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Heyy everyonee. So im californiaucla. i dont live in california or go to UCLA but im dreaming and working towards it. im only in high school :D. a lot of you have probably read my story Moon Rose. This story is on hold because im not finding so much interest in it anymore and also im writing another story that i am finding interest in. Moon Rose wasnt all that successful. My original idea was to finish the entire story and then put each chapter on fanfic depending on the reviews. right now i have four completed chapters. im working on the fifth.

this story is titled Love California, because, well, i love california lol :D. on my computer right now however, its labeled as College. but thats such an unoriginal title so i came up with something better. right now its basically about the whole gang at college. i know theres a lot of these stories but i love this type. in the beginning, this story was actually not suppose to be a Twilight fanfic. you see, with me, i like writing stories based on scenarios i wished happened to me. i wrote a story about me getting the chance to play the small role of Bree in Eclipse. the story was about me living at the set and working with the other actors. i havent finished it but its about 100 pages. anyway, back on topic. the college story is actually the story of what i hope my college experience is like. UCLA is my dream school and you will find that in the story a lot of things are actually accurate about the university. i get obsessed sometimes. so since the story is suppose to be about my dream experience, bella isnt from forks and her dad isnt a police cheif and Renee and Charlie are still married. because thats how my life is and i didnt want to change anything to fit with Twilight. in fact, its basically my story except i've changed the characters names to Bella and Edward and i added Emmett, Alice, Jasper, and Rosalie. i did this because i didnt know how to put my story on fanfic without having it relate to another story. and Twilight fanfics probably have the most amount of readers. i wanted people to read my story. so i made it a Twilight fanfic. Edward's name was originally Nate (if you've read my other story, you've probably noticed i have a certain fondness to the name Nate :D) and Bella, well, she was still nameless before i decided to turn this into a Twilight fanfic.

this story is all about college. bella, alice, and rosalie even join a sorority while edward, jasper, and emmett join a fraternity. its a love story. a college love story. i dont know yet if i wanna take this story to the times when they are out of college. i'll see where it takes me. please enjoy the story. i love writing it :D

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Love California reviews
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