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Ok my beta is on vacation so no updates until she gets back!!!sowwie!!! she'll be back soon tho n i promise it will be worth the wait!!!i have a super long chapter prepared!!

Next update...check back after one week.


I read harry potter and the deathly hallows and it was AWESOME!!I really liked it...the epilogue was kind of ...weird...but i think that Harry now deserves a weirdly happy also...i think JK was trying to show us one of the many happy moments in Harrys life. Life may not always be as carefree for harry as portrayed in the epilogue but JK wazs trying to show us...that all is well :P.

I really dont think anyone could have done a better job. Harrys character is I have a whole new respect for him after reading book 7. Im not too fond of his kids names...i mean come on...Albus severus?! However i am happy that harry n ginny got together in the end!!hehe ever since COS i had a feeling that wud happen!lol



I'm really sorry for those of you reading Princess Lily and Memories Part I! I was really hoping to finish memories before book 7 comes out but now im thinking of fisnighing it after book seven. This is because i cannot bear having my story n ot follow canon. Thus, i will read book seven and do SOMETHING to make it not be AU anymore. I have no idea WHAT i will do but i will surely think of something...bloody hell i will rewrite the whole story if ihave to but i just cannot stand writing a story that doesn't go with the book.

This leads me to another thing. People...plz check the publish dates on my stories! Only to Protect you and Not a normal life were written way before OOTP came out!! that is why they are not canon! Plz do not yell at me for not going along with the information JK gave out AFTER these stories were written. It gets rather annoying. Sorry if i seem frustrated but that's exactly what i am after listening to pple rail at me for not knowing things that Jk Rowling said herself but those things were said AFTER i wrote my stories and i really cant go back in time and change what i wrote. Maybe one day i will go back and rewrite them so they fit with the book but i like those stories the way they are now. besides give me a break i wrote them between the ages of 12-15. I'm going to be 19 now. I rather hope that everyone will be able to see a marked difference in my writing now. Hopefully it's more mature and has


Memories Part I: The next chapter is under way. I've written the beggining and it will hopefully be upto my usual chapter legnth. it will not however be updated until AFTER book 7 is released because i want to have a clear plan in mind on how to go about turning my story into canon.

Princess Lily: This is by far my FAVOURITE story because i get to push my creativity to the max. I really love this story. Currenly though im trying to finish up letters lead to love,I'll probably finish LLL before the month of May is over and then everyone can start looking forward to updates on this story.

Letters Lead to Love: Actually i finished this...but alot of people were disapointed with the abrupt ending...the reason i ended it so ABRUPTLY was because half blood prince came out and totally ruined my plotline...but alot of pple wanted me to continue. So i continued and have a whole new onrush of ideas for this story that i'm using. It iwll probably be over soon though. then i can concentrate on my other two stories.

Tale of True Love: Now this story is OLD! REALLY OLD. I wrote it when i was 12 but deleted it cuz my plot got totally screwed up after GOF...well i doubt anyone remembers it but those who do DONT WORRY. it's underway tho this also won't be posted until book seven of hp is out. It's going to be LONG and i don't want to risk my plot being messed up AGAIN. I cringe at my plot being messed up in Memories. Also eventhough i dont have this story posted i amd writing it! I've had to rewrite some chapters after the release of HBP and OOTP but that's why i havent posted this story yet. Do not worry this story will be up and underway once book 7 is out and i have read it and edited the first chapter accordingly. After that...u won't even havce to worry about me having writers block and not updating because everything is already written. This story is my first ever baby and I really want this to end up being a story people like instead of one that did not go along with canon or something.

So now that iveupdated my profile adn everyone knows the current status of my stories i hope no one is angry at me for being a lazy author! I'm really sorry though if you are. I understand. I also hate it when authors dont update for a really long time but sometimes these things cant be helped.

I cant wait until i finish all these stories because then i am thinking of writing a story of my own. Like a totally original story on or something. It's just a thought though...who knows if i ecer actually go through with ti. i love writing about harry potter too much to write something else. lol.

Thus, I now leave you with these infinite words of wisdom:

Don't talk to me...I want to fix that in my mind forever. Draco Malfoy, the amazing bouncing ferret...

-Ron Weasley,Goblet of Fire

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