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WATS UP EVERYBODY!! my name on fanfic will be aimini-chan and I LOVE NARUTO!! it's my fav anime of all time!

I also like Ouran High School Host Club (Honey is sooooooo cute!! :D), and Kodomo no Omocha (also known as Kodocha)

I am THE most random person u will ever meet in ur life. People say i'm slow and i'm a klutz, but i'm not! i have moments of slowness that somehow turn into years. :P Anyhoo, i'm gonna be writing TONS (and i mean TONS) of stories and one-shots. i'm not sure about lemons or limes cuz i'm innocent like that (innocent face). not really, my best friend (who will remain nameless) is a MAJOR perv! but i still love him, sorta.

My favorite book series of all time is (da-da-da-DA!) TWILIGHT!! OMG, Edward is so smexi (mine!! i've claimed that word since the 8th grade)!! but jacob belongs to my best friend (who will also remain nameless). Jacob is her smexi lover! BELLA can go rot in heck for all i care! JK! or am i... (dramatic thinking music)

anyhoo, bak to the anime! (even tho i might write twilight fanfiction 2...idk)

My fav anime pairings are: naruhina, sasusaku, sasunaru (yes i know they r two guys... :P), sana x akito, tamaki x haruhi, hikaru x haruhi. thats all i can think of rite now... it's kinda late at nite... tehe.

THINGS I DESPISE >:( - homophobes, flames for no apparent reason (come on, seriously?!), getting grounded for B's in classes (the crap?!), gossipers, annoying people, knowitalls, fake people (i call them plastics), depressing people, crybabies, preps, wangsters, wiggers, snobby people, bratty children (don't even get me started on them!), judgmental people, ignorance, traitors and/or backstabbers, whores, hoes, sluts, female dogs (thats the definition of the word), lazy people, plain rudeness.

THINGS I ~Love~ - my friends (DUH!!), my family (sometimes...), anime (NOT hentai), my best friend, writing stuff, being random, being me, SUGAR (drools), meeting new people, NOT having homework :), BOYS LIKE GIRLS(the band), emo people (i just wanna hug them so much, even tho i am one 2...sorta), song writing, sasuke uchiha (yes, not a real person got it), TWILIGHT, funny stuff!

I think that's about it!

sasuto-wat did i miss?

O yea, i forgot to tell u! i have an imaginary friend!


I mean, i have a friend. His name is sasuto. he's a mix of all the things i love about sasuke and naruto!

sasuto-yep, thats me! i'm down to earth, yet hyper. i love to do stuff and yet i hate it. I'm every girls dream and every guys nightmare.

isn't he the greatest?! (runs to hug)

sasuto-the crap?! no touchy, i'm feeling my sasuke side today...

(sighs) sasuto has major mood swings...

sasuto -yep i can be happy and sweet one minute, and depressing and evil the next. tehe, u never know wat will come next...

ok, i think the people get it. anyhoo, thats me! btw, wen i start writing, plz tell me wat u think! i LOVE reviews, and check out my youtube page 2! exact same name, narutoissuperlycool. k, got it? good! cuz i hate repeating myself... bye for now!

aimini-chan out!

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