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Well wishes to everyone for the new year! (:

I will be re-posting an old favourite "Love Bites" which I had taken off the site to edit. It has been more fleshed out and I hope readers will enjoy the changes. Just a reminder regarding the vampires in this story - they are different from my story Blood and Fangs. The lore applied in the one does not apply in the other as well and they are not written in the same world. The two stories should be read separate from each other.

I hope to be working on my existing stories that needs to be completed and have some new story ideas to add to the collection in future. A BIG thank you to everyone who took the time to read my stories, like them and/or comment! (:



I have posted all seven chapters of The Prince's Minder and hope readers will enjoy it. This story is more focussed on the fairy tale genre. This was one of those stories that just come to me and instantly had me inspired - I had to get it written!

As always, I have received more reviews and readers favoured me or my stories and want to say thank you. If I hadn't replied to your review, please don't feel that I don't appreciate it! I really do! (:




A BIG thank you to all the readers who took time to review and favourite my stories! I am keen to get back into writing again soon and hope that my stories will continue to touch hearts and minds of young and old. There are still many stories that needs to be told! (And I am aware of some corrections that needs to be made to the old ones...)




Something more to add to Love bites. As you will see in chappie 16, there is several new ideas coming in. These vampires are very much like humans, they absorb oxygen through the skin to supply their need of oxygen when they're not breathing (which is optional for the vamp). They do get cuts, bruises and such, but it heals faster than a human's. They need to rest or sleep for their bodies to repair itself, and of course to pass the time which they cannot go out in the sunlight. As you will read, they can take in other things besides blood, but blood is what their bodies ultimately need to survive.


Hey there!

About Sliverpen: I write because I love creating stories, to make the characters in my mind come alive. It's all slivers of my imagination...

Author’s notes: Hi there! Just to clear up some things.

Firstly, about the vampires in Everett:
They are not born vampires, they are created by the tradisional way - the kiss of death, a.k.a. the bite of a vampire. Rarely half-bloods were born when a woman conceived vampire’s child. They can go out in the daytime (similar to Twilight), but their skin and eyes become deadly pale and otherwordly when exposed to direct sunlight. Vampires first become ‘lifemates’, (you could say it is their term for marriage), thereafter bloodmates (which is not always the case as this means they share blood, allowing them a measure of power over each other - glimpses into each others thoughts and emotions). Lifemate and bloodmate refers to his/her spouse/lover. Others changed by the vampires, are simply called children or fledgelings.
The Covenant of this story does not have anything to do with the other stories. I simply used the same name, as you probably noticed with some of my characters as well. At this stage I am concentrating more on the storyline. I may alter some things, like names, to separate the stories more from each other at a later stage. I know some scenes are similar to Twilight, and I am not ashamed to admit that I’ve read Stephanie Meyer’s books and admire her work greatly, therefore it has an influence on my writing. The reason I don’t post these stories under twilight is because I am not writing them in the twilight world.

Secondly, the vampires in Blood or Fangs:
Some of them are born vampires, so they age normally until they reach ‘maturity’, then simply stop aging. They rely on blood as the main food source, although they can eat normal food in moderation. They don’t perish in sunlight, though they avoid direct sun. The only other way to become a vampire is by exchange of blood, thus infecting the receiver. The vampire bite itself don’t change humans, it merely releases a dosage of non-lethal, ‘feel-good’ poison, numbing the victim. Again half-bloods exist, human-vampire and werewolf-vampire.

Thirdly, the vampires in Love bites.
Similar to Blood or Fangs, the bite itself doesn’t change humans, simply numbs them. (I was thinking of the idea of them having special lethal-poison ducts in the palate that can be released when the vampire wants to change someone, but I’ll see whether or not I’ll incorporate this.) In the case of Holly, a human-vampire half-blood, her human side is dominant until she reaches 17. From there onwards her vampire legacy will take over. These vampires cannot go out in sunlight. THEY WILL GET FRIED.

As I think of more things relating to my vampires, I will update these postings, so keep an eye out! (-: I enjoy trying new ideas when it comes to vampires, as you undoubdly gathered from my stories. I hope these notes helps clear confusion.

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-Twilight series by Stephanie Meyer

-A House of Night Novel series by P.C. and Kristin Cast

-Vampire diaries series by L.J Smith

-A Blood Coven Novel series by Mari Mancusi

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-Wicked Lovely series by Melissa Marr

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(The above three are part of a series, but they do not have a series name.)

-Fairest by Gail Carson Levine

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