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Hey guys, my name is Andrea and obviously, I'm a self-proclaimed writer. The categories that I will write in will probably be: TMNT(of course), possibly Yu-Gi-Oh!, Naruto for sure, possibly Ben Ten, and surprise surpise, Numb3rs and NCIS. Depends on how much time I have, but the you'll see more TMNT and Naruto out of me than anything. If I get up a lot of muse, then Harry Potter might make it into this account. It's actually a whole lot easier to write fanfics about shows than it is books, but challenges are always good! If I like you enough(a.k.a you've read and reviewed my stories), you can message me about a story you'd want to see written, maybe a fav character, whatever. I would love to take requests; they make me feel truly loved. xD An author who feels loved is sure to make fast updates!

My favorite characters from the shows are:

TMNT is Michelangelo and Donatello. Leonardo's pretty close though. I love 'em all!

Yu-Gi-Oh! is Duke Devlin and Yugi. (Kaiba too, he's awesome!)

Naruto is Shikamaru and Kakashi.

Numb3rs is Colby. There is no competition. If I was obsessed with anything, it would be him.

NCIS is a tie between McGee and Abby. They're both so unique, it's impossible not to love them!

Let's see, I like Eragon, Brinsingr, almost anything by Tamora Pierce, the Narnia series, Harry Potter(duh!), Maximum Ride, and the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series. I like listening to Skillet, Kutless, Switchfoot, Casting Crowns, Falling Up, Seventh Day Slumber, Red, and different hip hop stuff. I like National Treasure 1 and 2, as well as POtC 1, both Narnia movies, and the Lord of the Rings movies.

A little about me: I LOVE: animals(all of them!), actually having money in my lonely wallet, music(not rap or heavy metal), any sport that does not involve a ball, any car I DO NOT have to drive, people who are nice to me(sort of figures, right?), my friends of course, and any person who reviews my lovely stories! I do love you, I promise. I HATE having strep throat, incest, slash(okay, I don't hate it like that, but you won't see it in any of my stories), mean people(sort of figures, right?), and flames.

:Fav pairings:







Inspiration for each of my stories:


In the Junkyard: Basically just came from my idea about Mikey getting trapped and how his brothers dealt with it. The Purple Dragon idea came in later, while I was watching Hun on the Run..

Enter Team Thirteen: Something I'm doing with my friend. This one'll be a little slower than my other fics, because she's working on it as well and has a heavier schedule than I do.

:Not Yet in Print:

Purgatory(oneshot from Tea's POV for Yu-Gi-Oh!) This one'll be a long time in coming, since Tea's not my favorite character, but since a friend asked for it, I'll get it done eventually!

Broken Wings(novella from Angel, Don, and Raph's POV for TMNT) Now, this one is going to be fun. Angel is one of my fav TMNT girls and I love her relationship with the turtles.

Brass Knuckles(novella from Team Ten's POV for Naruto) This one will be interesting too, since Shikamaru and Asuma's relationship deserves more attention, now that he's dead..

The Weakest Link(oneshot from Don's POV for Numb3rs) I always think that Don has this special place in his heart for each member of his team and this explores that idea.

Visions of Time and Space(novel from Nikki's POV for Numb3rs) I got this idea from the second-to-last episode of Season Five, and Nikki's "intuition".

These are just ideas that may not even get into print, but if you're interested in seeing them, let me know. Encouragement always helps with muse!


June 24, 2008: Well, I do apologize for my lack of warning. I took a trip to Gatlinburg and had absolutely no time to write, so the seventh chapter for ITJ was much slower in coming. I'm already working on the eighth chapter, so the whole slow episode won't be repeated. I'm considering the suggestion of making another fic using the slave trade idea. Maybe a sequel to ITJ? That would be interesting, wouldn't it? I really like Kameko and her personality; so that idea is definitely going to be considered. I think that would be the beginning of a very long fic, involving lots of drama and brotherly fluff, which is always good. I've also thought about maybe taking requests for stories, or one-shots, for characters and/or scenarios. It would fun, I think, to do that and please my lovely fans! Anyways, I hope the upcoming chapters of ITJ are worth however long the wait! Please review away!

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