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Hello, world!

I'm Or threeguesses. Or 'the crazy one'. Take your pick, I'm not fussy :)

Anyway. I like Harry Potter, Good Omens, Star Trek, Glee, and Discworld, mainly. I could go on and on, but when I actually get around to posting things, it will probably be for these.

About Me:
-I'm a slightly crazy, female teenager with an odd sense of humor and good, if also crazy, friends. I live in the US of A, although it would be cool to live in Japan. Or the UK. Or New Zealand. Or Russia, even, that might be interesting... yeah. Anyway.

-Shakespeare is my homie.

-If he were a) alive and b) real, I would in an instant marry Mercutio from "Romeo and Juliet". And if he didn't want to marry me, we would definitely be best friends.

-I like slash, which is probably kind of typical, but, well... it's hard NOT to like slash, when executed with the right couples. See my list of favored pairings, and list of hated ones :)

-I will write and read slash, femmeslash, and het, although you'll more often find me writing slash, because that's what all my favorite couples are :) I've never really been able to get into Mpreg fics; I have nothing against the idea, it's just... not logical. (Oops. Alex, stop channeling Spock. You know it's not good for you.) But I'm pretty much cool with everything, as it is :)

Hmm. I know I never mentioned it, but as you can see, I have had Shakespeare in my head lately. Probably because I'm reading Romeo and Juliet in English. Anyway, I decided that MercutioBenvolio is now one of my all-time favorite pairings. So I've been writing some of it. I never thought I'd be writing Shakespeare fanfic, much less slashy Shakespeare fanfic. Go figure. shrugs

Parings I like:

Star Trek
Sulu/Chekov (recently introduced to this. It is amazing.)

Good Omens
Crowley/Aziraphale (because you can't not see that subtext. And it's a perfect way to balance angsty and humor. Probably my OTP, if I had to pick one.)

Harry Potter
Dumbledore/Grindelwald (super awesome angstyness, anyone? Anytime I try to write this, Dumbledore always comes out OOC...)
Sirius Black/Remus Lupin (Lupin/Tonks is FAIL. See the next list.)
Harry/Ginny (never was a Harry/Draco fan, except when it's perfectly executed. Just never made much sense to me, I suppose.)
Lily/James (seriously. This=perfection, especially for a het couple. Definitely.)

Honestly? Anything goes, really, although I've grown fond of the little Vetinari/Drumknott there is out there. And I don't think I'll ever say no to a good bit of Vetinari/Vimes, either. Oh, and anything involving the wizards and slashiness, especially if it's Ponder/Adrian. :) Anybody else tempted to write something regarding that throwaway "company of men" line in Unseen Academicals? Hmm... Ridcully/Dean, perhaps? (My first thought. I am not an obsessive fangirl, really. I promise.)

Romeo and Juliet
Mercutio/Benvolio, which for some reason I always write as MercutioBenvolio, omitting the little slash. Oh, irony, wherefore dost thou love me so much? Anyway. I love these two. I would love them more if they had a happy ending, but, well... it wouldn't be "Romeo and Juliet" if everybody lived and the ending was happy, now would it?

Pairings I don't:

Okay. The only two pairings I have anything against are Lupin/Tonks (seriously, where is the love on this one? IT DOESN'T EXIST! ) and Spock/Uhura (simple lack of chemistry, here. And the fact that there's boatloads more sexual tension with Spock and Kirk. I mean, really. C'mon, people. Although I want to find a fic where Uhura isn't all angsty and bitter about the breakup. I'm considering writing one where she plays matchmaker. Oh, that would be fun...)

Anyway, that's about it. You probably didn't read all of this. That's all right. I mind not at all.

Oh, and here's my permanent disclaimer, because I'm often too forgetful to stick it in the story itself: Nothing 'cept my writing (and whatever OCs I end up inventing, which will hopefully be ZERO) belongs to me, sad as that is. Oh well. As long as their authors don't mind me writing their characters for them :)


All right. Well, "Carols" sort of died unexpectedly, after some family drama decided to go and eat my life. This is greatly unfortunate, especially because it's no longer Christmas-time and so therefore all my motivation has gone and died. I have most of Chapter 7 written, and hopefully that will appear sometime soon. But as for stuff that comes after that... well, anything goes. So. Yeah. My apologies for that. :\

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