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Hi! I'm smexxy0kartik

status: college photo major. future concentration in latin american studies, minor in spanish

age: 19

likes: music, reading, writing, movies, good food, dancing, cute boys, driving my car, horseback riding, spectating mens lax/hockey

dislikes: assholes, insects, precipitation, wind, winter, chocolate, hot drinks, homework, getting up early

fav fanfics: A Great and Terrible Beauty and Twilight. i'm a HUGE fan of canon pairings. why taint what works?

ff least fav: i'm not a big fan of reading rape/abuse stories, but i shamefully admit that i've tried to write at least one. i'm also not a big fan of all of the agatb fics that have kartik gone in some, way, shape, or form.

reviews are always welcome, but please, if you don't like it, try to give constructive criticism and not just say mean things.

JUST SO EVERYONE KNOWS: my knew pen name is karma0be11e. my previous stories and hopefully future new ones will be posted soon