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Serious is not how I role :) I don't normally look on the grim side of life. I can take a joke and be rather childish/care free/ care less/un stable/odd / unruly/ fun/ "smart" (as if!)/ stupid these are a few words my friends have described me as. Some people just don't see how cheerful and friendly I can be, but when it's just those days they can seriously drag out the doom,gloom and death wishes. I'd love to write more stories for my interests but maybe when I've honed my writing skills more.

X( It's horrible me poor hamster called Honey died 10/6/09 and then my laptop brok destroying the rest of the 6 pages that I wrote of "Her Darker Existance"!! Not to mention the few pages of "Just a lost girl" , it's horrible now I have to write it all out again!! And there'll be delays!! - so sorry but the laptop jus crashed like mad! and I didn't make no backups :(




Yu-gi-oh GX

Artemis Fowl

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Certain Marvel/DC

Vampires/Mythical beasts

Doc Who

Cute fluffy killer animals



Yugioh gx characters, Jaden, Chazz, Alexis is 16,Syrus 15,Zane being a 3rd year student is 18/19

Yugioh characters I've decreased their ages Yugi 19 or so, Seto early 20's

Maybe a Jaden/ChazzXOC Pairing in the next few chappies!

"Just a Lost girl" a LeahXAltair pairing

XD I say we go get smashed later in pub - sounds like a plan, see ya there! If not the pub then go down to the feild there'll be me .

Small note that need not be read

I'd like to thank my english teacher for helping me develop my english (obviously!) and I'm doing my best to type correctly with a spell checker, also thx for helping me solve the origins of the word "pumpkin" which I have currently forgot therefore I can't type it down sadly... =(


Normally I'd graffiti over this page with cute hamsters and deadly lizards with huge eyes, but apparantly writing text to fill it up is the only way. And about being smashed in a pub...you know I'm such an "angel" that I won't, albeit an angel without a halo, a harp, godly prescense, nice flowers in my hair (unless Amy R pushed me onto the floor in the feild, then stabbed a dandylion into my head), and sandals. Do angels wear sandals?

Also is a pie a pastry?! That has been attacking me! I'm deciding whether or not to go and terrorize Sayers about that, do Sayers even make pie?...I see life is going great =D And ?i think I lied about this being a short note because I can't be bothered counting how many words I wrote. XD I'm planning to grow a cauliflower!

DBZ - begin?

I'm planning to upload sections of my DBZ story from quizzilla - here a chunk of it Xp

"Oh, so Bulma you do prefer Kakarott undressed. Move it fool, Violets mine, Bulma's yours." Vegeta said hurriedly shoving Goku to Bulma and almost running across to Violet with out stretched arms.

"No--" Vegeta gasped as Goku took a flying leap, landed on the floor and grabbed Vegeta's ankle, bringing him face first to kiss the floor.

"hahah mine!!"

"Goku. Put me down." Violet said as Goku let go of her leg which he'd been holding waving her around like a flag.

"I think my nose changed shape..." Vegeta groaned still flat on the floor.

"So anyway, after Vegeta and Raditz had a thorough beating I was about to turn onto Goku and his worm when our lovely, sweet, kind Violet decided to run in amongst the chaos. I couldn't stop my punch and it hit her in the face."

"A bad place for any girl, let alone one that can kill." Goku commented licking dry his tea cup.

"I still don't believe you punched me!" she stated incredulously, "Wait wrong person - I don't believe you ducked!" she said rounded to Goku who hid behind his teacup.

"It wa sonly one punch I've done more than that in the golden days of destroying the fleshies on this planet." he said crossing his legs, "besides, my butt's probably blossoming it'd been kicked so much."

"You have one really hard ars-"

"You kicked his butt?!" Bulma cut in

"He tried to run away so I ran after and kicked the only place I could reach- be happy it wasn't the front!" she grinned as Cell's face twitched and Vegeta groaned at the

horrible thought (pain beyond your imagination...)

"huh, the armours stronger there anyway."

"Would you like to test it?" she asked a sly smile creeping up.

"eehh...maybe later..."

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