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Game that I'm obsessed with right now: Super Smash Brothers Brawl ~

Tv show that im obsessed with right now: South Park

Listening to? - Daft Punk -Around the World Sesto Sesto Remix

Couples -


Samus/Link & Samus/Marth - I love both these pairings and i can't decide which is best! I would really like to see more Link/Samus though...

Roy/Peach - Unfortunatly, I never played melee, thus ive never played as Roy... :( but I have read his backstory for fire embelm, and i've read heaps of fanfics with him as well, so I kinda get what his personality would be like. I also think he'd be a better boyfriend than a short italian plumber anyway!(sorry mario fans)

Zelda/Link - I don't mind it that much but I really can't read huge fanfics about it. Im sorry but friendships and cute one-shots do me fine for this couple.


Midna/Link - As soon as I played Twilight Princess I thought it was cute her being an imp and all but then at the end I turned into an EPIC fangirl and was all like Link/Midna FTW! sadly she went to another realm.

Ilia/Link - HELL NO. I COMPLETLY AND UTTERLY DISLIKE ILIA (see? I didnt use hate, as it's too strong a word.)

Zelda/Link - Same for smash fics. I dont mind it as long as it's in small doses.

Saria/Link I only really discovered this pairing this year (Ocarina Of Time on virtual console! yes!!) shes really a sort of a damsel-in-distress I guess. I mean, she's needs a lot of save in Ocarina of Time so far. She's also kinda like Ilia i guess, but i dont dislike Saria cause shes pretty cool (Green hair is the best.)

Shiek/Link - LOL ninja and swordsmen unite! (they could become rockstars those too. seriously.) btw, you wouldnt get this unless you have played Ocarina Of Time. hehehe.

Sonic The Hedgehog and his numerous spin-offs?

Rouge/Shadow - HELL YES. it's a pretty good pairing.

Blaze/Silver - hehehe. I think this one's cute! (Silver has a funny voice)

Sonic/every-single-female-character-in-the-entire-freaking-series-plus-some-fangirls-creations? - YES.

anyway, i havent finished this story that im making up and it's going to be pretty long! it Samus and ... um... Link? no... Marth? um... I dont know who to choose! give me some ideas on who I should pick...Thanks for reviewing or reading my story! (im so lazy. only one story?!)

anyway byee!~

This is how a heart breaks reviews
Samus always liked Link, But has never ever told her feelings. She tried once but Zelda got in the way. After Zelda forcefully kisses Link shes had enough. But what about Link and his feelings? Songfic. May continue on with this story...
Super Smash Brothers - Rated: T - English - Romance - Chapters: 1 - Words: 1,391 - Reviews: 11 - Favs: 6 - Follows: 3 - Published: 3/8/2009 - Link, Samus A.