waiting to embrace
Wanting to kiss away her hurting
And showing her a new life

Swept into the arms of love
She cries out in fiery
Not wanting to be saved, changed
Into something she could never be
She lashes out with mockery
Spitting into Lover's face

"I am not the girl for you"
She yells in rage
"You are a fool hoping that I would be changed
Love is for the weak"
He just smiles and caress her face

"I love you more than you can image
No matter what you did
I was always by your side
And I am never gonna let you go"

Confusion spreads through her mind and heart
His jealously was overwhelming
Her heart flipping and cartwelling
What was this feeling
She has never felt something so strong and power

"You're My Bride and I will do anything to win your heart"
She shook her head, refusing the words
But they sank into her prison heart
Breaking through the ice walls and pouring in light
She began crying and weeping

"I am a sinner and can't accept your love"
She bitterly dismiss Him
Than His once beautiful face
Covered in scars
His hands with holes in them
A crown of thrones piercing His forehead

"Your sin is my burden
I died for your salvation
Please, my princess, accept my love"
He begged and held her ice cold hands
She was stun at His boldness

"Who am I that You would die for me
I am unworthy of Your compassion
Please stop adding more pain into my broken heart"
Saying those pleading words
Wounded His heart

Combing back her hair delicately
He wiped away the tears streaming down her face
Then He took her face into His palms
And began to cry with her
Feeling all the pain and suffering
She had to face to understand His love for her

"Beloved, you're more precious than the earth
Fragile as a flower, withering almost dead
I have come to save you
End all the suffering of the past
And move onto the glorious future
In stored just for you"

Her tear-streaked face brighten
"Please free me of my sin and past
Help me survive through the hardships of life
I want You to be there for me
I want to be Your bride and love forever"

His handsome face return
Lifting her up, spinning around joyously
Laughing with joy and relief
Her eyes change to sparkling jewels
Love filled every hole and emptiness in her
Melting her once stonily heart
Peace was finally hers to keep

Her smile filled every room with light
Because all her worries and fears are gone
Beast is now the beauty
Hatred became love
Her passion for her Lover
Will never cease nor dry-out
It will strengthen everyday
For Love was her beautiful transformation

Good News

We are born into a sinful world

A life of lust, pain, suffering

Anger, hate, envy, murder, etc.

Some say there is no hope

For sinners to be save

But you can be redeem

Father God sent his son Jesus

To this world as human

Who took all our sin, shame

And bore it on the cross

He was crucified for His children

He took our punishment

Cause He loves us

If you want redemption

Cry out to Him

He will listen

Repent your sins

Be forgiven

Let the Lord Jesus Christ

Make you whole and pure

For His love is for everyone

If you like my poems and stories, please check out my deviantART accounts: TheFireInsideus

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