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Name: Barbie

Age: Old enough to have responsibilities and yet young enough to be irresponsible

Location: What are you a creeper? You iz trollin'! lol

Heroes: DizziKatz.

Likes: The rain. Youtube videos that can make me feel stupider as I watch them. Movies. Being so lame that people can't help but laugh. Yellow. Apple juice. Yogabagaba's party in my tummy. Disney movies. Jodi Piccoult books. Britney spears. Hoodies. Crazy music videos. Chocolate milk. Being awake when most people are asleep. Wicked. Dancing around like a crazy fool in my dorm. Megan Fox. Making people laugh. Dr. Suess. Being sarcastic. The lollipop song (lollipop, lollipop, oh olly lolly...). The Beatles. Doing something random. Nihongo. Ice cream. Being impulsive i.e. driving to youngstown to find vegan marshmellows. Scary movies that are hilarious. Johnny Depp. Cookie monster. Rubber duckies. Penguins. British accents. Cartoons. Haunted houses. Channing Tatum. Halloween. Desserts. Fortune cookies.

Dislikes: Brocolli. V8. Creepy elevators. Waiting in line. Computer problems. Homework. Celery. Math. Being broke. Dihonesty and fakeness. Silence.